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LW's Survivor - Moment #10

Jan 7, 2015 by LoganWorm
Moment #10 - Survivor: Costa Rica - The Tribe Switch

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The castaways had been expecting a tribe switch to occur at 12, instead of at 14, it left people scrambling and having to try to make new relationships VERY early in the game. It significantly changed the game.


And now it's time to change things up.

To start off, Jeff, Paul, you will begin by switching to the opposing tribe.

Jeff, you're now a member of Tenorio.

*throws *

Paul, you're now a member of Rio Celeste.

*throws *

The rest of you will pick a buff from my bag and see which tribe you end up on. There are six spots left on each tribe."

(Twist reveal: Page 2 - Page 5)

JB ( _JB_):
"this is a very early switch!"

Redd ( Vivor):
"omg yess"

Destiny ( panda6785):

Rhys ( AndThenThereWasOne):
"Wow our tribe must have sucked that bad eh??"


Jeff ( aimers):
"My heart stopped when logan announced we were switching tribes. I had Rio Celeste on lock and I wasn't going anywhere….And NOW, there's a twist, that could cost me? My heart was frozen, I swear."

Katherine ( JosephinaAlexis):
"Honestly, I really didn't want to go to Tribal Council at all until we have all merged, but because I was placed in a terrible tribe due to Tribe Swap i'm going to be visiting Tribal Council almost everyday."

Michael ( Bradyman7):
"I haven't talked to any1 on this new tribe besides zbase so hopefully josephina is gone."

JB ( _JB_):
"So, I'm glad with the split. the original rio is up 5-2 on the tenorios. the original plan was to keep the rios together and vote paul & brady out in no particular order.
tc comes. my closest ally zach wants to vote out paul. however, katherine wants to vote out brady. i personally dont care who goes, as long as it is a tenorio at this point."


Eventually the tribe switch amounted to Michael ( Bradyman7), Paul ( Survivorgame1), and Snow ( Snowgirl57) to be voted out due to becoming minorities on their new tribes. Redd ( Vivor) was also voted out, but there were no longer any minorities on the tribe from the original tribes.

*shows Michael's torch snuffed*
*shows Paul's torch snuffed*
*shows Snow's torch snuffed*

Paul had originally been the leader for Tenorio, but switching to Rio Celeste led to his demise on a tribe that lost three back-to-back challenges.

Ultimately, the first casualty was Michael Brady -
(TC: )

Michael ( Bradyman7):
"i got fucked over by the stupid rig. who the fuck changes the tribes after 2 challenges, whatever."

Stay tuned for the other 9 moments in LW's Survivor - Top Ten Moments Series!

Hint: #9 is from Tribal Council!

Moment #9:



Lol this was great!
Sent by GrrrImABear,Jan 7, 2015
Rhys being right!

My quote describes my life
Sent by panda6785,Jan 7, 2015
Sent by blueu22,Jan 7, 2015
yay, this is starting :D
Sent by OldNewz,Jan 7, 2015
Sent by Survivorgame1,Jan 7, 2015
Sent by Survivorgame1,Jan 7, 2015
Survivorgame1, it is possible!
Sent by LoganWorm,Jan 7, 2015
Sent by _JB_,Jan 7, 2015
Brady giving me bitterness feels.
Sent by teamjacz,Jan 7, 2015
LOL I remember this
Sent by Anoreoz897,Jan 7, 2015
Lmfao this moment
Sent by Bradyman7,Jan 8, 2015
Haha, what a mess
Sent by AndThenThereWasOne,Jan 8, 2015
lmao this was a mess! I wish I would have stayed longer :?
Sent by Survivorgame1,Jan 8, 2015

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