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pyn for opinion/memory

8thJan 13, 2021 by Kmartt
ill give an opinion if i dont know you lol

druu : (opinion + memory): cool dude, genuine, lowkey seem like a player though (correct me if I'm wrong) which tbh i don't personally agree with but you still a stone cold chiller. I remember reading your PYN for a ancedote and was shocked at some of your stories lol

Jessie_ : lmao i was lowkey mad when christos got evicted over you because the pollbox was trolling him so hard and i though you were using multis lmao sorry queen

Enraged_com : trailer trash low-life, probably relies on his right hand for happiness

turkeylover : lmao you always write turkey lee curtis on pyn's and it always makes me laugh :)

crazybone5000 : an absolute homie. good ally and friend but bad taste in soccer teams :( lmao. we faced off at the merge in c&a all-stars and you got voted out but I'm pretty sure that wasn't my work lol

pinkiepie512 : queen! you were on prod in my first ever org and i remember telling you that i found a way to cheat a comp that would have kept me in the game lol! you are an awesome person and i hope you have fun with your new major

Memphis_Grizzlies : back when i was a trumpie (ew) i used to think that you were just some crazy liberal but i have gotten to know you a bit better and you are a pretty chill dude

Yawnha : one of my fellow young homies on the site, you say dumb stuff sometimes but so do i lol. i remember when you said that people should stop worrying so much about racists (or something like that) and everyone was flaming you lmao

ParvatiS : one of the most genuine group game players ever (yeah screw you brady). I remember when you tried to vote me out pre merge in c&a all stars (rude!) and who can forgot your swagalicious bag lol. oh also me keep saying i like blondes and you being offended haha

christossss : a real homie. you and druu are the only people that tag me in stuff lol! very genuine person but I'm still not sure if your name is chris or christos so please tell me haha. also i should be co host for your music tasteeeeeeeeeeeee

NotNicky333 : legit the best partner ever, idk how you slipped to the last pick. supportive as heck and always defends me against the kmartt haters. i hope we can go deep in this season!

Washed_Ravioli : hey! we haven't played together in so freaking long but i remember big ben's was really fun (first game i ever made jury lol). I'm pretty sure your one of the guys i tried to flip to but ended voting me out lmao. I almost voted for you at FTC which would have given you the win but i changed my mind at like the last sec. sorry king!

cheritaisdelicious : queen! You do your own thing and i wish i was that confident! I remember that blog you made saying you dont care about how other people think you look (something along those lines) and that was so goals lol

3pi14159 : low-key one of the most wholesome people on the site but can still take and deal a joke. Legit the nicest person to new players and you're probably everyone's first friend on tengaged lmao. I remember you bought me my first group! (May be put to use soon 馃槣)

lexeyjane : hey girl! sorry i dont know you super well, if i remember anything i will be sure to update it. your blogs are funny though! I need to try ketchup chips lol

franzella : franzzzzzzz. omg how are you! great survivor player and another actual genuine person lmao (still looking at you brady i read confessionals). a fellow C&A runner up and im sorry we had to vote you out, you were a sure fire winner

gethann : long time no see! im positive you were in one of my first games on tengaged and i remember you being really nice! I hope we play again together sometime soon!


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No one will ever love you
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turkey lee curtis
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YESSS supporting me against jessie < 3
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