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Oct 16, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 10 of 10 “A New Beginning”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”

The Universals (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) :
#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

The Street Walkers (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) : 
Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”

#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
##CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”

Percy Spring
Genevieve Taylor
#MJFJUNE - Mandla Qobi “Ithemba”
#CrimsonEnnui - Mileena
Demetres Newton
And “Daddy”


*Jade stares at the sky, as Mileena and Marjorey sprint away*

*Red Viper sits up, and crawls over into her bag. She takes out an injection needle and stabs herself with it, in the heart. She stands up, and walks over to Sonya Blade, injecting the needle into her heart as well. Instantly Sonya Blade opens her eyes, and takes a big breath, before sitting up as well*

Red Viper - “She’s still alive.”

*Jade struggles to crawl away, as Red Viper and Sonya Blade stand up, and approach her*

Jade - “Let me die.”

Sonya Blade - “We see the good in you, Jade. Our job isn’t to kill you. We have this injection. If we give it to you, it will heal you. We want to use it. And we can give you a ticket to go any place you’d like. Far away from here. You can start over. A new beginning. Free from the stigma of your past. Not just forgiven of your sins, but have them forgotten.”

Jade - “If I can’t get revenge on the people who have wronged me, I have no life.” *she takes her dagger and plunges it into her heart*

*Sonya Blade unflinchingly stares at this suicide, and exhales*

*Red Viper coldly walks away*

*Sonya Blade stares at the body of Jade*



*Hydra walks down the sidewalk, before noticing Serpent’s body, crushed and dismembered*

Hydra - “Holy. Shit.”

*Wyvern jumps off the building, and lands on the ground, in front of Hydra, completely engulfed in flames*

Hydra - “This again?” *turns into her metallic state* “You’re relentless.”

Wyvern - “I’m not going to stop until I find a way to kill you.”

Hydra - “Mother made me unkillable. Blaine.”


Wyvern - “Blaine?”

Hydra - “That’s your name.”

Wyvern - “I thought I was a monster with powers who doesn’t get a name.”

Hydra - “You’re also my brother. I didn’t forget that. You want me dead. I don’t want you dead.”


Hydra - “Because she’s a cannibalistic monster. She ate men. Drained their blood. To have babies. WITH powers. The day she died was the day she did it to President Jackson. I saw her monstrous ways and I snapped. I killed her. Okay? She put me through so much torture. The last thing I want to do is to kill you now. Can’t you move on?”

Wyvern - “I’ve spent years. Wanting to kill you. Plotting. It’s too late to move on.”

*Hydra, getting emotional, stiffens up more into her metallic state*

Wyvern - “You can’t even cry. You’re a monster, Amber.”

*Hydra shakes her head, and as Wyvern runs towards her, to try and end this once and for all, Hydra puts him in a headlock*

Wyvern - “If you kill me…”

Hydra - “If I don’t you’ll kill me.”

Wyvern - “You’re.. Indestructible.”

Hydra - “You won’t stop until you find a way.”

*Hydra breaks Wyvern’s neck, and his fire goes out*

*Hydra sets her brother down, on his back, and she stares at his dead body. A tear would be streaming down her face if she was normal. But she isn’t. And she can’t.*

*Hydra starts to walk away, leaving Wyvern on the sidewalk, inches away from Serpent*


*X holds his hand towards Vinata, to reach her in a telekinetic hold. Quickly Violeta runs over to a car to hide behind, and she shoots at X from a protected barricade*

*X holds his other hand out, stopping the bullet in midair, and shoots it back towards Violeta, before throwing his hand in the air and flipping the car over, quickly forcing her to move out of the way*

*Violeta sprints towards him, so he directs his attention to her and lets Vinata go*

Violeta - “VINATA, ATTACK.”

*Vinata sprints towards X as well, so he’ll have to hold both of his hands out, to stop them both*

X - “I have two hands for a reason.”

Vinata - “And we have a team for a reason.”

*Sensor and Neuron walk towards X, and he slightly shrugs, looking around, noticing much of his team is either not around, or fighting people themselves*

X - “I’m not afraid of a bunch of women.”

Neuron - “We don’t need you to be afraid.” *she shoots her hand down towards the floor, and levitates off the ground* “We can beat you, scared or not.”

Percy - “Wait.” *walks over to X* “I have something to say.”

*Genevieve turns her head at Percy, shocked*

*X turns to Percy Spring*

Percy - “Julian. Your father. X Caliber. Was a brother to me. For much of my life, he was my only friend.”

Genevieve - “Gonna pretend that didn’t hurt.”

Percy - “He wouldn't want this for you. He would’ve wanted more-“

*X turns his head, noticing a spike nearby, and he raises his arm, causing the spike to raise in the air, and he throws it at Percy*

Percy - “NO-“ *the spike lodges into his chest, causing him to collapse*

Genevieve - “NO.” *rushes to Percy’s aid* “What the hell were you thinking?”

*Vinata rushes to Percy’s side as well*

Percy - “Vinata… what are you doing here?”

Vinata - “My mother died. I can’t lose you, too.”

*Percy’s eyes shut*

Genevieve - “Where is Marjorey?”

Vinata - “She can’t be far. Keep him alive.” *sprints down the sidewalk, searching for Marjorey* “MARJOREY. MARJOREY.”

*Genevieve grips Percy’s hand, desperately, a single tear streaming down her face, as she quickly stands up and raises her gun at X*

Genevieve, to the team - “Get him.”


*Magnus and Alexa Rose are at a stand-off. Quickly Alexa Rose gains her footing on the ground, and she takes her pent up energy, and shoots Magnus into the sky, but not before Magnus holds his arm out, and drags Alexa Rose with him into space*


*Alexa Rose and Magnus hurtle through the atmosphere, both quickly adapting to their new environment, though Magnus gets used to it sooner*

Magnus - “You had the home field advantage down there. You’re in my world now.”

*Alexa Rose shrugs, floating through the area, trying to figure out how to function in space, as Magnus flies toward her*

*Alexa Rose punches him in the face, and kicks him away*



*Hydra stares down at the city streets, seeing mass fighting and battles taking place. Sonya Blade sits next to her*

Sonya Blade - “This isn’t your fault.”

Hydra - “No. It is. This was my goal… but I’m not happy. What’s wrong with me? Am I immune to happiness? Am I that much of a monster? I got what I wanted, yet I’m empty.”

Sonya Blade - “Maybe this isn’t what you wanted all along? You aren’t a monster, Amber. You aren’t unredeemable.”

Hydra - “My mother was a monster. My mother made me into a monster. My brother was hellbent on revenge, which made him a monster. Who’s to say we aren’t all this way? I thought if I could get them all to eliminate one another it’d give me what I wanted. I thought it’d eliminate all of the monsters, and the remaining ones would be ostracized by society.”

Sonya Blade - “Yet you aren’t happy. Is this really what you wanted?”

Hydra - “I thought so. It’s hard to even think about what I want now.”

*Hydra looks down at X and Neuron having a faceoff*

Sonya Blade - “This was going to happen. With or without you. I don’t know if you can take comfort in that.”


Hydra - “I don’t feel. I can’t take comfort in anything, because I don’t feel one way or the other about anything. Period. I thought this would make me feel something, but I just feel lost.”

*Sonya Blade sighs*

Hydra - “Can you arrest me? You’re an agent, right? Do you have a cell or something? Where you can keep me, at least for the time being?”

Sonya Blade - “You did nothing wrong.”

Hydra - “I turn myself in. I can’t kill myself. Nobody else can kill me. I’m forced to suffer through this day after day. Lock me up. I’m already locked in my life.”

Sonya Blade sighs - “I don’t want to.”

Hydra - “I don’t want to be free. Don’t make me beg.”

Sonya Blade - “I have a ticket right here.” *takes ticket out* “You can go anywhere you want. Do you really just want to be locked up forever?”

Hydra - “I already am, what’s not clicking?”

Sonya Blade - “Take your fresh start. Take your new beginning. Take the ticket. Nobody blames you for this. You have nothing to lock yourself up for.” *puts the ticket in Hydra’s hands, before standing up and walking away*

*Hydra stares at the ticket, then looks up at the sky*


*PyroBolt stands up, brushing off all the rubble. He looks up and sees in the distance Neuron, Sensor and Violeta taking on X themselves. He then sees Minera running away, with Thundro in her hands. Not before long, X notices them, and focuses his attention on them, taking Thundro in his hands, and holding him against his will*

PyroBolt screams - “X. STOP.”

*X focuses on PyroBolt for a second, throwing Thundro down*

X - “What?”

PyroBolt - “That’s my family. Let me handle them. They turned on me. I’m the one who should be pissed.”

X - “Okay. Come over here and handle them then.”

*PyroBolt walks over, and faces Minera and Thundro*

Minera - “What are you doing?”

PyroBolt - “I’m sorry.” *creates a fireball in his hand, but instead of burning Minera and Thundro alive, he turns around and shoots it towards X, who simply holds out his hand and stops the fireball from impacting him in mid-air* “Oh shit.”

X - “You think I’m dumb?” *he turns the fireball around, and it shoots at PyroBolt, who quickly just engulfs in flames*

PyroBolt - “MINERA, THUNDRO. RUN!” *falls to his knees, burning alive slowly, before he collapses, burning to death*

*Minera and Thundro sprint away, in horror. Before X can turn his attention to them, Neuron starts to strangle X with her energy power*

Neuron - “Murdering someone in front of their family is pretty messed up.”

*Demetres walks down a sidewalk, noticing Neuron*

Demetres - “Jaime.”

Neuron turns to Demetres, after a pause - “Dad?”

*As Neuron is distracted X throws his hands up in the air, and flings her away, she desperately lands on the sidewalk*

*As Neuron regains her balance, Demetres runs down the alleyway. Neuron chases after him, leaving everyone else to handle X on their own*

*Sensor notices Neuron run down the alleyway, and she quickly sighs. Sensor raises her hand, raising a car in the air, telekenetically, in the process, and she throws it at X, but X holds the palm of his hand out, and the car smashes in front of him, almost as though there’s a window in front of him*

*Sensor shrugs and rolls her eyes, as Violeta shoots 3 times at X, but he just uses his other hand to stop those bullets, but before he can turn them around at Violeta, Ji comes from behind and stabs him in the back*

X - “AGH!” *he drops both the car and the bullets*

*X throws his hands down, and Ji is thrown through the street, landing on her back, and everyone else slightly jumps back*

*X quickly notices someone trying to get into his head, and he notices Eden, a few feet away, with his eyes going blank. X quickly takes his hand, and flings it to the side, Eden quickly flying through the street, to Tlaloc’s annoyance. Tlaloc quickly takes a shot, and as X has his palm out to stop the bullet, Violeta shoots him in the back. Tlaloc’s bullet then enters X’s body as well*

*X falls to his knees, shocked at getting shot*

*Violeta stares at everyone else, before shooting X again, and walking away*

*Percy dies in Genevieve’s hands, as Marjorey and Vinata run over*


Marjorey - “It’s too late.”

*A tear streams down Vinata’s face*

*Marjorey looks over at X, bleeding on the ground*


*Neuron chases down Demetres*

Neuron - “WHO ARE YOU? Are you my father?”

*Demetres stares at Neuron*

Neuron - “ANSWER ME.”

Demetres - “Yes. Can we talk about this somewhere else?”

*Neuron grabs Demetres by the arm, and blasts into the air, flying away, taking him to the middle of the desert*

Neuron - “Is this more convenient for you?”

Demetres - “Yes. I’m your father.”

Neuron - “My father was murdered. My mother did not lie to me.”

Demetres - “She didn’t. I was dead. The Reaper rose me.”

Neuron - “The Reaper couldn’t have. When he raises people, they come back weaker. Inhuman.”

Demetres - “He rose me… years ago. I was apart of his tests and experiments. I was one of the first. It worked, clearly. I’ve been living my second life since then. It was a new beginning for me-”

Neuron - “And I wasn’t apart of that?” *puts her hand into a fist, energy radiating through her palm*

Demetres - “Calm down, Jaime.”

Neuron - “Don’t call me that.”


*Magnus throws Alexa Rose through the galaxy, but quickly Alexa Rose regains her stance, and throws herself at Magnus, throwing him down*

Magnus - “Can’t you see… you’ll never win. I can’t die.”

Alexa Rose - “Me neither. But, let’s test that thesis.” *swings her arm down, causing Magnus to hurtle helplessly threw the sky*

Magnus - “Oh, I’d be happy to-” *starts to fly towards Alexa Rose, but when he turns his head, he is shocked to see what Alexa Rose has done* “Oh… shit.”

*Alexa Rose has her arms above her head, the energies of hundreds of stars drawn together into a ball, above her head, creating an energy that looks similar to the sun. She throws her arms down, and every single star flies into Magnus, blasting into him, radiating into his bloodstream, and as more and more enter inside him, he screams more and more, light radiating from his mouth as he screams. It’s not long until he explodes*

Alexa Rose - “UGH!” *she flies through space as a result of the explosion, and she’s horrified to notice a spaceship flying down towards Earth* “OH NO!”


*As Demetres and Neuron are talking, Neuron looks up and notices a spaceship hurtling down towards them*

Neuron - “Shit. Move.”

*Demetres runs away, concerned for Neuron, but not concerned enough to stop her from doing something*

Neuron holds her hands out, creating a forcefield to stop the spaceship from crashing down, but as it makes impact, the ship just blows up, the energy radiating from the ship starting to break through the forcefield, and when it finally does, every bit of energy enters inside Neuron - “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

*Neuron gives up the forcefield, and lets the ship crash down and she falls to her knees. She knows she should be dead, but instead she just lies down, exhausted*

*Demetres stares at Neuron, shocked and confused at what he just saw*

*Alexa Rose flies down, and stares at Neuron, realizing what she just did, and shocked to see her still alive*

Alexa Rose - “What the hell…” *notices Demetres, and quickly just runs into the field, towards the City streets* “I’ll be right back, Neuron.”


*Sensor and Violeta look down at X, who is suffering and bleeding out*

*Vinata stands up, and takes out her knife*

Violeta - “Vinata, he’s already-”

*Vinata sits by X and stabs him in the back of the head, twice*

Vinata - “He doesn’t deserve to get the chance to heal or get saved. He killed my mother.”

*Marjorey sighs, nodding*

*Alexa Rose runs over, and is horrified at the sight of Percy on the ground, dead*

Alexa Rose - “Oh, my god…”


*Every Protector, and former Protector, besides Neuron, stands in a crowd, as Percy Spring is being put into the ground*

*The Green Witch stands in the back, as Sensor approaches her*

Sensor - “Where’s Neuron?”

The Green Witch - “No clue. It’s funny.. I was the one hiding for so long. Guess now it’s her.”

Sensor - “Are you apart of the team now?”

The Green Witch - “I’d hardly say this is an appropriate time to ask.”

Sensor - “Have you talked to Maximum or Jessica about staying with us?”

The Green Witch - “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve been a bit sidetracked. It hasn’t exactly come up in casual conversation.”

Sensor - “Well.. just know.. There will always be a spot open for you. And Jessica. And Maximum.” *walks away*

*The Green Witch sighs and nods*


*Ithemba, Mileena and Genevieve stand next to each other, staring at the grave*

Mileena - “We should’ve never come back. And he’d still be alive.”

Genevieve - “He wouldn’t have regretted a single thing. He gave most of his life up for the team. He died for the team. It’s how he lived and died. He doesn’t regret any of it. Trust me.”

*Mileena wipes a tear away*

Genevieve - “If you ever feel less than human. Remember these tears. If you were pure evil you wouldn’t be crying.”

*Mileena smiles and nods, hugging Genevieve*

*Genevieve then walks over to a crying Sensor*

Sensor - “I can’t do this. I can’t do this. Percy was the best leader we’ve ever had. I can’t do this. I’m not a leader. I let him die.”

Geneiveve - “It wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t have planned on any of this.”

Sensor, sobbing - “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Genevieve - “Neither did he at first. But he saw something in you. He never doubted his decision. You will continue his legacy. And he’ll be proud.”

*Sensor hugs Genevieve, tears streaming down her face*


*Minera and Thundro stand at the grave of PyroBolt*

*Minera sighs, wiping a tear away, before turning and walking away*


*Sonya Blade and Red Viper walk in and turn the lights on*

Sonya Blade - “I need you to hear me out, Red.”

Red Viper - “I’m admittedly very concerned about your evil plan.”

*Red Viper gasps at the sight of both Jade and X tied down to a metal table, unconscious*

Red Viper - “They both… died, what the hell did you do?”

Sonya Blade - “I stole their bodies, and injected them with our healing injection, and… it worked. It’s like they never died.”

Red Viper - “So many people have fallen, and you do this for two of the most endangering villains of all time?”

Sonya Blade - “Listen, I have built a connection with both of them at one time or another. I’m going to keep them locked up in a cell where I can constantly survey them… and maybe one day, they can be of use to us.”

Red Viper - “This is a horrible idea.”

Sonya Blade - “It’s a genius idea.”

Red Viper - “You’re insane.”

Sonya Blade - “If all goes wrong, I injected a chip into them, so if they ever do escape, I can track them down and get a hit on them.”

Red Viper - “You shouldn’t mess with death, Sonya. Nothing good could come from this.”

Sonya Blade, staring at the bodies - “Do you not trust me?”

Red Viper - “No, I literally don’t.”

Sonya Blade - “Well… you’ll have to.”

*Red Viper sighs*

Sonya Blade - “This has no risk and all reward.”

Red Viper - “You don’t think keeping X and Jade alive has any risk?”

Sonya Blade - “Not on my watch.”

Red Viper nervously sighs, but nods - “I trust you.”

Sonya Blade - “Good.”


*Vinata is sitting and waiting when Alexa Rose walks in*

Alexa Rose - “You called.”

Vinata - “Hey… we know what you did last week. And I was talking about it with my classmate, Violeta… and I think I was in over my head when I accepted the job as trainer. I think you should be the trainer. You have proven to be the toughest person here. You went into space like it was no problem and you found a way to take care of our toughest villain. I don’t think anyone’s more capable to be a trainer than you. I think Maria would know… that you, Alexa Rose, are the better choice.”

*Alexa Rose slightly smiles*

Vinata - “Do you accept?”

Alexa Rose - “Hell yeah.”


*Violeta sits with Light Storm and Dark Storm*

Violeta - “I’d like to apologize to you, Dark Storm. I didn’t trust you and clearly I was wrong not to.”

Dark Storm - “It’s okay. I’m happy someone was defensive for my brother.”

*Saint and Vyx smile at Violeta apologizing, as Europa is sitting off to the side*

Saint - “So, Europa… did you ever see Spine Striker again?”

Europa - “Nope. I don’t blame her. I killed her mother. She doesn’t have the same history as I do. Not everyone gets reformed, ya know? And I guess I can’t villainize her for being pissed.”

Vyx - “Well, it isn’t your fault.”

Europa, with a sigh - “I know. It just sucks.”

Marjorey - “I know how it feels.”

*Vyx, Saint and Europa turn their head to Marjorey*

Marjorey - “Not being able to save someone. It does suck.”

Vyx - “Don’t blame yourself for the death of Percy.”

Sensor - “They’re right. It was nobody’s fault. We couldn’t save him. But we did save the City. And we did save each other. We may not have all gotten out alive. But we did win. And we are still together. We can’t dwell on our failures, as they are not the cause of any one person. We won as a team. We won.”

*Everyone nods, looking at one another, recognizing their victory*


*Hydra goes through a metal detector nervously, holding her ticket in her hand. The metal detector does not go off, and she slightly smiles, before walking forward, going towards her plane gate, to get far away from America*


*Moontwist and Princess Maliyah arrive and exit their ship, walking into the castle, instantly greeted by guards*

Moontwist - “We crash-landed on Planet 4261, codenamed Riatla’s Planet, codenamed planet Earth.”

Princess Maliyah - “She’s telling the truth, she was so helpful to me. She saved me, as you all probably know by now. Now, where’s daddy?”

Guard - “I’ll escort you to the throne room. There’s something we need to tell you.”

Princess Maliyah - “Moontwist, come with me.”


Guard - “I don’t know what to tell you… he went after you. He’s gone now.”

Princess Maliyah - “Oh… so… someone else has to take the throne?”

Guard - “Well… in his absence… he elected me as the new King.”

Princess Maliyah - “Well…. I was absent at the time. Now I’m back. And I’m the rightful heir.”

Moontwist - “Maliyah, maybe we should go searching for your father.”

*Princess Maliyah rolls her eyes, and puts on her gloves*

Moontwist - “What are you doing?”

*Princess Maliyah takes the gun from the Guard’s belt and shoots Moontwist 3 times in the face, killing her instantly*

Princess Maliyah - “My hands were cold.” *she drops the gun in front of the guard, and starts screaming - “HELP ME. HELP ME. HELP ME.”

*Guards rush in, shocked at the sight of a dead body*


*Guard looks distraught as he’s taken away by other guards, as one of them picks up the gun*

Guard #2 - “I hope you’re okay.”

Princess Maliyah - “Thank you.”

*The Guards escort the Guard out of the room, as Princess Maliyah sits on the throne*

Princess Maliyah - “It’s Queen Maliyah now… don’t come home too quick, Father.”


*In the rubble of the spaceship, a man arises. Clearly alien, but big and buff.. It’s “daddy”. He is virtually unharmed by the crash, which due to the extent of the crash, should be virtually impossible for anyone. He walks away from the remains of the ship, scratch free*


*There’s a knock on his door. Quickly Demetres answers, and much to his surprise it’s Neuron*

Demetres - “You should be dead… I thought you were dead.”

Neuron - “You abandoned me. Again.”

Demetres - “No, it’s not what you think-”

*Neuron holds her hand up, Demetres continues to try to talk, but he can’t move his mouth*

Neuron - “You’ll never know the hurt it feels to lose a father. Twice.” *she makes a fist, and suddenly Demetres just evaporates into a pile of ash and dust* “And now, you will never come back.”

*Neuron’s hair changes from its normal color to pitch black, and her skin turns paler. Her darkness is now being forced out of her, as she stares at the remains of her father, blankly. She has no sadness for him, or empathy for what she just did. She is empty. She exits the room, with no regrets.*



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Sent by Jasoi,Oct 16, 2019
LMAO @ Queen Maliyah snapping

Good finale, good season.
Sent by Kelly2722,Oct 16, 2019
Okay so these were my reactions while reading the episode:
NOOO JADEEE :( ROBBED ICON! I loved herr! Thats a big loss man!!

Aww Wyvern died too, but like he was a bad guy! Hydra literally doesnt seem happy about it. I hope she find redemption for herself.

RIP PyroBolt. I never had the chance to truly like him. But Violeta did that! She shot the final shot!! ... oh wait he is still breathing! YES VINATA! Avenge your mother honey! QUEEN!

The battle in the space between Magnus and Alexa Rose is sooo epic! I've always liked Alexa Rose, but I never thought she is THAT strong! What a LEGEND!

OH my GoD! What a fucking twist! I never expected Sonya to do this! Reviving Jade and X?! I am SHOOKATH!

OKAY SPEEKING OF TWISTS... RIP MOONTWIST! She was taken too soon! Princess Maliyah is a savage! Oh excuse me.. QUEEN Maliyah! Cant she like resurrect her with her advanced technology? She might want to use her help to get back to Earth!

Aaaaand here comes DADDY! I kind of predicted it, didnt I? ;)

RIP Neuron's sanity. Is it true that you either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain? I guess we will see.

I am wondering what happened to X-ers who survived the fight.
Sent by Katherinee_,Oct 16, 2019
I'm glad Max and Jess survived and Maliyah snapped.
Sent by turkeylover,Oct 16, 2019
No jade :( no
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Oct 17, 2019
my characters did play a BIG role this episode huh!

im shocked about sonya tho, didnt think shed be like this
Sent by varlto,Oct 17, 2019
Omg yass so great im so ready for season 3
Sent by Yandereboy12,Oct 17, 2019
Wait how many died then since of sonya reviving
Sent by aria_grande,Oct 17, 2019

in this episode :
neuron’s dad

and i think that’s it

everyone besides Jade and X are dead
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Oct 17, 2019
im actually shipped moontwist and Maliyah so this is devastating.
Rip Percy and Pyro
Glad that X and Jade are alive, i'm highkey waiting for X too start the apocalypse.
Sent by tkoj555,Oct 18, 2019

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