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i love to get 2 oooonnvote Jul 4, 2020
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every new years evevote Jul 4, 2020
people are like "this is just another day, people are so weird celebrating it" and then proceed to have a whole extravaganza for 4th of july, even during a pandemic
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pretty bitch musicvote Jul 4, 2020
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how is it Jul 3, 2020
that Lin Manuel Miranda CREATED HIS OWN PRODUCTION, WROTE IT HIMSELF AND STARRED IN IT... and managed to give the worst performance of the whole play? like, how do you manage that, it's a talent
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Survivor : The Coven II Simulator Jun 30, 2020

Cumlord the Pomeranian (dog)
George Takei (actor)
iJustine (youtuber)
Rachel Maddow (TV show host)
Rupert Boneham (survivor alum)
Viola Davis (oscar winning actress)

Abby & Brittany (conjoined twins)
Ilhan Omar (political figure)
Kanye West (rapper)
Nyma Tang (youtuber)
Sinjin Van Cleef (victorious character)
Willam (drag queen)

KC UNDERCOVER (the reigning champion, me)
Ashanti (singer)
Paris Hilton (reality star/influencer)
Rose McGowan (actress/public figure)
Ross Lynch (actor/singer)
Todrick Hall (singer/youtuber)
Vivica A. Fox (actress)

WHO WILL WIN... MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHICH TEAM WILL WIN? will *I* remain the champion of the Coven?!

season 1 winner : Lea Michele.
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Survivor Simulator Jun 29, 2020

Mequetrefe Tribe : ( Zuelke )
Azealia Banks (rapper)
Pewdiepie (gamer youtuber)
John Oliver (host)
Kat Blaque (youtuber)
Otter Sakura (otter)
Trixie Mattel (drag queen)

Testosterone Bestosterone Tribe : ( BluJay112 )
Frankie Grande (sibling)
Mr. Rogers (dead old white guy)
Harry Styles (singer)
Jack Owens, Jr. (BB alum)
Kaceytron (streamer)
Ice-T (rapper)

Mean Girls Tribe : (me)
Bella Thorne (actress)
Kenya Moore (real housewife)
Kiely Williams (former cheetah girl)
Lea Michele (former actress)
Lil Nas X (gay rapper)
Stacey Dash (Dionne from Clueless)

take your bets in the comments !
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