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[THE PROTECTORS : RISE OF X.] EPISODE 9.vote Oct 14, 2019

Episode 9 of 10 “What Do We Do Now?”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”

The Universals (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) :
#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

The Street Walkers (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) : 
Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”

#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
#Zuelke - Charles von Dragomir “Serpent”
#CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”

Percy Spring
Genevieve Taylor
#MJFJUNE - Mandla Qobi “Ithemba”
#CrimsonEnnui - Mileena


*Neuron is effectively fighting off Magnus with energy bolts and attacks, as he struggles to even get any type of advantage over her*

Magnus - “You think you’re stronger than you actually are.”

Neuron - “Oh, really?” *raises her arms above her head, and she swings her arms down, an energy bolt destroying a line in the road in front of her, and throwing Magnus on his back*

*Magnus, as he’s on the ground, raises his arm in the air, and swings his arm down, causing a building to fall over in the distance. By the building stands Minera and PyroBolt. Neuron turns to Magnus, disgusted, as she takes her hands and swings them down, her energy levitating her into the air. She flies over to the building, and creates a forcefield, protecting people both outside and inside*

*Magnus gets up, and relaxes, as Alexa Rose walks out, and walks towards him*

Alexa Rose - “I’m not scared of you anymore.”

Magnus - “You should be. Just watch.” *raises his hands out and, just by thinking, Ji, who was standing off to the side, is dragged down the street into his arms* “I can just…” *he closes his hand into a fist and Ji starts coughing and choking* “Kill.”

*Alexa Rose raises her hand out, and Ji is ripped out of Magnus’s hands, gasping for air*

Alexa Rose - “You think you got strong? I did, too.”

Magnus - “Alright, then.”

*Ji struggles to catch her breath, before throwing a rock at Magnus’s head*

*Magnus holds his hand out, and the rock stops in midair, and he turns back towards Ji, but Alexa Rose stops the rock before it can make an impact, and it shatters into little pieces, Alexa Rose throws her hands in the air, causing the rock fragments to fly all over the air above*

Magnus - “You did get strong, but I am stronger.” *he reaches his arm out to grab Alexa Rose by the throat, and lift her up, successfully doing so*

*Alexa Rose raises her hand again, to take some of the rock fragments, and direct them in Magnus’s direction, one rock hitting him in the eye, forcing him to let go of Alexa Rose to hold his eye. Alexa Rose falls to the ground, catching her breath*

Magnus - “SHIT. You bitch.”

Alexa Rose - “I thought you were stronger?” *picks up a rock and stabs her own eye out, unphased. Her eye quickly just heals* “You couldn’t hurt me if you tried.”

Magnus - “We’ll see about that.”


*Neuron creates a shield that will prevent the building from collapsing, as PyroBolt and Minera move out of the way*

PyroBolt - “My own sister. Against me.”

Minera - “You put me and my son in danger. I did what had to be done. You’re selfish.”

PyroBolt - “What do you want me to do to make it up to you?”

Minera - “The Protectors let me in with open arms. I will not turn on them.”

PyroBolt - “But you’ll turn on me.”

Minera - “I wasn’t going to let you get me and Mike killed.”

*PyroBolt scoffs*

Minera - “Are you going to fight me?”

*PyroBolt pauses*

Minera - “Your own sister.”

PyroBolt - “Why'd you turn on me?”

Minera - “I didn’t turn on you. I protected my family.”

PyroBolt - “By turning on me.”

Minera - “If you cared about my loyalty, you wouldn’t have put me in harm’s way. I wasn’t going to sit around and wait to be murdered like a pawn on your sadistic chess board.”

PyroBolt - “I worked with The Reaper to make sure that wouldn’t happen.”

Minera - “Well, it happened. I did what I had to do to protect myself. From you. Now, I will give you one more chance. Don’t make me do something I don’t want to do.”

PyroBolt - “Please. What would you do?”

*Minera raises her arms, and every tiny stone and speck of dirt rises in the air, above her head, creating a giant ball of stones, dirt and dust*

*PyroBolt creates a fireball in his hand*

*Minera scoffs, and throws her hand down, every stone blows into PyroBolt, causing him to fall down, and he struggles to get back up*



PyroBolt - “You already have.”

*Minera shrugs, with an eye roll, before causing the rest of the rocks to pile upon him*

Minera - “I’m sorry.”


*Europa stands up, gripping his stomach wound. Europa, Saint and Vyx corner Spine Striker*

Spine Striker - “Oh, a triple teaming?” *holds her hand out, and spins around, shooting needles at all of them, landing a few hits, but as usual Vyx is unphased by them. Vyx starts walking towards her* “Ugh, shit.” *continues shooting at Vyx specifically*

Vyx - “You’ll just never lear- AHHHHHH.” *he falls to the ground in pain*

*Spine Striker looks up, and sees Darkadia standing behind Vyx, causing him to feel all of this pain, effortlessly*

Spine Striker - “I told you to stay out of it, Darkadia.”

Darkadia - “You seemed to be handling it amazingly, but I thought you could use some help.”

Spine Striker - “That wasn’t your decision to make.” *shoots Darkadia with a needle*

Darkadia - “Oh, you bitch.” *rips the needle out, and aggressively stares at Spine Striker* “You shouldn’t have done that.”

Spine Striker - “Wait, what are you-” *immediately starts sobbing, falling to her knees* “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?”

Darkadia - “Hurting you. Worse than you’ve ever been hurt before. It’s alright, though. It’s all an illusion. But you are a selfish little bitch who can’t do shit by herself but is too narcissistic to ask for help. Your power ain’t shit compared to mine. Got it?”

*Spine Striker shoots Darkadia with a needle again, with the lacking energy she has left*

*Darkadia rolls her eyes, as Spine Striker is knocked unconscious from the pain and energy being sucked out of her*

*Darkadia looks around her, noticing Vyx, Saint, Europa and now Spine Striker all either slouched over or unconscious, as Darkadia stands tall*

Darkadia - “Damn.”


*Serpent lays Wyvern down on his back. Wyvern clearly in pain, but slightly gaining consciousness*

Serpent - “You’re okay.”

Wyvern - “Yeah. I am. Let’s go and find her now. She won’t expect us. We can kill her.”

Serpent - “No, Blaine. We can’t. It’s too late. You’re too weak now. She’s the strongest of all of us. We are done. We need to leave.”

Wyvern - “Don’t call me weak. And don’t say what we need to do. You’ve been against this from the start with your shady ulterior motives. Nobody is blind to your games.”

Serpent - “Ulterior motives? Peace for the people?”

Wyvern - “You’ve been trying to pin me and Amber against each other for years. To avoid having us follow through with our big picture visions. You don’t need to try anymore, I’m against Amber, and I’m going to kill her.” *stands up, and walks over to the ladder*

*Serpent takes a pipe and hits Wyvern in the back of the head*

Wyvern - “UGH!” *turns around, shocked and disgusted by Serpent’s actions* “You tried to kill me…” *he engulfs into flames* “To protect that bitch.”

Serpent - “No.. no no no. That’s not why. I was just trying to stop you from doing something stupid…”

*Wyvern, not listening, grabs Serpent by the throat. The fire on his hands burning Serpent’s throat*

Wyvern - “Hurts doesn’t it. The flame. Against your neck.”

*Serpent tries to keep breathing, but can’t catch his breath*

*Wyvern walks over to the ledge of the building, and holds Serpent over. 20 stories away from the ground*

Wyvern - “Say hi to mama for me.”

*Serpent starts to smile*

Serpent, through muffled breaths - “You’re… so… stupid.”

Wyvern - “Oh, you thought I was going to drop you?” *crushes Serpent’s neck, killing him instantly* “This was just for show.” *throws Serpent over the ledge, casually* “I really have the worst siblings.”

*A bus drives over Serpent’s dead body*


*Marjorey sprints away, almost catching up to Vinata, when Jade tackles her down*

*Marjorey groans, punching Jade in the face, and pushing her off of on top of her*


*Jade grips her knife, and smiles*

Jade - “Yes, I do.” *runs towards Marjorey*

*Marjorey ducks, dodging a slash from the knife, and she punches Jade in the chest, before running away*

*Quickly Jade regains balance, and follows Marjorey, as Sonya Blade chases towards her, with Red Viper*


*Fuerza Mística and Night Woman stare out a window, overlooking the city, and they exchange a glance*

Fuerza Mística - “We’re going to need back-up.”

*Night Woman sighs and nods*


Sonya Blade - “STOP, JADE.”

*Jade turns her head, with a slight eye roll*

Jade - “Sonya. I’m real tired of your shit.”

*Sonya Blade takes her stun gun out*

Sonya Blade - “Please, stop. Jade.”

*Marjorey stops running, a few steps ahead, and turns around, watching this interaction*

Jade - “Why do you care so much? What has this bitch done for you?”

Red Viper - “She’s a good person.”


Sonya Blade - “Your best friend was a psychopath.”

Jade - “Mileena was the psychopath.”

Red Viper - “You’re obsessed.”

Jade - “With justice?” *stares at Marjorey* “For sure.”

*Red Viper rolls her eyes*


*Violeta and Vinata run over to Sensor, who is on the sidewalk*

Vinata, tears soaking her eyes - “My mother is dead.”

*Sensor shockedly stares at Vinata*

*Vinata hugs Sensor, as Sensor struggles to process what she just said*

Violeta - “What do we do now, boss?”

*Sensor sits down, shocked, before noticing Actus Mortis walking towards them*

Sensor - “Look out.”

*Actus Mortis grabs Vinata*

Actus Mortis - “Let’s see what powers you have.”

*Vinata slightly smirks, and winks at Violeta*

*Violeta raises her gun up, at Actus Mortis’s head*

Actus Mortis - “You’d kill your friend? For no reason?”

Violeta - “Oh, no. Your plan is simply just flawed.”

Actus Mortis - “Oh, how's that?”

Vinata - “My power…” *elbows Actus Mortis in the groin, jumps up, wraps her legs around his throat and elbows him in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious* “Isn’t attainable.”

Sensor - “Vinata, do you want to be the new trainer to replace Vexell?”

Violeta - “It’s hardly the time for that type of talk, Sensor.”

*Vinata slightly nods, and looks around*

Sensor - “Where’s X?”

*X descends down from the sky, landing in the middle of the streets, making direct eye contact with Vinata when he lands*

Vinata, with an exhale - “There he is.”


*Poison Kisses sits down on a bench, filing her nails, ignoring fighting anyone*

*Gia Versace and Eros walk over to her*

Gia Versace - “What are you doing?”

Poison Kisses - “I’ve had a change of heart. I’m a pacifist now.”

Gia Versace - “What the-”

*Dark Storm reveals himself from a few steps away and creates a rain cloud*

Poison Kisses - “Pacifist out.” *runs away*

Gia Versace - “Shit, she might’ve had a point.”

Eros - “We can take him.”

*Light Storm stands by Dark Storm, and they stand hand in hand*

Eros - “Remember what Hurricane said…”

Light Storm - “We’re stronger together. We do remember. Now, do you want to try us?”

Dark Storm - “Or do you want to do what Poison Kisses did, and run?”

Eros - “We’re stronger together, too.”

Gia Versace - “Really not the same, Eros.”

Darkadia - “NO, but…”

*Darkadia stands by Gia Versace*

Darkadia - “With me, it’s different.”

Dark Storm - “Shit.”

*Gia Versace slightly smirks*

Eros - “What do you two do?”

*Dark Storm directs a lightning strike in their direction, and causes a mini explosion, that causes Gia Versace and Darkadia to dive down. As she is on her knees, Gia Versace focuses on Dark Storm. Dark Storm falls to his knees, in pain*

*Light Storm brings down a lightning bolt, striking Eros*

Eros - “UGH!” *falls down*

*Darkadia runs over to Eros, making sure he is alright*

*Gia Versace stands tall against Light Storm, squinting slightly, causing him to quickly fall to his knees in pain*


*As Gia Versace is sidetracked, Dark Storm stands up, and punches her in the face*

Gia Versace - “OW, YOU CAN’T JUST HIT A GIRL.”

Dark Storm - “You just put me under some type of-”

*From behind him, Poison Kisses smashes him in the back of the head with a rock, instantly knocking him unconscious, and then she does the same with Light Storm*

Poison Kisses - “You all owe me.”


*Marjorey is standing near a road. Jade stands in the middle, as Sonya Blade and Red Viper watch on*

Jade - “You know… I’m over this.” *takes out a gun and shoots both Sonya Blade and Red Viper in the chests, and they instantly fall to their knees*

*Marjorey takes her shot and sprints at Jade, who quickly turns back around, but before she can aim her gun, Marjorey grabs it and chucks it out of her hands, and knees Jade in the chest*

*Jade takes her knife, and stabs Marjorey in the chest, and tackles her down*

Jade - “I’m done with your games.” *raises her knife in the air, but before she can do anything, she is shot in her side* “AGH.”

*Jade falls on her back, before noticing Mileena holding her gun*

Mileena drops the gun, casually, and walks over to Marjorey - “Are you okay?”

*Marjorey nods, staring at her wound*

Marjorey - “I can’t heal myself, but it isn’t that bad… what are you doing here?”

Mileena - “I’m back-up. Just so happens you needed it.”


The finale is on its way.

Everything comes to an end.

Who will win? Will everyone make it out alive? Will anyone?

Find out on the finale.

But comment your predictions and thoughts!
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Episode 8 of 10 “Long Time, No See”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell”
#Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead”
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”

The Universals (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) :
#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

The Street Walkers (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) : 
Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”

#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
#Zuelke - Charles von Dragomir “Serpent”
#CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”


*Spine Striker runs to Poison Whisper’s body, lying on the ground, staring at the sky, watching as a person with dragon wings descends from the sky*

*Spine Striker looks up and sees Europa backing away*

*Serpent gets to his feet and his wings disappear, as Magnus hops off his back and makes direct eye contact with Alexa Rose. Magnus smiling, Alexa Rose instantaneously breathing heavily*

Sensor - “We can stop this now. A body has fallen. It does NOT have to end like this.”

Magnus - “Yeah, it does.”

*Alexa Rose exhales*

Magnus - “Hey, Alexa.”

Alexa Rose, after a slight pause - “Hello.”

Magnus - “Long time, no see.”



*A father and a mother run up to the church. They knock on the door and leave their baby on the front steps. They quickly flee, driving away*

*The people inside the church open the door. A whole room of men in black robes, with long black hair. They stand in a triangle formation*

The Head Man - “This is it. I sense it.” *he picks the baby up, and the baby starts to cry* “This is it.”

*When the baby cries, a force exits its body, and pushes everyone back. The Head Man drops the baby, in a jolt, but the baby doesn’t hit the ground. It levitates.*

The Head Man’s scared expression forms into a smile - “Boys. This is our Messiah.”

*The entire room cheers*



*The Church is having a party for Magnus*

The Head Man - “You are now 21. The world is yours. Our hero. Our Messiah.”

Magnus - “You all have raised me. And have been worthy adversaries. Thank you.” *he lifts his hand up, and points towards The Head Man, and then moves his arm to the side, and throws The Head Man across the room, into the door, breaking all of his bones on impact, dying*

*The room gasps, but doesn’t move, not wanting to go against their Messiah*

Magnus - “Sorry, but if I want to be the Messiah you all claim that I am, I can’t be held back.”


*People screaming, thuds heard. Quickly blood covers all of the windows*

*Magnus casually exits the Church. Behind him, everybody in the Church is seen on the ground, dead*


*Magnus and Alexa Rose are staring at one another. Magnus with smugness, Alexa Rose with fear in her face*

*Spine Striker stands up, tears in her eyes*

Spine Striker - “YOU ALL ARE THE CAUSE OF MY MOTHER’S DEATH… now, I’ll be the cause of yours.”

*Alexa Rose runs into the nearest building, tears streaming down her face*

Sensor turns to Neuron - “Can you handle this for a minute?”

Neuron - “Of course.”

*Sensor runs into the building where Alexa Rose ran into, as Neuron turns to Magnus*

Magnus - “What’s your power?”

Neuron - “Where do you want me to begin?” *she uses her energy bolts to levitate into the air, and raises her arms above her head, creating an energetic force into a ball. She swings her arms down, the energy ball flying into Magnus, causing him to slightly lose balance, before laughing, and getting back up*

Magnus - “It’ll take a lot more than that to phase me.”

Neuron - “I was counting on it.”


*Spine Striker, Vyx, Saint and Europa are face to face*

Spine Striker - “YOU ALL KILLED MY MOM.”

Europa - “No. I did. Because she was a monster.” *approaches Spine Striker* “If there’s someone to blame, blame me.”

Spine Striker - “Okay.” *jabs a big needle  into Europa’s chest, throwing him down on the ground next to Poison Whisper* “Don’t tempt me.”

*Saint stares down at the body, tears filling her eyes, shocked*

*Darkadia lurks in the background, watching this happen*

Dark Storm approaches Darkadia - “You’re new. What can you do?”

*Darkadia turns to Dark Storm with a smirk, and quickly she squints and stares into Dark Storm’s eyes*

Dark Storm - “AHHH!” *he falls to the ground* “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Darkadia - “You asked for my power. I’m showing you.”

*Dark Storm falls onto his back, in pain and agony*

Darkadia - “Don’t worry. It’s just an illusion. A trick. A game. A gimmick. You’ll be fine. But… you don’t feel that way. Do you?”

*Dark Storm sobs in pain, shaking his head*

*Darkadia turns around and Light Storm has a gun pointed at Darkadia’s head*

Light Storm - “Let my brother go.”

Darkadia - “I don’t care about your brother.” *breaks the illusion, to Dark Storm’s relief* “Nor do I care about you. Or any of these people. I came here with my team. And now… they’re all doing their own thing without me.” *looks up at the sky, seeing her spaceship fly away* “As usual.” *walks away, unphased by the gun point at her head*

*Light Storm casually just puts his gun down, watching Darkadia walk away*

Light Storm - “Who even is that?”

Dark Storm - “Never heard of her before. But she’s powerful.” *struggles to stand up* “She could be a threat.”

*Light Storm longingly states at Darkadia, who walks into the middle of the street*


*Alexa Rose is having an apparent panic attack in the lobby, as Sensor approaches her*

Sensor - “What happened with you and Magnus? Who is that man?”

Alexa Rose, through sobs - “I always said… I had a bad feeling. That everything was going right. And that something seriously messed up was coming… and you didn’t believe me.”

Sensor - “This isn’t time for your petty ‘you were wrong-I was right’ games. Tell me what happened between you two. Who is that man?

Alexa Rose - “When I was 8… I struggle to remember the details. But, he kidnapped me. The details are foggy, because… he tricked me into thinking he was saving me.”

Sensor - “He brainwashed you?”

*Alexa Rose slightly nods*


*Alexa Rose runs into the road to pick up a soccer ball. She falls down and scrapes her leg. She watches her leg heal itself, and she smiles, before looking up and being grabbed Magnus, thrown into the back of a van, and the van quickly drives way*

Alexa Rose - “Where are we going?”

Magnus - “A safe house. I saw your knee heal. You are special. We can’t have you at risk out here. You are important and will be safe with me. Not out there.”

*Alexa Rose nods*


*Alexa Rose is being trained by Magnus to learn how she can heal others*

Alexa Rose - “This won’t work. It will never work.”

Magnus - “Think of the energy used to heal yourself. And exude it. Let it out. Don’t keep it in.”

*Alexa Rose shrugs, releasing any energy that knocks them both back, slightly*

Magnus - “Wait, did you do that?”

Alexa Rose looks shocked - “I think I might’ve.”

*Alexa Rose stares at Magnus, in shock*

*Suddenly Magnus hears something in her head, but it wasn’t said out loud.*

Magnus, thinking - “Maybe she isn't so useless after all. Maybe I won’t have to get rid of her like I got rid of everyone else.”

*Alexa Rose backs away, shocked by what she just heard*

Magnus - “What?”

Alexa Rose, after a pause - “Nothing.”


*Alexa Rose and Magnus are walking down the street, when Alexa Rose realizes they are alone*

Alexa Rose - “May we talk?”

*Magnus nods, turning to her*

Alexa Rose - “I want to say thank you for everything you’ve given to me… you grew me. Without you, I would’ve been weak. I’m strong now.”

Magnus - “You’re welcome, of course.”

Alexa Rose - “I have a confession, though.”

Magnus - “What?”

Alexa Rose - “I think I can read your thoughts.”

*Magnus face drops*

Alexa Rose, tears filling her eyes - “I’m sorry, but I have to leave you. You would’ve killed me.”

Magnus - “No, stop.”

*Alexa Rose turns around to leave*

Magnus - “NO!” *grabs her wrist*

*Alexa Rose turns back around and pushes her hand out, energy bolting out of her hands, and nearly instantly Magnus is thrown through the sky, into space*

*Alexa Rose stares at the sky in horror, shocked at what she's done*


Alexa Rose - “I thought him hurtling through space would be the last I’d ever see of him. Because who can survive that?”

Sensor - “He did. And I think only one person can defeat him.”

*Alexa Rose pauses*

Alexa Rose - “Neuron?”

Sensor - “No… you.”

Alexa Rose - “I really feel as though Neuron can do it…”

Sensor - “Alexa, this is your situation. You handled him once. You are stronger now. You can handle him again. For good this time.”

*Alexa Rose shakes her head, tears filling her eyes*

Sensor - “Neuron is strong. Arguably the strongest here. But you know how this man works. If we want a chance, you need to do this.”

*Alexa Rose exhales, nervously*


*The Green Witch stares at The Reaper, a few feet away from each other. X stands in between them, and quickly he takes his opportunity to throw his hands down, and levitates himself in the air, flying away*

*The people who The Reaper resurrected walk down an alleyway, leaving The Green Witch and The Reaper, staring at each other*

The Reaper - “This is a duel. Nothing else. One. V. One-”

*The Green Witch raises her arms above her hand, and quickly grass grows from the cracks in the sidewalk, and quickly ties The Reaper up. Two strands of grass ties tightly around both of his arms, tightening around his arms, and then two more strands pinning his feet down to the ground*

The Green Witch - “You talk too much.”

The Reaper - “Please, let me go. PLEASE. What would Neuron say?”

The Green Witch - “Neuron isn’t here now.”

The Reaper - “I ROSE HER FATHER.”

The Green Witch - “What?”

The Reaper - “Neuron’s father. He was murdered. By X Caliber. I rose him. He is alive. And this was… years ago. He wants to talk to her. He isn’t like the other ones.”


The Green Witch - “I’m not Neuron.” *she crosses her arms together, and the grass tightens more and more around his body, shriveling him up more and more*

The Reaper - “STOP. I’M SORRY.”

The Green Witch - “You killed the only person I can trust.”

*Maximum and Jessica run over, shocked to see The Green Witch suffocating The Reaper*

Maximum - “MADISON, NO.”

*The Green Witch looks up, noticing Maximum and Jessica running over*

Maximum - “This man killed your friend. But he stole our lives. He ruined our lives.”

*The Green Witch puts her arms down and back away. The Reaper exhales, relieved at the grass loosening*

*Maximum and Jessica approach The Reaper*

Maximum - “What do you want to do with him?”

Jessica - “I want him dead.”

*Jessica takes out a knife and stabs The Reaper in the chest*

The Reaper - “UGH.”

*Maximum takes the knife from Jessica and also stabs The Reaper in the chest*

*The Green Witch backs away, as Maximum and Jessica kill The Reaper, the person who helped torture them for all those years, and killed their brother*

*The Green Witch runs in the other direction*

*Maximum and Jessica sit on the bench nearby, and stare at The Reaper’s dead body*

Maximum - “Do you feel better now?”


Jessica - “It didn’t bring Georgie back.”

*Maximum nods, slightly, with a sigh*

Jessica - “But, I don’t feel worse.”

Maximum - “I don’t feel bad that he’s dead.”

Jessica - “He’s done nothing but hurt those around him.”

*Maximum nods, and Jessica lays her head on his shoulder*

Jessica - “I think we did the right thing.”

*Maximum nods*


*Sonya Blade and Red Viper run down the hill, trying to get out of the burning forest, and they quickly run into Hydra and Wyvern*

Wyvern - “Sonya, Viper. This is her. You can help me take her down.”

*Hydra turns her head towards Sonya Blade and Red Viper, and sighs, entirely in her metal form*

*Red Viper takes out a stun gun, and shoots Wyvern*

Wyvern - “AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!” *collapses to the ground*

Red Viper, to Hydra - “Our enemy is defeated. You are not our enemy. Run.”

Hydra - “I didn’t need your help.”

Sonya Blade - “We know. Just run.”

*Hydra sprints away, as Serpent runs into the woods, noticing the fire spreading quickly*

Serpent - “SHIT.”

*Sonya Blade and Red Viper sprint out, as the forest starts to burn down*

*Serpent groans, and grows his wings, so he can pick up Wyvern and fly out of the burnt down forest*


*Vexell runs into a classroom. A teacher is teaching as Vinata, Thundro and a class of young supers sit at desks*

Vexell - “We have to go. There’s an attack on us happening.”

*Vinata stands up, and runs towards the door, as panic quickly fills the room*

Violeta - “Guys, we might have a problem here.”

*Marjorey stares down the hallway, menacingly, as she stares at X and Jade, who are standing in the entrance doorway*


*Sonya Blade and Red Viper run over to the school, seeing Jade*

Sonya Blade - “JADE! Stop! You don’t have to do this.”

*Jade quickly walks into the school, and locks the door behind her*

*Sonya Blade runs up to the door and tries to open it, begging for Jade to consider otherwise*

*Jade waves to Sonya Blade, before turning around, facing Marjorey*

Marjorey - “You do not need to do this, Jade.”

Jade - “People have been saying that for a while.”

Vexell - “X, we’re in a school. My daughter is here. Please, can she leave.”

X - “She can fight for herself. She’s no younger than me. It’s funny how much you all are begging. You have the numbers.”

Vexell - “Vinata. There’s a backdoor. Run.”

*Vinata starts to sprint towards the backdoor, crowds of children following her, including Thundro, when X raises his hand, quickly all of the children levitate in the air, floating above the ground*

*Tears fill Vexell’s eyes, staring at her daughter, helplessly floating*

*Violeta takes her gun out, and shoots the glass door by X’s head, shattering the glass, causing X to lose focus - throwing all of the children down on the ground, causing a worried Vexell to immediately make sure Vinata is unharmed*

*Jade starts sprinting towards Marjorey, who dodges Jade’s attack, and punches her in the stomach*

*Sonya Blade and Red Viper crawl through the glass door, into the school, running towards Jade, to stop her from killing Marjorey*

*X gains his focus again, and quickly notices Vexell and Vinata running towards the back exit, quickly he raises his hand, and a shard of glass levitates, and he punches his arm out, the shard of glass flying through the hallway, jabbing into the back of Vexell’s neck*

Vexell - “UGH.” *she collapses to the ground, to Vinata’s horror*

Vinata - “No. No. No. No.”

Vexell, coughing out blood - “Run.”

*Vinata nods, tears filling her eyes, fleeing out the back door*

*Marjorey and Jade both get sidetracked by the death of Vexell*

Jade - “That was my friend..”

*Sonya Blade gets to Jade, as Jade is stopped*

Sonya Blade - “Did you decide not to-”

*Jade punches Sonya Blade in the face, and quickly Marjorey snaps back into reality, and runs away, after Vinata. Jade quickly follows Marjorey*

*X stares at Vexell’s body, his first ever real kill, and as all of the children flee, he slowly decides to follow them*



Comment your theories, and your thoughts on what happened in this episode. Who will win? Who are your favorites?

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Episode 7 of 10 “Face To Face”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell”
#Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead”
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nora Uhua “Poison Whisper”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”

The Universals (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) :
#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

The Street Walkers (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) : 
Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”
#CrimsonEnnui - Kano

#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
#Zuelke - Charles von Dragomir “Serpent”
#CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”


*Moontwist and Princess Maliyah lead Hydra to the location of their crashed ship*

Hydra - “This will only take a few moments, and it should be all set.” *goes into the ship*

*Moontwist and Princess Maliyah smile at one another, excited. But after a moment, they both get shot with a ray gun*

Moontwist - “AH!”

*They both direct their attention to where the shots were. Magnus is standing there*

Moontwist gets up, slowly - “WHAT THE HELL?”

*Princess Maliyah is seemingly lifeless*

Magnus - “I’m here to put an end to your madness. If you go back to our planet. They will come looking for me. And they will try to get me to come back. So, sorry. But this ship is not getting repaired.” *shoots Moontwist again*

*Moontwist falls to the ground, instantly. Lifelessly. Magnus then walks over the ship, smiling, but as he gets over to the entrance, he is quickly getting kicked in the face by Hydra, in her metallic state, instantly knocking Magnus down*

Hydra - “What a punk.” *looks over at Moontwist and Princess Maliyah, who are laying lifeless* “Shit.”



*X looks over at all of his former teammates who turned on him*

X - “Well, isn’t this funny. You all have no loyalty, do you?”

*Neuron sighs*

X - “For the first time in months. Almost a year. I am here... face to face with those who used to be on my side. My team. That turned on me. My own sister.”

Neuron - “I’m not your sister.”

X - “X Caliber raised you. Created you.”

Neuron - “I created myself.”

*The Green Witch looks around, searching for The Reaper, as he is nowhere to be seen*

Vexell, mumbling to The Green Witch - “He could be attacking the school. I have a bad feeling they have tricks up their sleeves.”

*The Green Witch slightly nods*

*Jade stares at Marjorey*

X - “You all took the easy way out. Siding with the enemies. If anyone has regretted their decisions they may stand tall now. And side with me.”

*Europa walks towards X*

Spine Striker smirks - “I knew Noah would make the right decision.”

Vyx - “Europa, what are you doing?”

Europa - “My name is Noah Uhua. And my mother is Nora Uhua. I was raised to suppress my powers. Now, my mother sees me. And wants me. I’m finally good enough for the attention of my mother.”

*Vyx and Saint nervously look at each other, as Europa walks over to X*

X - “We welcome you, Noah Uhua.”


Europa - “No. It’s too late for that.”

*Poison Whisper and Spine Striker quickly turn their heads at Europa, shocked*

*Europa raises his hands in the air and swings it down, as a star comes flying down from the sky. The star tears into tiny pieces as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere*


*The tiny bits of stars shoot down, and cause mini energy bursts to explode around the area the X Team is standing, causing them all to fall to the ground, protecting their faces*

Europa - “PROTECTORS, IT’S TIME TO ATTACK!” *kicks Poison Whisper in the face*


*The Reaper is curled up in a ball in X’s closet, staring at the door*

*The Reaper rubs his head, and tries to feel for energy around him. Slowly, he blanks out, and raises the closest person to his psyche. That person is raised from the ground, and walks over to the apartment building. They are connected to each others psyche. He walks to the apartment door and it’s locked*

The Reaper, to himself - “Please. Please. Please. Break through the door.”

*The man continues to bang at, and tries to bang down, the door*

The Reaper - “Please.”


*Sonya Blade, Red Viper, Wyvern and Serpent walk down the street, quickly noticing neither Kano or Hydra are there*

Sonya Blade - “Well… this is a problem. The entire X Team BESIDES the ones we were looking for.”

Wyvern - “Don’t you have some tech that will help you track them down?”

Serpent - “Maybe this is a sign-”

Wyvern - “Screw you, Charles. Your motives are already unclear, you aren’t going to talk me out of this.”

Serpent - “I’m just saying-”

Wyvern - “I don’t want to hear it.”

Red Viper - “We don’t have any form of tracker on them, no. But… I think we have an idea or two. We do have this radar that checks for suspicious energy and movement nearby. There was a major case in the desert, but there was also suspicious activity in the woods. We could check the woods on our way to the desert.”

*Wyvern nods as they run into the woods*


*Marjorey notices Jade notice her*

Marjorey - “Shit. Vexell, let’s go to the school. We got to go.”

*Marjorey and Vexell run down an alleyway*

*Eden, Tlaloc and Violeta are caught off guard by Marjorey and Vexell fleeing, and before they get a chance to follow, Dark Shadow’s blackbird attacks them*

*Jade runs towards Marjorey*

*Violeta takes her knife and slices the bird in half, much to Dark Shadow’s shock*

Dark Shadow - “Stop!” *sprints at Violeta*

*Violeta hisses at Dark Shadow and sprints back towards him*

Violeta does a backflip and kicks Dark Shadow in the face - “COME AT ME.”

*The bird starts to resurrect, much to Eden’s shock*

Tlaloc - “Eden, Jade just went after Marjorey. Should we go after her?”

Eden - “This is Marjorey’s issue. Let’s worry about ourselves for once.” *steps on the bird, crushing it, but the bird just starts to resurrect again, as Eden walks away*

*Dark Shadow stands back up and runs at Violeta again, who slices his arm with her knife*


*The bird flies at Violeta’s head again, much to her shock*


Dark Shadow smirks - “It’s special.”

*Violeta continues to fight it off with slashes and stabs, before finally stabbing it, and sticking her blade into Dark Shadow’s arm, before running after Vexell, to go to the school*

Dark Shadow - “AGH.”


*X and Neuron are face to face*

X - “Sister… why are you against me?”

Neuron - “I’m not your sister.” *lifts her hand up and pushes her hand out, energy bolts shock everyone around her, and pushes X down*

X quickly stands up - “You’ll regret that.”

Neuron - “No. I won’t.” *she moves her arms around her and a visible force field surrounds her* “I was just the decoy.”

*X turns his head and the Green Witch, Maximum and Jessica are behind him*

The Green Witch - “We didn’t come for you. I want to know where The Reaper is.”

Maximum - “We’ll do what we have to do to get this information.”

X - “What are you going to do? Plant a tree?”

*The Green Witch rolls her eyes, and takes a step back, letting Maximum do what he has to do*

*Maximum closes his eyes and waves his arms around and almost instantly X is floating*

Maximum - “Tell us where the Reaper is and we’ll let you down.”

*X, scared, closes his eyes, and when he opens them, all he sees is space. Stars, planets, and nothingness all around him*

X - “AH!” *he quickly tries to process what is happening and he whips his arms around. He closes his eyes again and opens them. He is back to reality in the city* “WHAT WAS THAT?”

*The Green Witch and Jessica have fallen over, and Neuron is using her force field to protect a building from falling over*

Maximum - “You are ruthless with your powers. You don’t even know what you just did.”


Jessica - “I’m willing to bet if he’s this ruthless with his powers now, he could’ve just killed The Reaper. Even by accident.”

*X, clearly distraught, runs away*

*Neuron turns her head*

Neuron - “WHERE’S HE GOING?!”

The Green Witch - “Not far.” *chases X*

*Neuron uses her energy to temporarily put a repair on the building, so it won’t collapse, but she runs in, to the front desk*


Maximum turns to Jessica - “We need to find The Reaper.”


*Every person The Reaper has ever risen is now lining up to the closet door and helping break it down. As soon as The Reaper sees a large enough hole in the door, he rushes to the door and opens it from the inside, and he runs out, free*


*Europa stands between Spine Striker and Poison Whisper*

Europa - “Sister. Mother. This isn’t over. We can be a family.”

Spine Striker - “You turned on us.”

Europa - “Because you’ve never accepted me. No matter what I did. Mom brainwashed you against me. But I’m willing to move on. If we stand together.”

Poison Whisper - “And join The Protectors? The people who have hurt so many?”

Europa - “The X’ers have hurt many more. On purpose.”

Poison Whisper - “Because The Protectors oppressed them. Made them feel like freaks.”

Europa - “I’ve been on the inside of both teams, and know the truth. The Protectors are not what they used to be.”

Spine Striker - “Then why do you stand alone?”

Saint - “She’s standing with us.”

*Europa turns his head and sees Saint walking over*

Europa - “What happened to letting people handle their families themselves?”

Saint - “Sometimes backup can’t hurt.”

*Vyx stands by Saint, and nods*

*Darkadia stands by Spine Striker*

Darkadia - “Do you need help here?”

Spine Striker - “Nah, screw off. These people can’t hurt us. They’re weak.”

Vyx - “You sure about that?”

Spine Striker - “I’m not concerned one bit.”

*Darkadia shrugs, backing away*

*Spine Striker holds her hand up and shoots 3 spikes out of her finger, all 3 going into Vyx’s torso, but he stands unphased. All 3 spikes are pushed right out, unharmed by them*

Vyx - “Come on, little girl. You should do your research before fighting.” *he runs towards her*

Spine Striker - “Never really had to.” *she turns around and a tail grows. The tail has a sharp pointy end, like a scorpion, and it stabs at Vyx, as he comes close, to push him away*

Vyx - “Saint, a little help.”

*Saint waves her arms around, and it quickly starts raining. A lighting strike comes down, straight in the middle of the road, creating a miniature explosion. The strike causes everyone nearby to jump back*

Europa - “I know you all said you were here to help, but this is just creating chaos.”

Saint - “Thank you would work, too.”

*Europa rolls his eyes*

*Poison Whisper notices Vyx discombobulated, and walks over to him*

Poison Whisper whispers in Vyx’s ear - “You shouldn’t have joined the wrong side.”

*Vyx starts suffocating and choking, as Poison Whisper’s whisper takes its effect on his body*

Poison Whisper - “You should’ve seen this-”

*Europa stabs Poison Whisper in the back*

Poison Whisper - “Coming.” *falls to the ground*

*Vyx starts breathing again*

*Spine Striker stands up, and gasps at the sight of her mom bleeding on the ground*


*Marjorey and Vexell reach the school, but when they turn around, Jade is standing there*

Marjorey - “Vexell. Go in. And get Vinata. I have to handle this.”

*Vexell slightly nods, running towards the school*

Marjorey - “Hey.”

Jade - “Hi.”

Marjorey - “I guess this time… it’s for real? Huh.”

*Jade nods, angrily staring, gripping her knife*

Marjorey - “Okay, guess so.”

*Violeta runs over, shocked at the sight of this standoff*

Marjorey - “Violeta, go away.”

Violeta - “Hey, Jade.”

*Jade turns her head, scoffing*

*Violeta takes her gun out, but quickly Jade kicks it out of Violeta’s hands and slices at Violeta with her knife, missing. Much to Jade’s shock, she gets grabbed by Marjorey and thrown down to the ground, dropping her knife*

*Violeta looks for her gun*

*Jade punches Marjorey in the face, and gets up quickly, but before she can do anything else, a rock hits her in the head, and she’s instantly unconscious*

*Violeta and Marjorey look over to see Vexell standing outside of the school*

Vexell - “You guys are bad at this. Come on. Quick.”

*Violeta and Marjorey run over to Vexell, leaving Jade on the ground, unconscious*


*Kano is running up a mountain, before quickly running into Sonya Blade and Red Viper*

Kano - “You found me.” *turns around and sees Wyvern and Serpent* “And brought back-up.”

Wyvern - “Where’s Hydra?”

Kano - “What?”

Wyvern - “You know where Hydra is. Tell me where.”

Kano - “Now you want something from me? Interesting.”

*Wyvern engulfs in flames, and walks up to Kano*

Wyvern - “You aren’t immune to fire. Right? Well, I am fire. They want you dead. If you don’t want that, we have a question for you. Where. Is. Hydra?”

*Kano scoffs, before blinking and lasers come out of his eyes, shooting lasers at Wyvern’s face, but Wyvern remains unphased*

Wyvern - “Lasers don’t beat fire. Answer the question.”

Kano rolls his eyes, annoyed - “Check the desert. I don’t know.” *blinks again and stops shooting lasers out of his eyes* “I just know a ship crash landed there. I don’t know what else to tell you.”

Wyvern - “We’ll be back if you’re lying. We’ll let Sonya and Viper watch over you. If this was a dumb plot… you’ll be dead in seconds.”

Kano - “I'm counting on it.”

*Serpent grows his wings, and Wyvern crawls on his back. Serpent flies towards the desert*


*Princess Maliyah opens her eyes, and looks down at her body, seeing herself covered in blood and injuries*

Princess Maliyah - “Huh.”

*Princess Maliyah gets up and stumbles over to her bag. She looks over to Moontwist’s lifeless body*

Princess Maliyah - “Oh, shit.” *quickly opens her bag, and takes out an electronic pen. She stabs herself in the heart with it, which brings life and energy back into her entire body* “Ooh!”

*Princess Maliyah runs over to Moontwist and stabs Moontwist in the heart with the pen, instantly Moontwist gasps awake*

Moontwist - “I thought I was dead…”

Princess Maliyah - “You probably were. Daddy taught me to always be prepared.” *lifts up the pen* “Our planet is very technologically advanced.” *looks up at the ship* “I think Hydra fixed our ship.”

*Princess Maliyah and Moontwist run into their ship, and before Magnus can wake up, they fly into the sky*

*When the ship starts up, Magnus opens his eyes, jolted awake by the ship starting, quickly noticing what’s happening. Before he can do anything, the ship is already in the sky*

Magnus - “SHIT!” *shoots at the ship over and over again with his ray gun, but the ship is too far gone*

*The shots quickly attract Wyvern and Serpent, who fly down, approaching Magnus. Serpent forms back to his human self*

Wyvern - “Who was that?”

Serpent - “Was it Hydra?”

Magnus, with an eyeroll - “No.”

Wyvern - “Do you know where Hydra is?”

Magnus - “She fixed the ship, I don’t know where she went.”

Serpent - “Can you say something helpful?”

Magnus - “I’m going back to the city now. If you want to come, she probably went in that direction.”

Serpent - “I can give you a ride.” *grows dragon wings, with a smile*


*Hydra runs up a mountain, and then runs down, seeing the city in the distance. It’s entirely people fighting and causing a ruckus, she slightly frowns, but as she looks up she sees a dragon-like figure flying*

Hydra - “Shit.” *turns into her metallic state, and runs up the mountain, as Wyvern jumps off the dragon, in a fiery state, and lands right in front of Hydra*

Wyvern - “I know I can’t do anything to you, but I can do this.” *touches a tree, and it catches on fire*

Hydra - “You overestimate how much I care about trees.” *punches Wyvern in the face, quickly causing him to fall to his knees*


*Sonya Blade and Red Viper stare at Kano*

Kano - “You know nothing about my story.”

Sonya Blade - “I know everything. I know who your mother was. I don’t have empathy for you.”

*Kano quickly notices the trees burning, one by one, and he smiles, as a plan comes to mind*

Kano - “Well…” *looks over to Sonya Blade, and opens his eyes, lasers pointed at Sonya Blade’s head, but she dodges them, and kicks Kano in the face, causing him to fall over* “UGH.”

*Red Viper notices Kano start to regain his balance, and she kicks him back down, causing Kano to start to roll down the hill, desperately trying to stop himself, but ultimately falling into the pit of fire*

Kano - “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” *he falls into the fire*

*Red Viper and Sonya Blade look down, shocked*

Sonya Blade - “He can’t be dead.”


*Hydra and Wyvern jump back as Kano’s burnt to a crisp dead body falls in front of them*

Wyvern - “Kano.”

Hydra - “You killed him.”

*Wyvern stares at Hydra, and shrugs, indifferently*


*The Green Witch continuously chases X, who runs into The Reaper. Both The Green Witch and X stare at The Reaper, shocked he is there*

The Reaper - “You couldn’t leave me there forever.”

X - “I was hoping.”

*The Green Witch evilly glares at The Reaper, who just waves at her, with an evil smirk*


The battle has begun, but it is far from over. The final few episodes will be all out war.

Comment your predictions, thoughts and favorite characters. Any questions or comments, really.

Also : Season 3 is in development, but idk how I will handle apps, cuz I don't think I have room for TOO many new characters, but we'll get to that when we get there.
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Episode 6 of 10 “Once A Protector...”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell”
#Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead”
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nora Uhua “Poison Whisper”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”

The Universals (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) :
#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

The Street Walkers (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) : 
Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”
#CrimsonEnnui - Kano

#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
#Zuelke - Charles von Dragomir “Serpent”

#CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”

#MJFJUNE - Mandla Qobi “Ithemba”
#CrimsonEnnui - Mileena
Percy Spring
Genevieve Taylor
Evelyn Von Dragomir
Mitch Von Dragomir
President Ronald Jackson


*The building is falling apart as everyone inside quickly evacuates*


*Jade sighs, indifferently, running towards the exit*


*PyroBolt, X and Poison Whisper runs towards the building, shocked at the sight of it toppling down*

X - “We leave for a few hours and THIS happens?”

*Moontwist and Princess Maliyah run over, also shocked at this sight*

*Everyone in the building runs out, safely*

X runs over to his group - “IS EVERYONE OKAY?”

Jade - “We don’t really know what happened. But Dark Storm and Light Storm did something stupid.”

X - “Why were they here?”

Jade - “We let them say goodbye. CLEARLY, it was a miscalculation.”

*They turn their heads and notice the building completely exploding*

Gia Versace - “WHAT THE F-”



*Light Storm and Dark Storm walk inside, covered in dust and ash*

*Violeta blankly stares at them*

Light Storm - “It’s a long story.”

Violeta - “Alright.”

Saint - “Did he die?”

Light Storm - “... Yep.”

Violeta - “Are you okay?”

Light Storm - “Uh… yeah.”

*Violeta hugs Light Storm. He quickly glances at Dark Storm, starting to feel guilt for what they did, but Dark Storm just shrugs*

Saint, to Dark Storm - “Are you staying with the team?”

Dark Storm - “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Saint - “I mean, the main reason you even joined was to band against Hurricane. Now that he’s dead…”

Dark Storm - “Why would you ever even suggest that? I am loyally a Protector from here on out.”

Alexa Rose - “Excuse us for being skeptical. We haven’t exactly been best friends in the past.”

Dark Storm - “I’m a loyal Protector now, okay?”

*Alexa Rose slightly nods, but with a slight frown showcasing doubt*

Europa - “I think my mom was trying to warn me of something.”

Neuron - “What?”

Europa - “She wanted me to join their team. I think it’s because soon the battle will begin.”

Light Storm - “I wouldn’t be so sure.”

Europa - “Why?”

Dark Storm - “Their building kinda… fell apart.”

*Sensor walks over to the window, shocked, and looks out, noticing smoke rising in the sky*

Sensor - “Who did that?”

Neuron - “They have really bad luck with that type of thing, huh…”

Dark Storm - “That was definitely not planned.”

*Marjorey, Eden and Tlaloc walk in*

Sensor - “You know… if they’re weak now… we could just attack.”

Vexell - “Why?”

Sensor - “We know they’re going to try to hurt us again, why not get the upper hand?”

Marjorey - “Jade already tried attacking us.”

Sensor - “What happened?”

Tlaloc - “We made it out.”

The Green Witch - “I think a few of us know a bit more about X than others. Jaime knows him better than anyone else. Jaime was a sister to him. Maybe we should take the steering wheel for this one.”

Neuron - “I don’t necessarily know more or less about how he works in battle than anyone else does. X Caliber always was holding him back in that aspect. It’s anyone’s guess as to how he handles his powers.”


*X moves his hand, pointing his finger across the room, carrying a dresser over to the closet door with his mind, blocking the door so The Reaper can’t escape*

X - “You can try to escape, but you won’t be able to. It’s hopeless, Dennis. You lost.”




X - “I already did.” *leaves the room, to see smoke rising in the distance, where The Reaper’s apartment building is* “I spoke too soon.”


X - “We’re screwed. We have nowhere to go.”

Jade - “Not nowhere. We all have homes, don’t we?”

Hydra - “Not the Reaper anymore.”

PyroBolt - “We could stay at my place… or X, is your place available?”

*X pauses*

Moontwist - “Our Spaceship has bedrooms aboard it, but they’re very subject to falling apart… and it’s in the middle of a desert.”

Poison Kisses - “We really accepted space travel and aliens without question, does anybody else notice that?”

Gia Versace - “Stranger things have happened, that doesn’t even rank.”

Moontwist - “We really don’t like the term aliens.”

Magnus, to Moontwist - “Don’t even.”

Actus Mortis - “JESUS CHRIST. You people are annoying. Let’s stay at my place. I have enough room for anyone who needs a place to crash, too. Let’s just GO.” *stomps towards his building*

Hydra - “Well, he's a bit of a bitch.”

*A few people shrug, nodding along with Hydra, before following Actus Mortis*


*Everyone affiliated with the X Team stand in the living room*

Jade - “Where’s Reaper?”

PyroBolt - “No clue.”


*X runs towards Reaper’s burning apartment building , and is stopped by PyroBolt*

PyroBolt - “I can explain-“

X - “Mess with me again and you’ll be locked in a closet next.” *runs past him, towards the burning building*

*PyroBolt shrugs and follows him*


Jade - “I don’t think it matters. He was power hungry. He’d mess us all up.”

Actus Mortis - “Now that we have relocated… The Protectors don’t even know where to expect us from. We could just attack now.”

Gia Versace - “I just lost a dear dear friend.”

Hydra - “What was his real first name?”


Gia Versace - “So we weren’t on a first name basis. He was still like a grandfather figure to me.”

Eros - “He was only 40.”

X - “None of this matters. We can’t attack without a plan.”

Actus Mortis - “The plan is TO attack, bro.”

X - “I do think they wouldn’t see it coming if we striked now.”

*A few of The New Recruits make shocked eye contact*

X - “Are you all in?”

Jade smiles - “Absolutely.”

Eros - “I think we need to find Kano first.”

Magnus - “Moontwist and Maliyah want to fix their ship first, anyways, maybe they can go looking for Kano?”

Moontwist - “We don’t even know who Kano is.”

Magnus - “Well, you know what he looks like.”

Hydra - “I’ll go with you. I think I have a way to fix your ship, anyways.”

Princess Maliyah - “Are you serious? You better not be lying. If I don’t get to see my daddy, I’ll be ticked off.”

Hydra - “If you say daddy one more time, I won’t help you.”

*Princess Maliyah shrugs, upset*

Hydra - “But, yes. I have a plan that could get your ship up and running by tomorrow. Probably sooner.”

Moontwist - “No bullshit?”

Hydra - “Why would I lie? I don’t care about you people. Like, at all.”

*Moontwist rolls her eyes*

Moontwist - “Well, then let’s go.” *walks towards the door, Princess Maliyah following closely behind, and then Hydra*

X - “I guess it’s time to attack.”


Sensor - “I do think this is the best time to get the attack on them.”

Vexell - “We don’t even know where they are.”

Vyx - “It has to be one of their houses, and we-” *points at every former X’er in the room* “Know where they live. Most of them, anyway.”

The Green Witch - “Don’t be naive, Vyx. The set is always changing. New people are added, people are taken out or leave. We only know so much.”

Fuerza Mística - “Guys.”

Neuron - “I doubt anything will be THAT different.”

Fuerza Mística - “GUYS. I know what we can do.”

*Everyone turns to Fuerza Mística*

Fuerza Mística - “I can visit Ithemba. Remember, I can teleport. I can bring him a map and he can find any one of them for me. And we’ll know where they are now.”

Night Woman - “That’s actually mad smart.”


*Mileena and Ithemba are sitting on a balcony, looking out at the beautiful blue water*

Ithemba - “She would’ve loved it.”

*Mileena turns her head at Ithemba*

Ithemba - “Cindy.”

Mileena - “I know.” *kisses Ithemba* “I know. I sometimes wonder if Kitana would’ve. I know I’ve always been at odds with her, but… knowing she’s dead. She never got a chance to see Greece. Do I deserve this? I was created to be evil…”

Ithemba - “You’re not evil.” *kisses Mileena* “The Reaper’s powers were too weak to kill the spirit inside you. You are good.”

*Mileena smiles, as Fuerza Mística randomly appears, to the shock of Mileena*

Mileena - “Oh, my god.” *hugs Fuerza Mística* “You should really call before you do that.”

Fuerza Mística - “Sorry, it was sort of time pressing.” *takes his map out and sets it in front of Ithemba* “We need you to find X.”

Ithemba - “Really? I thought traveling to Greece would sort of indicate my retirement.”

Mileena - “Wait… is Jade with X?”

Fuerza Mística - “Huh?”

Mileena - “If you’re searching for X he’s probably out for vengeance. Is Jade with him?”

Fuerza Mística - “If we knew, we wouldn’t be needing Ithemba’s help.”

*Ithemba groans, and closes his eyes. He opens his eyes, and they are devoid of color, and, on the map in front of him, he jams his finger down, on the apartment building in which Actus Mortis lives*

*Ithemba’s eyes go back to normal, as Fuerza Mística looks at the map and sighs*

Mileena - “What?”

Fuerza Mística - “This is Actus Mortis’s apartment building. He is one of the most dangerous villains there are. He’s with them.”

Mileena turns to Ithemba - “Did you see Jade?”

*Ithemba slightly nods*

Mileena - “That means she’s going to be mad. Fuerza Mística. Make sure The Protectors win.”

*Fuerza Mística nods, before disappearing again, going back*

Mileena - “We need to be prepared. In case they lose. Because if Jade defeats them, she’ll be after me next.”

Ithemba - “Ugh… I wanted to be here so I wouldn’t have to worry.”

Percy - “You should’ve known that wasn’t realistic.”

*Ithemba and Mileena turn their head, to notice Percy and Genevieve standing in the doorway. They all reunite and hug, happily*

Genevieve - “If anyone tries to fight you we’ll help you take them down. We are strong. And they won’t expect us to be prepared. But… Protectors are always prepared. And once a Protector… always a Protector.”


*Fuerza Mística reappears*

Fuerza Mística - “It's Actus Mortis. His apartment.”

Night Woman - “The most dangerous one of all.”

Fuerza Mística - “I don’t know much… but we at least know… X, Actus Mortis and Jade are working together.”

Sensor - “You couldn’t ask for a list?”

Fuerza Mística - “He was out of his consciousness. He only looked for Jade because Mileena was so concerned over Jade’s involvement.”

Vexell - “Well… we know where X is. We know he has a team. There’s nothing stopping us. We have the upperhand if we attack now.”


X - “Let’s attack now.”

Jade - “I’ve been waiting for those words.” *takes knife out*

PyroBolt approaches X - “Hey, I’m sorry. The Reaper attacked my family and threatened us. I couldn’t put my family in harms way-“

X - “Prove it by fighting with me and not against me.” *walks towards the exit*

*PyroBolt shrugs, nervously, as every group within The X Team walks towards the exit*


*Sonya Blade and Red Viper walk in, immediately shocked by the presence of Wyvern and Serpent, both Sonya Blade and Red Viper quickly go into their bags and take out their special guns*

Wyvern - “Don’t do that.”

Sonya Blade - “Who are you, what are you doing here and how did you find us?”

Wyvern - “Don’t play coy. We know you know who we are.”

Red Viper - “Oh? Why’s that?”

Serpent - “Because we’re the children of one of the most infamous supers of all time. And your job is to know anything about everything about our kind.”

Sonya Blade - “You’re Evelyn’s kids. The Von Dragomir’s.”

Wyvern - “Yep.”


*President Ronald Jackson sits in front of Evelyn Von Dragomir*

President Ronald Jackson - “Listen, I know your family has been prevalent in our country’s security for generations.. but you have yet to have any children-“

Evelyn - “It isn’t for lack of trying, I promise you.”

President Ronald Jackson - “You know, if you can't produce a child, specifically one of which has powers, your work here will be terminated. With no continuation of the bloodline there’d simply be no purpose keeping you on. Especially considering you don’t have any utilisable skills.”

Evelyn - “So, what you are saying is you’re giving me my notice of extermination?”

President Ronald Jackson - “I’m just doing my job.”


Mitch, her husband, is cleaning the dishes - “I’m sure he was just saying that to act tough. He couldn’t possibly replace you- ow!”

Evelyn - “What happened?” *walks over*

Mitch - “A dish broke.” *he sucks his finger*

Evelyn - “Let me see.”

*Mitch shows Evelyn the bleeding scrape on his finger, blood spurring out*

Evelyn - “Ow…” *she places her mouth on the wound and starts sucking for him* “Hmmm…”

*Mitch cringes at her continuous sucking and starts to try and pull away*

Mitch - “Evelyn…”

*Evelyn grabs his hand, stopping him from moving*

Mitch - “EVELYN.” *he reaches his other hand towards a knife, but quickly Evelyn takes the dish on the counter, shatters it, and takes a shard of glass to cut Mitch’s throat open* “Evel… evil…”

*Evelyn starts sucking the blood from his throat, starting to get covered in all the blood, splashing out of his throat wound. Slowly, as she sucks more and more blood, drinking it. Her stomach gets bigger and bigger. When she drains him from his blood, she realizes she is carrying a life inside of her. A baby is formed from the blood she has drank*


*Evelyn holds Amber in her arms*


*Evelyn sits with Amber, trying to teach her how to use her powers*

Evelyn - “Come on.” *takes a match out and strikes it* “You have to be able to do something else with this. Bend it?”

*Amber does nothing*

Evelyn - “Disappointing.”


*Evelyn quickly approaches a random man and stabs him over and over again, so she can proceed to suck all his blood*


*Evelyn holds Blaine in her arms*


*Blaine is engulfed in flames, stumbling around the house, playing with Amber, who is unbothered by the flame*

*Evelyn watches, unamused*


*Evelyn stabs a man over and over again, and quickly starts to drink his blood*


*Evelyn holds Charles in her arms*


*Evelyn smiles as Charles grows a pair of wings at will, and starts flying around*

Evelyn - “One can’t be hurt by fire… one can turn into fire… and the other can fly… maybe I can do something with this…”


Sonya Blade - “So, you had a momager.. cool. Where is this going?”

Wyvern - “Just wait.”


*President Ronald Jackson sits in front of Evelyn, with her 3 children next to her*

Evelyn - “They all have powers. I know you’re almost done with your second term, but I do know you also kind of… decide what will happen to me. And my future involvement with the government…”

President Ronald Jackson - “What exactly are their powers?”

Evelyn - “My oldest… Amber…”

President Ronald Jackson - “We really ought to change their names.”

Evelyn - “Why?”

President Ronald Jackson - “Super Agents tend to have code names.”

Evelyn - “Well, I don’t have any right now… so… can I proceed?”

President Ronald Jackson - “Just something to consider.”

Evelyn - “My oldest, Amber, could walk into a fire and walk out completely unharmed. Fire doesn’t hurt her.”

President Ronald Jackson - “Cool. What can we do with that? Save dogs from burning buildings? She can have a very nice life as a firefighter.”

Evelyn - “Blaine can turn into a fire ball of sorts. Just completely engulf himself.”

President Ronald Jackson - “I’m sorry, but I don’t see a way this is-“

Evelyn - “You wanted kids with powers, and I’m giving you kids with powers, I don’t see what else you could want?”

President Ronald Jackson - “Something useful.”

Evelyn - “Charles can fly. He can grow dragon wings and fly. Anywhere he wants to go. These may be relatively minuscule powers on paper, but together they can do a lot of things. Dangerous things. Things that can protect our world. Or, if they want to, destroy it.”

President Ronald Jackson - “I simply think… you are overstating their capabilities.”

Evelyn - “And I simply think you are underestimating their capabilities. Do you want to play that game?”

President Ronald Jackson - “There is no game.”

Evelyn - “I guess you do then.” *gets up* “You want to get rid of the dynasty that has been working with this very government for generations? Go ahead. But you made an enemy out of the wrong people.”

President Ronald Jackson - “You aren’t fired yet, I’m just saying I don’t see what your utility will be here in the bigger picture.”

Evelyn - “And I’m saying you’ll regret those words.” *storms out*

*President Ronald Jackson groans*


Red Viper - “Forgive me, but where exactly is this going?”

Sonya Blade - “Wait, I think I’m catching on. Evelyn Von Dragomir… did testing on her eldest.”

Wyvern - “Evelyn took Hydra to this house that kidnapped children with powers to do testing on them. She saw her power as almost entirely inconsequential. Most of the children died. Actually all but 3 others. Hydra is the only one that got stronger.”


*The Reaper takes a step back, shocked at the sight of Hydra turning into metal. Hydra stands up and looks down at herself*

Hydra - “Huh…”


Wyvern - “She got out before the massacre. Luckily? It’s debatable. We don’t entirely know how she got out.”


*Hydra punches The Reaper in the face, instantly knocking him against the wall. She kicks down the door, and walks out of the room, quickly running up the stairs, breaking a few stairs as she gets used to how strong her metallic state is. She tears open the door allowing her to exit the basement, and she quickly escapes, as the guard tries to shoot her, but her metallic form is immune to any bullet*


Serpent - “And THIS is where the story… gets us to the endgame.”


*Evelyn is wearing a slick black dress, as Former-President Ronald Jackson approaches her*

Ronald Jackson - “It’s been a while.”

Evelyn - “Over a decade. How’s your wife?”

Ronald Jackson - “Divorced.”

Evelyn - “Isn’t that a scandal.”

Ronald Jackson - “I would’ve divorced her sooner, but after my second term ended, I knew what people would say about me.”

Evelyn - “That you’re a fake.” *takes out a cigarette and lights it* “I could’ve told you that without the divorce.”

Ronald Jackson - “What do you want?”

Evelyn - “Nothing. Just wanted to get you alone.”

Ronald Jackson - “Why?”

*Evelyn cuts Ronald Jackson’s throat, unflinchingly*


*Amber tries to cry, but when she starts to tear up, she just turns into metal*

Amber, staring into the mirror - “What kind of human am I… if I can’t even cry.” *she punches the mirror, which automatically breaks it into hundreds of little pieces. She takes a shard of mirror glass, and tries to stab herself in the chest, but it just shatters even more on impact to her metal body* “I’m a freak.”

*Amber hears the door open and close, and she runs to the doorway and looks down, noticing her mother. Showing immediate signs of pregnancy*

Amber, slowly turning back into her normal self - “Are you pregnant?”

Evelyn - “Yes, yes I am.”

Amber - “You have some blood on you. I can tell from up here.” *starts to walk down*

*Evelyn looks into the mirror nearby, and wipes some blood off her dress, with a slight chuckle*

Evelyn - “I must’ve hit by head. I completely forget…”

Amber - “You think I forget everything. All the horrible things I’ve been put through. The experiments. That’s not the only thing I remember.”

Evelyn - “Everything I’ve done… was for the better of our family. You must know that, Amber.”

Amber - “You don't care about the family, you care about power.”

Evelyn - “I can care about more than one thing, silly girl.” *walks away from Amber, quickly* “I don’t understand what you are suggesting. I got our family to stay within the alliances of the government.”

*Amber turns on the television, and changes it to a breaking news station, still covering the death of the former president*

Evelyn - “It’s a terrible tragedy, what’s your point?”

Amber - “The blood all over you tonight. It wasn’t from you hitting your head.”

Evelyn - “Amber, you’re talking crazy.”

Amber - “I get these.. memories. You coming home late at light. Bigger than you were those mornings. Blood on your shirt. Announcing your pregnancy days later. With no partner ever beside you.”

Evelyn - “I have made some whoreish decisions leading to getting pregnant, it happens every day, Amber.”

Amber - “You didn’t like President Jackson. You were angry he tried to get rid of us. But you got rid of him, didn’t you? If you smiled right now, I’d see blood in your teeth. Wouldn't I?”

*Evelyn rushes over to the kitchen*

Evelyn - “I will not stand here, and be accused of horrible things from my daughter.” *goes into the knife drawer, and turns around to stab Amber, who appears behind her in full metal armor, denting the knife, as it hits her metallic heart* “Oh my god… Amber, please.”

*Amber grabs Evelyn’s wrist and snaps it in half*

Evelyn, tears in her eyes - “AHHHHHH!”

Amber - “My name isn’t Amber. That was my name as a human. Now, you made me a monster.”

*The dented knife falls to the floor, as Amber throws Evelyn to the ground, and starts kicking her, breaking many bones in Evelyn’s body each kick*

Amber - “My name is Hydra now.” *stomps Evelyn’s head in*


*Soyna Blade and Red Viper blankly stare at Wyvern and Serpent

Wyvern - “I told you. Messed up shit.”

Serpent - “We’ll never know the full story, but when we got home… we saw her on the kitchen floor. Beaten to death. She didn’t even try to cover it up.”

Wyvern - “My mother was my best friend. She always believed in me when no one else did. That monster Hydra took that away from me.”

*Sonya Blade can not form words, nor can Red Viper*

Wyvern - “Nobody can take her on their own. She is much too powerful. Immune to bullets. Immune to fire. Her heart is made out of pure metal. The strongest metal imaginable.”

Sonya Blade - “I don’t understand how you expect me to help with this, then.”

Wyvern - “If we can band together… we could put an end to her madness. She can beat any one of us. But not all of us.”

Sonya Blade - “How did you find us?”

Wyvern - “I used to work in the Government. With other people with powers. And other agents. I never forget. You were there.”

Sonya Blade - “So you tracked me down?”

Wyvern - “As if you’re a stranger to tracking people down. It’s your job. Are you in?”

Sonya Blade - “Only if you agree to help us with killing Kano as well.”

Wyvern - “I guess that’s only fair.”

Sonya Blade - “Well, I guess… let’s get to work.”


*Every Protector is walking down the street, towards Actus Mortis’s building*

Vexell - “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Sensor - “What?”

Vexell - “I think I need to go to the school.”

Violeta - “I can go with you.”

Sensor - “But why?”


*The X Team is walking from Actus Mortis’s apartment building, towards the Protectors Building*

*Magnus stops, and slightly smirks*

Darkadia - “What are you doing?”

Magnus - “I’ll only be a minute. Don’t have too much fun until I catch up.” *runs the opposite direction*

Darkadia - “He’s going to mess everything up…”


*Both The Protectors and The X Team are face to face, walking towards one another*

*PyroBolt’s eyebrows crunch together at the sight of Minera*

*Sensor walks closer and closer, leading the team*

Poison Kisses, to herself - “This won’t end well.”

X - “It will end how it must.”



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As well as who your favorite Protectors and non-Protector is.

Season 3 will be happening, but that is ways away.
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The Protectors II : Rise Of X. Continues. Oct 2, 2019


Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell”
#Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead”
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nora Uhua “Poison Whisper”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”

The Universals (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) :
#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

The Street Walkers (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) : 
Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”
#CrimsonEnnui - Kano

#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
#Zuelke - Charles von Dragomir “Serpent”

#CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”
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Episode 5 of 10 “If You Want It Done Right...”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell”
#Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead”
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nora Uhua “Poison Whisper”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”

The Universals (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) :
#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

The Street Walkers (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) : 
Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”
#Macda27 - Mark Daniels “Hurricane”
#CrimsonEnnui - Kano

#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
#Zuelke - Charles von Dragomir “Serpent”

#CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”


*Hydra rushes in and closes the door behind her, locking it, before being stopped by Serpent*

Hydra - “Get away from me.”

Serpent - “Did he attack?”

Hydra - “What do you think?”

Serpent - “I think he attacked-“

Hydra - “Yes, he attacked!”

*There's noises outside of the door, and she quickly smells smoke*

Hydra - “Shit.”

*The wooden door burns down and Wyvern walks in*

Hydra - “SHIT.”



*The Universals sit around a table*

Moontwist - “It’s been a few days… I think we need to consider our gameplan.”

Magnus - “I thought we had a game plan. Work with whoever helps us until we have our ship fixed.”

Princess Maliyah - “I don’t know if I trust they will help us. I think we need to have a focus on helping ourselves.”

Magnus - “If we aren’t team players they WON’T help us.”

Darkadia - “Y’all. Shut up.”

*Everyone looks over at Darkadia*

Darkadia - “We’ve been having the same argument over and over again and for no reason. We have four people here. Two people want to focus on fixing our ship, one person wants to work with this team. And I don’t give a shit. You two,” *points at Princess Maliyah and Moontwist* “Go and try to fix the ship. We can stick around here. Problem solved.”


Moontwist - “Okay.”

*Moontwist and Princess Maliyah awkwardly stand up and leave*

Magnus - “Period.”

*Darkadia sighs*

*Gia Versace, Eros, Kano, Dark Shadow, Poison Whisper and Spine Striker walk in, confused*

Poison Whisper - “Why did they leave?”

Magnus - “They want to work on their ship.”

Eros - “They’re still apart of the team though, right?”

Magnus - “Honestly, I don’t know. I can’t say anything for sure.”

Darkadia - “I think they’ll come back.”

Magnus - “I wouldn’t question them just flying away.”


Gia Versace - “So… it could go both ways. Awesome! Well… we haven’t heard from Hurricane OR Hydra all day, so we were just coming to ask if any of you have.”

Darkadia - “No, I haven’t at least.”

Poison Whisper - “Should we check their apartments?”

Magnus - “I guess.”

Darkadia - “How about we stay here in case X or Reaper come back looking for us… or even if Princess Maliyah or Moontwist come back. It’s better someone’s here, I think.”

Poison Whisper - “Makes sense. Magnus, Darkadia. You can stay here. Gia, Eros, Kano. You go to Hurricane’s. Me, Dark Shadow and Spine Striker will go to Hydra’s.”

Gia Versace - “Cute.”

Magnus - “Come back here after, okay?”

*A few nods, as everyone besides Magnus and Darkadia leave the building*

Darkadia - “There is so much to keep track of. It’s giving me whiplash.”


*Gia Versace, Eros and Kano approach the door, as there’s a shout*

*Eros turns his head, noticing Sonya Blade and Red Viper running towards them*

Eros - “Guys…”


Kano - “Guys, go inside. I can handle this myself.”

Eros - “Who is that?”

Kano - “GO INSIDE. NOW.”

*Eros and Gia Versace sneak inside*

*Kano runs towards Sonya Blade and Red Viper*

*Red Viper raises his hand and snakes come out of cracks on the sidewalk, slithering towards Kano. Kano simply shoots lasers from his eyes at the snake, quickly destroying it*

*Sonya Blade raises her stun gun at Kano*

Kano - “Oh? A prop? How quaint. What do you think that’s going to-“

*Sonya Blade shoots the stun gun and it causes Kano to collapse, slightly seizing from the effect of the stun, but he quickly regains his footing*

Kano - “Okay… you got me there.”

*Sonya Blade punches him in the face, causing him to fall down again and she pulls a real gun on him this time*

Jade - “SONYA.”

*Sonya Blade turns around, shocked to see Jade*

Jade - “What are you doing?”

Sonya Blade - “You said you wouldn’t do this so I will. You know how the saying goes. If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Jade - “But you don’t have to. You don’t want to either. Not deep down.”

Sonya Blade - “I do, though. I have to do this.”

*Kano starts to move, and before Sonya Blade notices, he grabs her leg and pulls her down. As Red Viper rushes to her side to help her up, Kano runs away*

Sonya Blade - “NO!” *she grabs her gun and tries to aim it at him, but it’s too late. He turned a corner and fled* “SHIT. Jade, what the hell?”

Jade - “I know murder isn’t you. Trust me… if you followed through, you’d have regretted it. Murder sticks with you. Trust me.”

Sonya Blade - “Letting him go will lead to the murder of dozens.” *gets up* “So you stopping this murder, is indirectly causing more. Possibly including your own.” *stomps away*

Red Viper - “You made a big mistake.” *walks away*

Jade - “I don’t even know who you are.”

Red Viper - “Now you never will because Kano will kill you.”

*Jade rolls her eyes and walks the other way*


*Eros and Gia Versace sneak in, quickly noticing Hurricane’s body*

Eros - “SHIT, OH MY GOD.”

*Gia Versace runs up to the body and checks his pulse*

Gia Versace - “He’s alive, but barely.”

Eros - “What should we do?”

Gia Versace - “Do I look like a goddamn doctor? I don’t know.”

Eros - “Where the hell is Kano? Everything is going wrong. This isn’t good.”

*Gia Versace takes out her phone*

Eros - “What are you doing?”

Gia Versace - “Calling Magnus.”

Eros - “Why?”

Gia Versace - “Well, we can't just call 9-1-1 and we can’t do anything to help and you’ve given no other ideas.”

Eros - “Well, when you put it like that it makes me seem unhelpful.”

*Gia Versace gives him a glare*


Eros - “Okay, carry on.”


*Wyvern walks towards Hydra, who stares back unphased*

*Serpent stares at both of them*

Hydra - “How’d you find me?”

Wyvern - “Bold of you to assume I wasn’t always looking. Plotting.”

Hydra, who turns entirely metallic - “Bring it.”

Serpent - “Maybe we can talk this out.”

Hydra - “Serpent, this doesn’t involve you.”

Wyvern - “He has a name. Charles, this doesn’t involve you.”

Serpent - “It kind of does. I told him where you were, Hydra. Amber. Whatever you want to be called.”

Hydra - “You told him where I was?”

Wyvern - “Yes. He did. He wants this madness to end.”

Serpent - “It's… more complicated than it seems.”

Hydra - “No, it isn't. You screwed me over.”

Serpent - “The context is different, I want the greater good.”

Hydra - “And to do that you think one of us has to die.”

Serpent - “I know your plan, Amber.”

Hydra - “My name is Hydra.”

Serpent - “Your name is Amber.”

Hydra - “That was the name mother gave to me. It is not my name. Not anymore”

Serpent - “I think we need to calm down… and have a conversation-“

*Hydra punches Serpent in the face, instantly knocking him unconscious*

Hydra - “I’m done talking.” *turns to Wyvern*

*Wyvern’s whole body suddenly is inflamed*

Hydra - “You can’t hurt me.”

Wyvern - “No, I can’t.” *the flames hit the ground and quickly the fire spreads around the room, and then spreading into other rooms* “But can you save your house?”

*Hydra gasps as Wyvern runs towards her, trying to tackle her down, but she is too strong to break the balance of*


*Poison Whisper, Dark Shadow and Spine Striker walk down the street, but notice the apartment building starting to engulf in flames*

Poison Whisper - “SHIT.” *runs towards the building*

*As they approach the building, they see Wyvern being thrown out the window, still in his fiery state*

Poison Whisper - “OH, SHIT.”

*Wyvern stands up and faces Poison Whisper*

Poison Whisper - “Hi…”

Wyvern - “Hey.” *he turns his head and notices a metal Hydra, holding Serpent, walk out of her house* “Gotta go, I didn’t think this plan through much.” *runs away*

Hydra - “TAKE YOUR BROTHER.” *chucks Serpent in the direction of Wyvern*

*Wyvern turns back into his normal body to catch Serpent. With Serpent in his arms, he continues to run*

*Hydra turns back into her normal, non-metal self, and turns towards Poison Whisper, who is quickly joined by Spine Striker and Dark Shadow*

Hydra - “You might’ve caught me at a bad time.”


*Marjorey drinks coffee at her table, with Eden and Tlaloc sitting around*

Marjorey - “I just wanted to thank you both. Last night was the first time I could really sleep in months.”

Eden - “We want you to feel safe. You shouldn’t live life half expecting not to wake up every time you go to bed.”

*There's a loud bang on the door*

Eden - “Don’t answer it.”

*Marjorey exhales, nervously*

*The door bangs louder and louder and louder, until Marjorey runs towards the door and answers it*

Marjorey - “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” *she sees nobody is there* “What the…”

*Smoke slowly starts to fill the room, as the door closes by itself. Marjorey quickly starts to realize what is happening*

Marjorey - “Guys…”


*Eden sighs, as Tlaloc takes his gun out*

*Some invisible force knocks the gun out of Tlaloc’s hand and kicks it under the table*

Tlaloc - “WHAT THE HELL…”

Eden - “... guys, I think Jade might be here.” *runs into the cabinet, takes a fan out, along with some flour. He rips open the flour bag and turns the fan on, and dumps out all the flour so it’d spread all over the room* “Everyone, watch your eyes.”

*Marjorey ducks down, and quickly sees the figure of Jade, who sighs and comes back into her original form*

*Tlaloc runs over to get his gun, as Eden turns on his flashlight*

Jade, to Marjorey - “You killed my best friend” *runs towards Marjorey, does a backflip and kicks Marjorey in the face*

*Marjorey fights back, landing a few punches and kicks Jade in the gut, but Jade, mostly unphased, knees Marjorey in the stomach, and takes a knife out*

*The smoke reaches the fan and starts spreading throughout the room*

*Eden starts coughing but runs over to open a window*

*Tlaloc, smoke and flour in his eyes, struggles to find his gun*

Marjorey, fighting back against Jade - “PLEASE, BACK OFF.” *punches Jade in the face, breathing heavily*

Jade - “This. Is for. Kitana.” *slashes and stabs at Marjorey, who deflects most of them, but gets her forearm sliced*

Marjorey - “SCREW YOU.” *kicks Jade in the face, and quickly starts to form a clone*

Jade, holding her face - “Ugh, your clone shit? Really?” *quickly stabs the clone in the face before it can fully form, and slices at Marjorey’s neck, missing by millimeters, before a gunshot is fired, and shoots the lamp by Jade’s head*

*Jade and Marjorey turn towards the sound of the gunfire, seeing Tlaloc turn his gun towards Jade’s head*

Tlaloc - “I never miss a shot. I also don’t WANT to shoot you. But if you don’t get out, I will do it.”

Jade - “Go ahead.” *raises her knife in the air and turns towards Marjorey, but suddenly she just stops*

*Tlaloc, who was about to pull the trigger, looks shocked, almost as shocked as Marjorey does*

*Tlaloc turns his head towards Eden, whose eyes are devoid of color, and is just staring blankly ahead*

*Jade, who is seemingly non responsive, puts her knife down and simply walks out of the apartment, closing the door on her way out*

*Marjorey locks the door, confused*


*Marjorey sits down against the door, breathing heavily*

Tlaloc - “Well… that happened.”

*Marjorey nods, tears filling her eyes*


*Jade suddenly regains consciousness, confused as to why she is lying in her bed, covered in flour*

Jade - “Did I do it…?” *notices the flour* “What the hell happened…”


*Hurricane is brought in by Gia Versace and Eros*

Magnus - “Is he still breathing?”

Gia Versace - “Hardly.”

Darkadia - “Does anyone have healing powers?”

Gia Versace - “I hardly even know half of your names, nevertheless your powers.”

*Hydra walks in with Dark Shadow, Poison Whisper and Spine Striker by her side*

Dark Shadow - “Are we going to pretend that didn’t just happen?”

Hydra - “I was kind of planning on it.”

Poison Whisper - “No. Seriously. What the hell was that?”

Darkadia - “If it isn’t time pressing, we have a situation here. Hurricane is, like, dead.”

*Poison Whisper, Spine Striker and Dark Shadow are visibly shocked, as Hydra awkwardly turns away, to avoid looking at Hurricane*

*Jade walks in, discombobulates and slightly confused*

Hydra - “What’s up with you?”

Jade - “I—— have no clue.”

Gia Versace - “Are you covered in flour?”

Jade - “I… think so.”

Gia Versace - “Cool.”

Darkadia - “Can ANYONE do ANYTHING to help this man?”

*Hurricane starts to regain consciousness*

*Hydra gasps, concerned*

Hurricane - “Huh…?”

Magnus - “Don’t move, Hurricane. Where’s Kano?”

*Eros and Gia Versace exchange a glance*

Magnus - “What?”

Gia Versace - “We have no idea.”

Darkadia - “So… you went out to bring this man back alive and came back with him on the verge of dying and a missing member?”


Eros - “That is one way to look at it, yes.”

*Gia Versace rolls her eyes*

Jade notices Hurricane - “Oh my god. Is he dead?”

Hurricane, groaning - “Uh…”

Gia Versace - “He’s hanging in there.”

Jade - “We need to get his sons here. They deserve a chance to say goodbye.”

Magnus - “Well, I don’t think anybody has them on speed dial.”

Jade - “Someone should go to the Protectors building…”

Magnus - “And who better than the former Protector.”


Jade - “Or we could send a note or something.”

Poison Whisper - “No.. I’ll go. I have a message for my son anyway.”

*Jade exhales in relief*


*Europa is sitting at his desk, when Poison Whisper walks in. Europa stands up in shock*

*Sensor and Vexell run over, quickly being defensive*

Sensor - “Who are you?”

Europa - “It’s my mother… but why are you here?”

Poison Whisper - “I have a message for the sons of Hurricane.”

*Dark Storm and Light Storm walk over, confused*

Poison Whisper - “He is in bad physical condition. Some type of injury to the skull. If you want to say anything to him, he could be dying. You should go.”

*Dark Storm and Light Storm look visibly shocked*

Violeta walks over - “How do we know this isn't a trap?”

Poison Whisper - “Honestly… if you guys don’t want to go say something to your dying father, I couldn’t care less. If you think it’s a trap, good for you. I’m just here to send that message. It makes no difference to my life whether you go or not. I do want to say something to my son, though.”

*Europa walks over to Poison Whisper*

Europa - “What are you doing here, mom?”

Poison Whisper - “Let’s go to another room.”

Vyx - “Europa!”

*Europa turns to Vyx*

Vyx - “Don’t do anything stupid.”

*Saint nervously frowns*

Europa - “I’ll be right back.” *walks into another room with Poison Whisper*

Alexa Rose - “That can’t be good.”

Sensor - “It never is.”

*Dark Storm walks towards the door*

Light Storm - “Where are you going?”

Dark Storm - “To see my father. I know where he is. I don’t think she lied. I think he’s there. And if it’s a trap, I can handle it. Are you coming or not?”

Light Storm - “I guess…. what are you going to say to him?”

Dark Storm - “What I’ve been wanting to say to him my whole life.”

*Dark Storm leaves, and Light Storm follows*

Violeta - “Wai-“

*The door is already closed before Violeta can say anything, she starts to walk towards the door but is stopped by Saint*

Saint - “Don’t. He can handle himself. You’ll be here for when he gets back.”

Violeta - “If he comes back.”


*Europa is faced with Poison Whisper*

Poison Whisper - “Noah.”

Europa - “What. Do you. Want?”

Poison Whisper - “I know we didn’t leave things on good terms...”

Europa - “The abandonment and neglect of your child isn’t good terms to you?”

Poison Whisper - “That isn’t exactly what happened, though.”

Europa - “What happened then, mother?”

Poison Whisper - “You wanted to use your power for some vigilante justice bullshit. I didn’t want to be involved for when that blew up in your face.”

Europa - “So you left me behind and left me alone. You brainwashed my own sister against me. Only to become a vigilante villain yourself.”

Poison Whisper - “I only joined the other team when I heard you were becoming a Protector. You know the harm they do.”

Europa - “You’re delusional.”

Poison Whisper - “Come on, son. You know you’re not a good guy. And you know these Protectors don’t care about you.”

Europa - “And you do?”

Poison Whisper - “I’m not going to stand here and listen to you calling me a bad mother. You know nothing about parenthood.”

Europa - “Okay. Don’t stand here and listen then. Go away. I don’t want to see you ever again.” *walks out of the room and slams the door*

*Poison Whisper sighs and leaves the building*

*Vyx hugs Europa*

Vyx - “Are you okay?”

Europa - “No.”

Saint - “What did she want?”

Europa - “To take me back to the dark side. I never want to go back.”

*Vyx and Saint share a nervous glance*


*Dark Storm and Light Storm walk in, and are quickly led by Jade to Hurricane’s body. Who is now lying in a bed*

Jade - “We’ll give you two some time.” *leaves the room and closes the door*

*Dark Storm and Light Storm stare at him*

Hurricane, out of breath and stuttering - “My sons. Have you come to accept my offer?”

Dark Storm - “No. We came to say goodbye.”

Hurricane - “You must be mad. I’m not going anywhere. I will be okay.”

Light Storm - “No. You won’t be.”

*Dark Storm and Light Storm join hands and with their other hand they start to move their fingers around his chest*

*Hurricane starts to sit up when lighting bolts start jolting into his body, jolting him back*

Hurricane - “AH…”


Dark Storm - “You can’t manipulate us anymore.”

*The lightning jolts through Hurricane’s veins, his eyes now a glowing silver color, and suddenly he just blows up*

*The explosion was so effective that the apartment walls starts to fall apart, and before they even realize it, the building is collapsing around them*

Light Storm - “SHIT, WE GOTTA GO.”


*The Reaper walks in, quickly approaching X*

X - “What are you doing here?”

The Reaper - “PyroBolt is outside so if you try to run he will just kill you.” *locks the door behind him* “We are here to discuss the future of your leadership.”

X - “Oh, really?”

The Reaper - “Yep.”

X - “Get out of my apartment this second.”

The Reaper - “No. You are simply unfit. You’re a child. An unstable, emotional child. If you want your plans to be executed correctly, you need someone who is an actual adult. Someone like me.”

X - “You almost got killed by a girl who can talk to grass. You aren’t going to be the strong leader my team needs.”

The Reaper - “I think MY team would disagree.”

X - “Your team? You and PyroBolt?”

The Reaper - “They don't know it yet, but I will be the better leader. The best leader The X’ers have EVER had.”

X - “Oh, and how do you assume you’ll become the leader? I’m not giving my title up.”

*The Reaper takes out his knife*

The Reaper - “I didn’t plan on you doing that.”

*The Reaper goes to stab him, but X holds up his hand and The Reaper stops in his path, unable to move*

X - “The good thing about never being able to use your power is… you have a lot of time for practice.” *he moves his fingers in a motion that causes the knife to be ripped out of The Reaper’s hands and thrown out a window* “I could just kill you now, but… I don’t think that’d be a fitting enough punishment.” *he lifts his arm up again, and The Reaper is levitating in the air, X starts to turn and The Reaper follows his movement, until he is thrown into a closet* “Maybe this will give you a chance to think about what you have done.” *The closet door is slammed shut, and locked, with The Reaper in it*


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