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0Q: Lucy Hale or Shay Mitchell?

asked by Brayden_

I’m gonna say Shay. She was better on PLL and I’ve watched more of her outside project from PLL than I have Lucy. But it’s mostly equal.

0Q: what would be kaseyhope101's drug policy?

asked by Brayden_

Don’t do them!

10Q: Natalie Portman's best performance?

asked by Brayden_

I personally think Jackie, but Black Swan was her most, like, memorable and deserved every bit of attention it received. Closer was an iconic performance too - more questions should be about Natalie Portman

0Q: Now for the million dollar question. Your favorite Taylor Swift song

asked by Steven999

All Too Well, easily

0Q: Am I iconic

asked by Burgerman2929292

Ur a burger

0Q: Opinion hmmm

asked by Steven999

You’re mostly pretty great! I mostly like you, you’re a +

0Q: What's your favorite thing about Tengaged? 🤔

asked by TR1364

Honestly just my friends and group games the main reasons I haven’t quit yet! Used to be blogs but that’s sort of slowed down for me a bit I stopped caring because I don’t have much in common with a lot of these people

0Q: What's your favorite makeup brand?

asked by kasey2011

Hmu if you want to talk about this type of stuff!

My skype is my username

0Q: When’s B.B. premiere?

asked by Latisha0987

Tonight @ 7 pm est.

0Q: favorite bb player?

asked by MrBird

Of all time? Daniele Donato

This season? Kaitlyn Herman

-5Q: What is your purpose on Earth?

asked by QuantumLeap

I really don’t know if I have one

12Q: whos your favorite this season of big brother?

p.s I love your Jessica dress!

asked by Sameed27

At this moment in time it’s Kaitlyn, but i’m still getting vibes from most.. and thank you!

-1Q: What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

asked by Robbyjak

Jesus Christ go fuck yourself

0Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by GoodKaren

Yes, a cat!

0Q: Whose your best friend? :)

asked by Obstreperous

On tengaged i assume? On my friends list? DJ2722.. realistically that’s completely false, but ya know certain people think it’s okay to downgrade and move me down as if they’re the center of the universe and I’ll just sit quietly and let that happen, so..: ya know things change, people change, and if you want to play games, I’ll happily end them!

0Q: #getridoftherats

asked by JonMcGillis

I hate rats

2Q: Vote for me in Stars!

asked by AdamLovesEverything

I’m all good, thanks for asking tho!

0Q: How do I make my son's Minecraft game safe for people of the Jewish faith?

asked by Marktint_1

Idk don’t get your son Minecraft

0Q: you have to cast cbb2 in the next 3 minutes!  go!

asked by Zuelke

Tonya Harding
Uh uh uh.... Patti LaBelle
Lisa Rinna
Molly Bloom
Bristol Palin

0Q: Will u marry me

asked by TotsTrashy


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