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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Deal or No Deal Guide

1stJan 29, 2024 by Jogon
Hey everyone I just wanted to share some tips and tricks to do well in Deal or No Deal.

There's some important information so please pay attention. Know when to take the Deal and when to push.


Wtf lol, king
Sent by Danteman453pls,Jan 29, 2024
Sent by daveycool,Jan 29, 2024
Sent by Harehere,Jan 29, 2024
Sent by itspipez,Jan 29, 2024
Sent by Johneh,Jan 29, 2024
Fuck it I'm gonna take the million
Sent by Johneh,Jan 29, 2024
Sent by FarManu,Jan 29, 2024
Sent by moup94,Jan 29, 2024
Oh you ate
Sent by harrywasnak,Jan 29, 2024
He cooked, served, & ate it all! Jogon the Deal or No Deal king!!! 馃暫馃檶
Sent by Vicey,Jan 29, 2024
It really is a strategic game.
Sent by Admir,Jan 29, 2024
you ate that
Sent by Thiii,Jan 29, 2024
Marry me
Sent by IanVivor,Jan 29, 2024
Shouldve taken the deal
Sent by disneygeek,Jan 29, 2024
see this is a video that could've helped you gain stars support
Sent by AustinRules6969,Jan 29, 2024
tried and and scored 400.00! wow thanks so much!
Sent by Timberlie,Jan 29, 2024
Wait do it again I wasnt paying attention
Sent by CheapCheep,Jan 29, 2024
AustinRules6969 if only I could have vlogged on my own account during that week!
Sent by Jogon,Jan 29, 2024
jogon more like joe mama
Sent by avenly,Jan 29, 2024
Please tell me you recorded this every time you played deal until you got the million i love it HAHA
Sent by mikec51,Jan 29, 2024
mikec51 One take - one shot!
Sent by Jogon,Jan 29, 2024
Im impressed!
Sent by mikec51,Jan 29, 2024
join this week this blog is taking you the whole way
Sent by AustinRules6969,Jan 29, 2024
+++++++++++++ myth
Sent by Almeida008,Jan 30, 2024
that鈥檚 all you gotta do. Me with my 10 final cases all being under 1000.
Sent by Blixa,Jan 30, 2024

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