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Just some tidbits for my castmates

20thMar 9, 2024 by Jogon
Marilise - We didnt get to talk but I hope you are doing okay! Alibonico told us you were in the hospital <3 robbed
happy202 - my lovely friend I'm so sorry we didn't get to work together in this game. you were a big target :( robbed
johnny5599 - my buddy! I'm so glad we got to play for a day. robbed
Carson86pierce - you seemed really cool I wish we coulda played some video games. robbed
Sam_Hamwich - I hope the rest of softball season goes well for you guys. so glad we got to connect in this game. Robbed also sorry i thought u leaked when it was Mello
MelloJello - We were the OGs and it was so fun getting to know u. Love your jacket! Not cool to leak! but robbed
antonb - Seeing you go up was tough for me but I'm glad we got to play a little bit together again. You had some allies!! robbed
bonifacino - I know you were busy and had a lot to do. You me and johnny could have slayed if the beginning was different :( Lots of love. Robbed
jojo_strawberree - you were kind but then stopped responding. I wish we got to talk more! Robbed
bernard_sanders - thank you for your service
Runaways - You are crazy and i love you. You had so much strategy in you. Robbed
Emmett4 - You were cool. I need some of what you're smokin! haha Robbed
lex13579 - I'm so glad we got  to talk in this game. I need an update in your next steps!! Robbed

yoko_homo - you are wild and so strong! I hope that you continue stay true to yourself- Robbed
flashwoods - Love your spirit and eagerness to learn. You truly played hard in this game! - Robbed

Jogon - ilu <3 Bless you and stay strong Tangrowth!


Hugs 鉂わ笍

Also ily doing one on yourself lmao
Sent by Lex13579,Mar 9, 2024
The tribute to yourself im screaming
Sent by FlashWoods,Mar 9, 2024
Also not thank you for your service 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Sent by FlashWoods,Mar 9, 2024
Sent by Happy202,Mar 9, 2024
Sent by AntonB,Mar 9, 2024
not the hospital lmao
Sent by Marilise,Mar 10, 2024
Sent by Emmett4,Mar 10, 2024

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