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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Sum me + Save me Vlogs Nominated for 5th

1stMar 8, 2024 by Jogon
Okay after my Million dollar case I need to show you how good I am at Sum Me

And with that I'm nominated for 5th place. This game has been tough and fun but I'm ready to get to the end! Please save me and give me another push. I truly appreciate all the support from the tengaged community. You guys give me laughs when I need them and I hope I can provide you with some fun banter!

Please save me and click Emmett's button!


Best of luck babe
Sent by johnny5599,Mar 8, 2024
watching you play sum me is painful but ily friend
Sent by moup94,Mar 8, 2024
Sent by mrkkkkyle,Mar 8, 2024
King of sum
Sent by Yoko_Homo,Mar 8, 2024
Sent by IMon,Mar 9, 2024
Sent by daveycool,Mar 9, 2024
Sent by AliBonico,Mar 9, 2024
Sent by Obscure,Mar 9, 2024

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