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BB19 Quick Cast Assesment

Jun 19, 2017 by Jimmytv
Tea : Jessica is winning
Cameron reminds me of Steve, so bye
Raven's favorite houseguest is Frankie. What a flop. Bitch bye.
Dominique is a recruit and will probably flop like Zakiyah
Christmas is a strong ass bitch like Da'vonne but she'll not do well because jealous and petty cunts will be scared of her
Matthew is HOT and different he's my fave
Elena is here for the instagram followers gurl bye bye
Jason is gonna be disgusting as fuck
Mark is boring he's the new Corey ughhh
Megan will be on the block literally every week
Josh most obvious first boot ever.
Cody is sexy I approve of this
Alex doesn't know shit about this game dumbbbb
Jillian will be fan fav or will flop completely
Kevin is daddy and wins All Stars S20
Ramses will either be our typical gay annoying famewhores or he will be the gay we deserved


Sent by Jimmytv,Jul 18, 2017

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