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Jun 12, 2017 by Jimmytv
Some bitches are about to go DOWN.

Kayleygh of whatever her dumb name is, is a famewhore two faced bitch wannabe reality star and she needs to GO. Keep your hair to yourself nasty cunt

CHANELLE IS A G-O-D-D-E-S-S. Literally everyone including myself judged her at first but she's the most real bitch up in this bitch. And that's the true tea.

Arthur is creepy and gross. I'd feel so uncomfortable living with this pig I'd probably quit

Suckvinder is so extra but she's not afraid of giving her opinions and tbh we need someone like that every season whether we like that person or not

Raph has disgusting opinions that's why I'll never pay one motherfucking cents to vote for him, but I can give him the benefit of the doubt, since he's relatable. I'll try to forget that he supports Trump but boo boo I'm watching you

Deborah and Hannah are annoying but they're against Arthur so that's enough for me to like them

Imran is irrelevant and needs to grow some balls ASAP or he'll go home pretty soon bye Felicia

Mandy was ROBBED because Tom is scared of her. You made the wrong choice and mark my word you will regret it.

Tom is the worst person in that house by far. Biggest cunt hands down. Mandy spilled the tea about him and he will get exposed mark my words.

Rebecca doesn't even deserve my attention. She is worthless. #GETREBECCAOUT.

Lotan seems to be funny and likable, and not just a body. He'll probably disappoint me later on like every other fuckboys but as of right now he's fine and hot as hell

Kieran is boring.

Charlotte is a smart girl. She could either be an absolute queen and win my heart, or be a flip floppy weak ass bitch if she gives Tom the time of the day. We'll see.

Joe is ok.


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