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Caleb just said

12thFeb 9, 2017 by Jimmytv
Sandra didn't do shit in her 2 seasons?
Boy what did YOU do? Stalk and harass a woman? Being in a gaymance? Having your weak ass evacuated? smh
Even Sierra Dawn Thomas is a game changer compared to you


Sent by karim,Feb 9, 2017
I never saw her original but to be fair, he's toooo right about heroes vs. villains. 14 year old me was like wtf.

All I can member her doing is being worthless w/ Courtney & taking bout their armpit hair
Sent by Skyler_TW,Feb 9, 2017
Skyler_TW rewatch the season and tell me if she still did nothing after surviving that Villains tribe and making finals over Jerri and stopping an all male alliance from forming. Also her original season she was AMAZING, no one seems to remember it bc ppl like complaining. She also has only received 1 vote against her throughout BOTH seasons she played.
Sent by BrendaMeekz,Feb 9, 2017
BrendaMeekz *thinks of everything Russell & Parvati did*
Sent by Skyler_TW,Feb 9, 2017
Skyler_TW FTC is not a resume or "who did the most" contest, and from what you're saying you don't see that. It's a social game, and Sandra played it well, she set herself up for an easy win and even strategic players like Russell & Parvati fell straight into her trap handing her the second win.
Sent by ThePug,Feb 9, 2017
ThePug put it perfectly. Survivor is not about playing the best game. It's about making it to finals and making sure people are willing to hand you a million dollars more than the people sitting next to you. Two things Sandra excels at.
Sent by DumbGinger,Feb 9, 2017
Caleb's a game changer of almost being the first person to die on set
Sent by LoopyCoco1,Feb 10, 2017

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