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The Bachelor Ranking

Feb 4, 2017 by Jimmytv
1) Corinne : She's so hated but to me she's hilarious and just don't give a fuck. She's not mean to any of the other girls so I don't know why she's that hated. She's entertaining and has great confessionals. #CORINNEFORPRESIDENT #CORINNEFORBACHELORINPARADISE

2) Rachel : If she's not the next bachelorette I'm not watching these shows anymore. I don't want her to win because she's too good for Nick.

3) Alexis : Very funny and made an hilarious first impression, should have more airtime tbh.

4) Raven : Her accent is annoying but she's quirky and can be funny in a weird way. Good narrator.

5) Jaimi : Not very relevant but she seems very nice and genuine.

6) Vanessa : She's fake as fuck and only has a good edit because she's gonna win. But she seems like a strong woman who is not afraid to voice her opinion to Nick so I don't hate her.

7) Josephine : Because she's on Corinne's side

8) Jasmine : Can be funny but is too extra

9) Kristina : Liked her until she sheeped the other and came for Corinne. Big mistake girl.

10) Danielle M : Boring.

11) Whitney : Who ?

12) Danielle L : She's so phony. Doesn't have a personality at all.



Jasmine is #1
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Feb 4, 2017

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