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My Game Changers ideal bootlist

Feb 16, 2017 by Jimmytv
20th - Ozzy : Med evac because he's not in shape anymore. After that his Survivor journey will probably be over thank god.

19th - Caleb : Voted off unanimously. He has the humiliation to be the first voted off and to have never survived a single tribal. Sandra humiliates him on twitter after the episode airs.

18th - Tai : Got caught playing all sides and being a flipper. Has no airtime at the reunion.

17th - Brad : Voted off by a girl alliance and while his snuff is torched Michaela screams "Fuck you Brad Cullpepper"

16th - Sarah : Tony blindsides her again.

15th - Troyzan : Thought he had the game but a girl backstabs him again.

14th - Varner : Doesn't make the jury again.


13th - Ciera : Plays too hard right from the start of the merge.

12th - JT : Cirie got her revenge and got him out.

11th - Malcolm : Idoled out by Andrea.

10th - Zeke : Picked the wrong rock. Ironic and iconic considered what happened last season.

9th - Aubry :  Tony last man standing but has an idol and idols out Aubry.

8th - Sandra : Too big of a threat. They're not dumb so they vote her off but she still made it extremely far considered the target she had on her back.

7th - Andrea gets 7th again.

6th - Hali : Was the villain strategist of the season but finally get caught.

5th - Michaela : Finally loose an immunity after winning 7 in a row

4th - Sierra the robbed goddess of the season and now considered a game changer by everyone


3rd - Debbie : 0 vote.

Tony and Cirie tied with 5 votes each and I don't care who wins.



Sandra better make final 3 instead of Tony
Sent by Steven999,Feb 16, 2017
I wanna be a little realistic lol Steven999
Sent by Jimmytv,Feb 16, 2017
This is perfect
Sent by Vause,Feb 16, 2017

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