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Fasting 19/08/2023 Aug 22, 2023
Hey everyone

Another day another Frookies has been completed and I actually cannot believe that I won this one...but here's my review of the game (will post in the game also)...

Game plan at the beginning was to speak to a few of the players who seemed funny and active in the comments section - includng TylerG, Jojo, Barbie and Chief..

15th princesspretty - didn't speak to this player during the game
14th Royaltyy - spoke briefly but didn't really have a gameplan and went afk
13th Kiki4ever - didn't speak to this player during the game
12th Marilila - didn't speak to this player during the game
11th victoriaclark12 - spoke to her briefly during the game but not really sure what her gameplan was...

With the Top 10, I had a feeling that there were definitely some little groups forming - I knew that Barbie and Jojo were working together, Ambrosia was inactive and then ended up joining late to the game... I was planning a final 3 with Tyler and Chief but then Chief went inactive so wasn't sure what happened there, so kind of tried to stay on good terms with everyone left in the game

At this point in the game, Barbie and Jojo were definitely working together and I wasn't sure if our final 4 plan with Tyler was still going to happen... Barbie knew that I was working with Tyler so I ended up on the evictin block with Tyler... and sadly he was evicted from the game, and I had no idea how the rest of the game was going to go from here...

10th ikaw0ng - didn't speak to this player during the game / inactive
9th tylerg - had a final 2 from the beginning, nice guy from the US but lost him because of tactics from another mini team
8th Lopsided  - didn't speak to this player during the game / inactive
7th acergin  - didn't speak to this player during the game / inactive
6th cheatarama -  - didn't speak to this player during the game / inactive

The final 5 which included myself, Jojo, Barbie, Chief and Ambrosia was a bit of a tough crowd to try and please so I made sure I was friendly with everyone...

Jojo suggested trying to evict Barbie as she was too active in the main chat and she would easily get to the final, so she was our next target!

5th Barbiecute - great player and very active (and funny), stayed loyal until final 5 and then needed to remove her from the game otherwise the other 4 would have to battle for 2 spaces in the final, so she was basically everyone's target...
4th jojo_strawberree - also a great player, stuck with him through the entire game but had Chief and Ambrosia who voted for him to be evicted, so remained loyal until final 4

Myself, Chief and Ambrosia ended up as the final three and Chief explained that he was happy I was able to keep him in the game and that I remained loyal to him...

3rd ambrosia - active player through the second half of the game so that's why they placed 3rd I think...
2nd ChiefWeasel - active player throughout the game but disappeared a little bit. Was great to play with you and have that f3 secured at the end (with Ambrosia / Tyler...I wasn't to go against you because Tyler said he trusted you also)

1st - Myself! I got the 2nd veto of the game and 2 vetos towards the end of the game when I needed it the most, and thankfully that was enough to for me to take the win!

It was a great game and I enjoyed playing with everyone! Will probably join a fastings within the next year lol... Take care all!
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Played my first 'Frookies' Jun 20, 2021
Hey all,

I've only played 'Fastings' and 'Castings' on here...until yesterday. I joined a 'Frookies' (because why not, it's Saturday so I got bored lol) and I ended up coming 3rd??

From beginning to end I was very confused and I didn't realise how fast the game was, so sorry for anybody I was ignoring or replying slowly to. I had no f2 or f3 deals with anyone, but tried to become friendly with as many of the players as possible which seemed to work in my favour...

At the beginning of the game I received messages from 4/5 players saying 'Hey' and I just thought to stay on good terms with everyone - mainly Masta, Bam, Dev and New and they all seemed to stick by me which was good...

After losing fabianoo and DaddyDev at 12th, I was like 'Erm, now who do I work with...I don't know anybody??'... Ayleah and Scooby69 were next to be evicted (and to be honest they were both inactive) and everyone's target seemed to be Mexash - he messaged me and said 'hope we can work together' but I'm guessing he sent this to everyone, so I just voted to evict him like everyone else (Sorry!)

Final 8... JohnPopper was next to go, followed by DripTeeJay...

By this point I was told there were a few f2's (including Bam and Alvino) and although Alv nominated me, I saved myself from veto and was assured that we could be a f3 and then idk who would have won (probably not me!)... Alvino got 6th (RIP) and NewHorizons 5th as I went AFK at this point and didn't manage to save him from the block;
'Day9 POV IsThatBrandon didn't save anybody from the block'

So basically, I made the final 4 and was very confused how I survived this long...and by this point I was digging into my chicken, rice and vegetables so I didn't see any messages from anyone (whoops!)

'Day10 HOH MastaManipulator_11 has nominated yswimmer96 and IsThatBrandon
Day10 POV Bambino has selected: 3rd IsThatBrandon and 4th yswimmer96, now jury must select the winner'

Direct messages received:

Jun 19, 2021 12:16:32
(I was afk so only saw this after you got evicted, wish I could have got to that final 2)

Jun 19, 2021 12:47:22
>You should vote for Masta to win
(I voted for Bam to win because she was the first person to reach out to me at the beginning...)

Jun 19, 2021 12:49:16
Reasons why i deserve your vote
> Hey Brandon! I think i played a great game. Part of my game was making you believe you were my target but you never were.
When i nommed you i publicly said u were the target but i gathered the votes to get alvino out.

Bambino clearly evicted you because she’s bestfriends with alvino..
Please vote for me here as i kept you safe.

I would love to work with you in future games.
(Honestly, you saved my as* like 3 times and could have easily evicted me at the beginning...I did vote to evict you against Dev, but then stuck by you the rest of the game! I wish me you, Bam and Alv would have had a f4 (or even me you Bam and yswim) and then see who would have stayed loyal to who - because I know for sure, I would have let the 3 of you get to the final and I would have happily taken 4th! You placed 2nd which was great, but I didn't speak to you for the first part of the game and was being told lots of different information from people, I didn't know what to believe - but I definitely trusted you a little more after Mex got evicted!)

Jun 19, 2021 15:31:00
Brandon ❤️
> I tried to get you in the finals but you left the game and stopped playing, it could’ve been me and you! But vote for me to win king ❤️
(Your wish is my command <3)

Day11 Jury has selected Bambino as the winner.
Points: 95 6 comments's me Jun 12, 2021
Wow I haven't been on Tengaged for a long time and that is because I am a recent University Graduate and I've been looking for full time opportunities since October/November 2020 when I quit my admin role in a construction company (as I have no knowledge about construction lol) and the role ended up becoming more and more stressful. I was also being paid a really low salary so I had to leave after a month.

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to check in and see who's still been active on TG, what people have been upto and I'd love to try and come back at some point to play some games with you all again (or at least feel like part of the community again)...

I was also *thinking* that if people in the TG wanted to, I could interview some of you for my blog (as that's what I will be primarily focusing on in the coming weeks, months and years, as a creative...especially as there's a lot of people on here who aren't in the UK which is there I am from!).

I thought I'd also update you all and say that I have FINALLY found myself a full time job and I am very excited to announce I go permanent on 28th June (which is in around 2 weeks). My 110% focus is now on this, so I probably will go afk once again, so hello and goodbye lol...but I won't be deleting my account!

My socials are linked in my bio for anyone who wants to stay connected, chat, rant or just catch up with life over the last year during corona! (And anyone who wants to be interviewed or write anything for my blog, message me somewhere lol).

Ok so yeah, I'm going offline again but thanks to anyone who has been supporting me throughout my time on here and just in general

Shoutout to all my mains since I started playing this game:
liamwd18 ThatTallKid UnknownShady Tammy2144 TheKevmiester _Adidas_ Seann tokio Kiara_xoxo KrisStory quackattack817 brandonpinzu RyKook133 DanyViso24 jonny29 SaskiaRae

Peace out and stay safe! Sending my love, wishes and prayers to everyone during this coronavirus pandemic and hopefully the world goes back to some form of 'normal' in the near future!

Brandon x
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1st Tengaged Birthday Mar 20, 2021
Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in and say that I've played 5 Tengaged games so far! Came 13th and 14th at the beginning, came 4th in a game I forgot I entered and won my first fastings with Seann (2nd) and Yawnha (3rd) who were both amazing players!

It's my birthday in real life on 15th April, and I want to try and celebrate that with whoever feels like they need to celebrate! I'd love to start making new friends & *hopefully* winning more games! I hope I've made a good impression so far, and just remember that at the end of the day it's only a game, so don't be too upset if you get evicted as you can always play again!

Take care all, I'll be back soon!
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HELLO! Mar 17, 2021
Hey everyone! My name is Brandon and I'm new to the Tengaged community (Surely it couldn't only be me who thought this website was called 'teen gagged', but my friend told me this is a Big Brother inspired website...and I'm here to make new friends, speak to new people and see what this game is all about!

I'm a Media Graduate from London (United Kingdom) and happy to make friends with almost anyone! Just be nice and don't be a creep lol!
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