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Fasting 19/08/2023

Aug 22, 2023 by IsThatBrandon
Hey everyone

Another day another Frookies has been completed and I actually cannot believe that I won this one...but here's my review of the game (will post in the game also)...

Game plan at the beginning was to speak to a few of the players who seemed funny and active in the comments section - includng TylerG, Jojo, Barbie and Chief..

15th princesspretty - didn't speak to this player during the game
14th Royaltyy - spoke briefly but didn't really have a gameplan and went afk
13th Kiki4ever - didn't speak to this player during the game
12th Marilila - didn't speak to this player during the game
11th victoriaclark12 - spoke to her briefly during the game but not really sure what her gameplan was...

With the Top 10, I had a feeling that there were definitely some little groups forming - I knew that Barbie and Jojo were working together, Ambrosia was inactive and then ended up joining late to the game... I was planning a final 3 with Tyler and Chief but then Chief went inactive so wasn't sure what happened there, so kind of tried to stay on good terms with everyone left in the game

At this point in the game, Barbie and Jojo were definitely working together and I wasn't sure if our final 4 plan with Tyler was still going to happen... Barbie knew that I was working with Tyler so I ended up on the evictin block with Tyler... and sadly he was evicted from the game, and I had no idea how the rest of the game was going to go from here...

10th ikaw0ng - didn't speak to this player during the game / inactive
9th tylerg - had a final 2 from the beginning, nice guy from the US but lost him because of tactics from another mini team
8th Lopsided  - didn't speak to this player during the game / inactive
7th acergin  - didn't speak to this player during the game / inactive
6th cheatarama -  - didn't speak to this player during the game / inactive

The final 5 which included myself, Jojo, Barbie, Chief and Ambrosia was a bit of a tough crowd to try and please so I made sure I was friendly with everyone...

Jojo suggested trying to evict Barbie as she was too active in the main chat and she would easily get to the final, so she was our next target!

5th Barbiecute - great player and very active (and funny), stayed loyal until final 5 and then needed to remove her from the game otherwise the other 4 would have to battle for 2 spaces in the final, so she was basically everyone's target...
4th jojo_strawberree - also a great player, stuck with him through the entire game but had Chief and Ambrosia who voted for him to be evicted, so remained loyal until final 4

Myself, Chief and Ambrosia ended up as the final three and Chief explained that he was happy I was able to keep him in the game and that I remained loyal to him...

3rd ambrosia - active player through the second half of the game so that's why they placed 3rd I think...
2nd ChiefWeasel - active player throughout the game but disappeared a little bit. Was great to play with you and have that f3 secured at the end (with Ambrosia / Tyler...I wasn't to go against you because Tyler said he trusted you also)

1st - Myself! I got the 2nd veto of the game and 2 vetos towards the end of the game when I needed it the most, and thankfully that was enough to for me to take the win!

It was a great game and I enjoyed playing with everyone! Will probably join a fastings within the next year lol... Take care all!


Is That Brandon?
Sent by Mexash,Aug 22, 2023
Sent by ikaw0ng,Aug 22, 2023
This a fasting it aint no frookies
Sent by ikaw0ng,Aug 22, 2023
Mexash - It sure is!
Sent by IsThatBrandon,Aug 22, 2023
ikaw0ng - Sorry I'm still a bit of a noob on this website to be honest but just edited my post ahahahhah
Sent by IsThatBrandon,Aug 22, 2023
Lolz I remember this
Sent by jojo_strawberree,Aug 22, 2023
Well I wasn't active so ofc u didn't speak to me. I didn't talk to anyone lol
Sent by Kiki4ever,Aug 22, 2023
jojo_strawberree Was a good game though! Stayed loyal to you until the end!
Sent by IsThatBrandon,Aug 23, 2023
Kiki4ever Was a fun game though! Your avi is cute though ahhaa
Sent by IsThatBrandon,Aug 23, 2023

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