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For every +5 (Vivor Rankings)

4thMar 3, 2018 by Birks4444
I'll reveal my Survivor Ghost Island Rankings for the Top 18 (in order from 18-1).
PYN to be tagged #Survivor

18 (+5): Donathon
I actually REALLY like Donathon's personality. He has a lot of potential to become a David (Millenial's vs Gen X) and become a massive strategic player. However, especially with a three tribe swap coming, the numbers are going to be 6-6-6 and no one will want to keep losing. Donathon is one of the physically weakest players left and hasn't built any key relationships in the game.

17 (+10): Angela
Like Donathon, Angela has potential to be Chrissy. I was super pumped to see her, knowing her army background would giver her the edge. However, Angela seems to be very anti-social and we barely heard any game talk from her. Additionally she sat out in a challenge. If her strongest aspect is her physical ability and she is already sitting out, I can't predict for her to succeed.

16 (+15): James
Yes, I know, some people may be shocked that James is this low. HOWEVER, his challenge performance last time was pretty lackluster, he hasn't made any real connections and recieved 1/4 of the votes last Tribal Council. He is also in the minority tribe going into the swap. Basically, he isn't doing good, but, will be seen as a threat anyway. He has high chances of being voted out.

15 (+20): Michael
Basically, the same review as James. The only thing that puts him higher, is that he didn't struggle in the challenge. He has not however, made any sort of arrangements to keep him safe with his own tribe, let alone Naviti. I could see him getting screwed over.

14 (+25): Libby
Libby was also invisible in the last two episodes, only saying a few words in group conversations. Other than that, she got no air time, no confessionals. She isn't the strongest in challenges and could easily be the safest vote off for anyone in the game. Gosh, I hope she doesn't get into a showmance.

13 (+30): Laurel
Again, this may be a massive shocker. Laurel did win the reward challenge for her tribe. Unfortunately, most pre merge boots now days, are physically weaker, strong mental players. Laurel fits exactly into that category. However, I do have hope, that Laurel can easily slide through into the Top 17.

12 (+35): Chelsea
Chelsea is quite hard to read. Her edit so far, has been less than desirable, but, she was pretty strong in the last challenge. I remember being impressed with her answers when talking with Erin and Andrea pregame. She seems to be quite strategic, but, I think her social game will falter. We'll have to see, but for now, i'll keep her in the middle of the pack.

11 (+40): Bradley
Bradley is very over-confident and knows this game well. Him being cocky can easily bite him in the butt, as he isn't the most athletic guy out there. However, he does seem to know when to open/close his mouth so that's good. He was invisible last episode, but he's on the majority tribe so I think he'll be fine for now.

10 (+45): Jenna
TBH, I found Jenna's personality quite boring. However, she seems to be well positioned within her tribe and has something going with Stephanie. She's pretty strong in challenges and I don't think she will turn into a Jacob. She keeps a straight face and makes a great alliance member. Pretty decent so far.

9 (+50): Morgan
I really enjoy Morgan and her personality. She did well last episode and I think she will make it far. She is strong in challenges and knows the game well enough to thrive. The preview shows that we'll get a little bit more from Morgan next episode, so i'm excited about that.

8 (+55): Kellyn
Like most of the other Naviti tribe women, Kellyn is a strong mental player. She lead her tribe to win the last immunity challenge. Kellyn is my favorite person out of this cast. As long as Kellyn continues to play a strong under the radar game, I think she will be unstoppable. For now, i'm not putting her too high because she isn't necessarily a physical beast.

7 (+60): Chris
While Chris' game hasn't started off amazingly, I think he's for sure going to make the merge purely because of his athleticism and good looks. These types of guys are always early merge boots. I think that if he keeps quiet and does his job in challenges he'll be fine. His beef with Domenick is keeping him here for now, though.

6 (+65): Brendan
Brendan, IMO had a good edit. He was strong in the challenges, not to shabby with the social game either. He is well positioned in the game and I think this swap will help him. The reason he isn't in the Top 5 is because he could've gotten blindsided with his closest ally nearly leaving last Tribal Council.

5 (+70): Sebastian
Ozzy 2.0 is golden this week. No one will want to get rid of a provider like Sebastian. I think he'll be safe all the way until mid-merge ish. Strong in challenges, formed something with Chris. I just hope he'll be able to step it up and prove that he's an all around good player.

4 (+75): Stephanie
Lets be real. Stephanie exceeded all my expectations and ran the Malolo tribe. She is liked by her entire tribe and has connections with Jenna and Donathon. My only worry is that she could be Ali-ed. She knows this game so well and was by far the player of the episode. I think she can get herself out of the situation if she happens to be stuck on the losing tribe in a minority alliance, which she won't be in.

3 (+80): Desiree
I have really high hopes for Desiree as she is one of my favorites. She won that last challenge for her tribe and seems to be in a golden position. Desiree can easily slide her way into the Top 3. She knows how and when to talk and has a soothing yet exciting personality that people will be attracted to. #TeamDesiree

2 (+85): Domenick
Let me be honest here. Domenick STUPIDLY told Chris about his fake "idol" which was pointless since he had the note of the real one anyway. He's part of the only pair that dislikes each other in the game. However, if this swap helps anyone, it's Domenick. I'm ranking based off who is the most safe going into the swap. Domenick has an idol, is on the majority tribe and I can't physically see him being the next boot.

1 (+90): Wendell
As of now, Wendell is my pick to win this season. He just has such a cool, calm and collected vibe. He's not the leader, but he knows when to speak up. The tribe was attracted to him immediately, talking about his profession and then he established a little something with Domenick and Bradley. Wendell is strong in challenges, thinks logically and has a great social game. Right now, the odds are in his favour.


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I hope they vote off the little crybaby soon Sob sob
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Morgan and Kellyn too low
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Lmao I really have a lot of haters. 56 votes and +175???
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