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Tengaged's Top 10 Europeans

2ndJul 30, 2012 by BengalBoy
imageThere's plenty of Americans and Canadians to make lists out of on Tengaged, but what about when we get to countries like Macedonia, Greece and Portugal, eh? Not so easy to whip up a top 10 there now, is it. That's why I've thrown together a Top 10 Tengaged Europeans for those who couldn't bust their way into the other lists. As voted for by the public, here they are, along with the country they're representing. (Note this is excluding people from the UK, people from ROI and people who don't live in European countries or are only European by heritage. Cuz then there's too facking many.)

10. joe1110 - Macedonia
The Macedonian Madman comes from the exotic Balkan country known for it's flag with a cheeky little sun on it. Joe really showed the sheer wit and intellect of the Macedonians when he managed to pull off an unnominated 3rd place in stars- even though he fucked off for a good 4 days, he had the game so well worked out it was on auto-pilot for him. Conquered it just like Alexander the Great conquered Macedonia.
"Macedonia? Is that some kind of McDonalds sandwich?" - tomhartnell the fat cunt

9. Bix123 - Croatia
The Crazy Croat comes from the home of such legends as Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and Djurdjica Bjedov. Despite being bullied for her Croatian descent by people like RasGrand, who claimed she comes from a nation where mediocrity is the national sport, Bix flies the Croatian flag loud and proud.
"Bix? More like Weetabix! Cuz she's so full of goodness! Bit of banter!" - dav_o_79

8. ricktworick1 - Poland
A cheeky Chinese boy living in Poland with the prestigious English name Rick T. Warwick I. What a conundrum! Nonetheless Mr Worick claims he feels Poland is his true home and where he belongs. Let's just not add the fact that he identifies with American hip-hop culture and his favourite food is Ghanian Soup!
"Mess with this pole, and you'll get hit with a pole!" - SuperFreak
Honorable Mention: MarekK27 - Also known as 'The Polish Experiment', Marek misses out on repping Poland due to the fact he now lives in Ireland. Nonetheless, a top Polish bloke.

7. Tottzi - Sweden
Repping the land of many tasty delicacies such as Swedish meatballs and fermented fish. Tottzi is known for his friendship with Jimmy Neutron lookalike @Tayvi and for his controversial bondage design, so it may be easy to miss the fact he's a Swede if not for the fact he stinks of surstromming.
"What a dangerous young man in that bondage gear! I'll be sure not to step on his Blue Swede Shoes roffle!" - zimdelinvasor
Honorable Mention: Crab - would be the top Swede if he hadn't fked Tengaged off #RIH

6. Akron - Portugal
The Easy Peasy Portuguesey confesses he feels more at home on than, but that doesn't make him any less of a Portuguese representative. Plus, he's more than welcome here, especially by gagaluv who held no bars in posting about what a hunk he was. He's been called The Portuguese Version of Sylar from Heroes and the exotic version of rapper Akon, but Akron's just your average Portugese guy having a bit of fun on Tengaged.
"A real crowd pleaser and a top Portugeezer." - Lamia

5. tymu888 - Estonia
Big Timmu is perhaps the only Estonian around on Tengaged, and has been known in the past for making alorra survivor merges with The Gifnor Tribe. Of course, when you come from a country with temperatures of -35C, it's no wonder you know a thing or two abar survival. Timmu shows just how tough yet friendly the Estonians can be.
"Fuck Knights of Cydonia, Tymu is a Knight of Estonia! Top respect!" - TheGoodMan

4. Chemicalali - Turkey
Turkey's a biv of a wildcard- is it in Europe? Or Asia? Either way I'm going with Europe for the sake of shoehorning another person into the list. Ali is a Turk who knows how to work. Work his stuff that is! In addition to a good honest stars win Ali is always spreading positive vibes around Tengaged and generally representing the Republic of Turkey well. Good on ya pal!
"Chemicalali is a real Turkish Delight!" - Maggie

3. Godrik - Romania
Known as Godrik the great communicator, use two sticks to make it in the nature. Godrik put Romania on Tengaged's radars when he became the first Romanian to hit TV star, a feat everyone believed he was the underdog in considering fellow Romanian Lexxu was the first to hit the big 1000 karma! Top Romanian, top respect.
"You could remove the 'rik' from his name and it'd still be appropriate!" - trishytrash

2. Akomes - Greece
Known initially as steevy, then coming back as Akomes and building up karma with 5 times the speed he did on his old account. Akomes has been in alorra controversy for camming with all the g*yboys and being a regular on The Monthly Wankers. However, behind it all he's just a cheeky young Greek man having some fun.
"Akomes is Greek and unique with a great physique, so to speak." - karim
Honorable Mention: TolisKalkas lives in America but his Greek heritage goes back further than the feud between The Blondetourage and The Late Night Crew.

1. lindb - Denmark
Known as The Great Dane, lindblad is a top name on Tengage for his antics such as always saying f***** (naughty naughty!), showing his knob to KingMac for a 1 in castings and being the first Tengager to get his name changed from lindblad to lindb. Ronnie happily represents Denmark, a nation known for um... And uh... What?
"This Dane really made a mark on Tengaged- pun intended!" - Sassy003


Im from Italy, where am I? =[
Sent by Lucinda,Jul 30, 2012
Sent by nelson1987911,Jul 30, 2012
Im from Italy, where am I? =[
Sent by Lucinda,Jul 30, 2012
Sent by bellajennaxo,Jul 30, 2012
Italy is in Europe?
Sent by nelson1987911,Jul 30, 2012
Yes Nelson1987911 =\
Sent by Lucinda,Jul 30, 2012
Sent by joe1110,Jul 30, 2012
Awwww thanks mateeee i love this one :D < 3
Sent by Chemicalali,Jul 30, 2012
Lucinda should be here tbh
Sent by iScotty,Jul 30, 2012
omg I am there
Sent by ricktworick1,Jul 30, 2012
Sent by TheGoodMan,Jul 30, 2012
HERE I AM! Finally! Thank you so much, Bengalboy! I wasn't expecting to be that high. :P
Sent by Akomes,Jul 30, 2012
bengalboy I am from Turkey too
Sent by Lamia,Jul 30, 2012
I say that all the time!
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Jul 30, 2012
BengalBoy I am in one of your blogs I FEEL RELEVANT< 3 lol thanks, I'm not croatin though
Sent by RasGrand,Jul 30, 2012
I haven't heard of some of these countries lol
Sent by 75937563748,Jul 30, 2012
Fuck I love it!
Sent by lindb,Jul 30, 2012
Wow....I didn't realize tengaged had taken the Eastern Bloc by storm.
Sent by cheznahuf,Jul 30, 2012
Sent by xXandytraicyXx,Jul 30, 2012
omg bengalboy im nr3 from europe :D:D
Sent by Godrik,Jul 30, 2012
Loves godrik :*
Sent by trishytrash,Jul 30, 2012
Sent by Chemicalali,Jul 30, 2012
Good ole lindb what a hunk!
Sent by sokerdude7,Jul 30, 2012
@chlicalali dont be a bad looser  :))
Sent by Godrik,Jul 30, 2012
chemicalali dont be a bad looser :))
Sent by Godrik,Jul 30, 2012
LOL are you drunk godrik loooooool
Sent by Chemicalali,Jul 30, 2012
chemicalali im a drunk :)))
Sent by Godrik,Jul 30, 2012
I KNEW godrik :)
Sent by Chemicalali,Jul 30, 2012
So gutted I'm not there, I'm Portuguese "/
Sent by iGoddess,Jul 30, 2012
LOL sorry Vanessa I always think of you as Welsh! iGoddess
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 30, 2012
You rock Dru!
Sent by egaga911,Jul 30, 2012
rock on evan \m/ egaga911
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 30, 2012
Really shows how diverse our little site can be :')
Sent by konohavillage1,Jul 30, 2012
I still remember when that happened to lindb.
Everyone was going fucking crazy LOL.
Sent by Austin,Jul 30, 2012
why arent I on it :( Im Bosnian :( BengalBoy
Sent by DiNoM,Jul 30, 2012
dinom Europeans living in America were excluded :P
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 30, 2012
Loves Akron and ricktworick1 to pieces =]
Sent by Bo_oM,Jul 30, 2012
LOL cheznahuf
Sent by Zurks,Jul 30, 2012
bluestar isn't on here?
Sent by snels66,Jul 30, 2012
Sent by dolphinsoccer4,Jul 30, 2012
wasnt that jessica1 from some weird country?
Finegold reppin Israel
nice collaboration of the UN dru dearest.
Karim should be there too.. lebanon!
Sent by Emmaleigh,Jul 30, 2012
Emmaleigh Israel and Lebanon aren't in Europe ;p
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 30, 2012
lol cool :)
Sent by Etienne,Jul 30, 2012
Are you gonna do a Asian edition XD
Sent by mattkwon1,Jul 31, 2012
Yay, I made something! LMFAO

And Chemicalali, we keep following each other... In games... And now apparently in lists too...
Sent by tymu888,Jul 31, 2012
tymu888 :)
Sent by Chemicalali,Jul 31, 2012
oh whoa Bengalboy ! ty! i had no clue about this blog!
and thank you Lamia and Bo_om ! :D :D :D
Sent by Akron,Aug 1, 2012
I am from Macedonia too
Sent by Kikorus,Nov 12, 2012

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