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2ndNov 6, 2019 by Anas
Watch Euphoria on HBO

Sent by FelipeS,Nov 6, 2019
Yikes on bikes
Sent by Bix123,Nov 6, 2019
Gift the man, he earned it! I forgot the prize was 1000T. I'm starting to have regrets now lol.
Sent by woeisme,Nov 6, 2019
u got 1000 t n are complaning about not getting a dumb gift... u ok?
Sent by Petro,Nov 6, 2019
Sent by Fetish,Nov 6, 2019
Perhaps you have missed the great opportunity you had to make a Zuelke-esque expose vlog
Sent by Fetish,Nov 6, 2019
Petro yes, because I earned it. Everyone in that game worked their ass off that week, like I said it’s not about the design, it’s about the principle.
Sent by Anas,Nov 6, 2019
Fetish Kris is a good guy, this is not really an exposè or shade to him. Just wanted to get his attention if anything.
Sent by Anas,Nov 6, 2019
Your first mistake was taking Kris' word.
Sent by zachbbs,Nov 6, 2019
Ew get your gift. That is not right.
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Nov 6, 2019
Edits go at the bottom of the blog not the top.
Took me forever to properly read this blog with. ✋🏻
Sent by FighterMan,Nov 7, 2019
Fighterman I want the top to be visible to him. Was it that bad? Lmao.
Sent by Anas,Nov 7, 2019
No I’m just muslim and illiterate, you were smart to ditch that path when you could. anas
Sent by FighterMan,Nov 7, 2019
Fighterman may peace be upon you, brother.
Sent by Anas,Nov 7, 2019
Sorry dude when I come on here I’m on here for 5mins tops and I’m off. As a result, I’m barely ever betting and thus don’t have any Ts. kandee_ said she’d take care of you. Sorry about that!
Sent by KrisStory,Nov 7, 2019
KrisStory thats fine, just wish you had communicated that to me much earlier, that’s all. But that’s okay, I’ll get in touch with Kandee_
Sent by Anas,Nov 7, 2019

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