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1stAug 26, 2019 by Anas


This is why I don't add anyone from tengaged on Facebook. Like nope. Not enough balls in me to trust anyone not to do this shit to me. That is not something I wanna explain
Sent by Codyy,Aug 26, 2019
LOL omg that sounds so awful. And lol exactly what Codyy said.
Idk anyone here well enough but someone would literally have to be super low key / not the attention-seeking type at all and would prefer to keep to themselves than start dumb fights for me to even consider giving them any sort of social media account.
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 26, 2019
anas codyy kindred7 i think i have 2 people from tg on facebook  both of whom ive known for like 8 years and i know wouldnt do anything like that thankfully i was right about it , people on here are just fowl and dont think of anyone but themselves , not everyone but alot of users,  i hope you removed them
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Aug 26, 2019
captainzacsparrow glad you picked the right people - yeah i don’t think people realize that the way people present themselves on this website is not necessarily how they want to be seen by their colleagues or families or acquaintances.
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 26, 2019
Codyy I’m very very selective, I’ve been here since 2011 and I have i think 4 tg users on social media off tengaged, 2 of whom I have met in person. .

Kindred7 I’m honestly quite shocked it’s happened in the way it did. I’m just going to delete the actual post now and remove them entirely from off tg platforms. I have really low tolerance for this

Captainzacsparrow I agree with your principle, what’s saddening is that I’ve known this individual for 8-9  years. We stoped speaking regularly years ago but i didn’t mind keeping them on (1 of 4 tg users I have added in 9 years). The behaviour shown I’d be chill with  on tg but not appropriate for a public, personal setting of social media.
Sent by Anas,Aug 26, 2019
Anas word tengaged has always been my escape , my way of letting the ratchetness out a little , i moved to ig to be apart of the bgc fandom for a while so that was messy ,but aside from that Facebook,  heck even twitter its personal , i dont want to seem like an angsty little child on there im 22 . I dont want my family to see bullshit drama , sorry this happened yo you :/
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Aug 26, 2019
wig! spill the tea with me x

ive got a few tgers added on fb/instagram but i know who to trust with my personal life, its not like they understand everything i post anyway lol except admir that bitch knows more spanish than i do so i gotta be careful.
Sent by sihz,Aug 26, 2019
Now I'm curious as to what the meme was LOL
Sent by woeisme,Aug 26, 2019
I'm curious as to which user it was though. You could always spill the tea and message me who , I won't tell and likely I won't know whoever you say it was. But yeah just be careful like you told me. Some people on this site are toxic as fuck. I try not to stoop to there level but sometimes it doesn't always work like that and I do but I try hard lol. @
Sent by Codyy,Aug 26, 2019
Anas captainzacsparrow Kindred7
Sent by Codyy,Aug 26, 2019
Anas, may wanna talk to them about why you’re upset with them too after/before removing them so they know how you feel. Hopefully they’re respectful of your decision

Codyy well the fact that you at least try / are aware of when you’re being negative is a good start. Some people are oblivious to the fact that they’re affecting real people on the other side of the world with the things they do / say online or they feel no remorse at all. I’ve seen a couple users like that on here and I don’t call them out on it because 1. I’m nobody to most people on here, 2. i don’t think they even care. It’s pretty scary
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 26, 2019
Codyy Kindred7 I would say but honestly I kind of want this to be a learning moment for everyone, to focus on the message rather than attacking the person.

I’ve basically blocked this individual from my mobile, whatsapp and messanger. We haven’t spoken regularly in years, they never contribute (like or comment) to my posts usually or even reach out to say hello anymore, yet suddenly felt the urge to come at me over something trivial.

I think people don’t realise when you comment on a Facebook thread back and forth, it notifies absolutely everybody about the conversation you’re having. I don’t want people to see me being argumentative. I didn’t mind the initial comment but when you’re at reply number 7 it’s ridiculous
Sent by Anas,Aug 26, 2019
Anas, yeah i meant just talk to them in private (if you think they'd care) to tell them why you did that but i mean i totally know what you mean. i honestly barely post on facebook myself and would be mortified if someone was just engaging in an argument with me for no reason and making us both look dumb.
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 26, 2019
Kindred7 oh don’t worry I made sure to let them know exactly what I was thinking lmao, but yes 100% agreed.
Sent by Anas,Aug 26, 2019
wow bix123 rly is crazy
Sent by joe1110,Aug 26, 2019
Lol careful joe1110 i will do it to you next!
Sent by Bix123,Aug 26, 2019
Joe1110 Bix123  already fell face forward at my local club, now she’s ruining my image online too!
Sent by Anas,Aug 26, 2019
Me to iybf when he tagged me on a Raini Rodriguez post on his story
Sent by s73100,Aug 26, 2019
I mean I can't imagine ever adding someone off here to my FB, cos I delete my mates off of it, let alone people off a random site, BUT to play devil's advocate, if I have a relationship of X kind with someone, I would expect that to be the constant, not the platform.

I don't change for atmosphere really. If someone wants to exclude me from something as a result, that's grand, but if they moan at me for being too me in one place, I'd wonder what they were expecting.
Sent by iAyeEye,Aug 26, 2019
I had a tengager get into a fight with my cousin on FB once :|
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 26, 2019
IAyeEye I get where you’re coming from, for me I think there’s a time and place for everything.

If this person felt so strongly they could’ve text me privately, I think also the fact this individual has never initiated a conversation with me in years and randomly hearing from them that too negatively threw me off.

TheSexiestDude990 oh god. I think twice before even commenting on there social media let alone engaging with their family. So curious to know who the hell that was lmao
Sent by Anas,Aug 26, 2019
The people I add on facebook aren't crazy and are very mature so I never have run into this problem before
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Aug 26, 2019
Thank god icebeast and mikec51 are somewhat sane
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Aug 26, 2019
Anas Yeah, I think if this apropos of nothing and not as part of a regular pattern, that makes it less acceptable, but I would say that that makes the "lesson learning" part of this redundant as they don't interact with you enough to care, one would imagine.

Whilst I'll subscribe to completely obvious social cues though (I won't be a dick at a funeral etc.), generally I feel my friends want me to be me, as I want them to be them, and to infer "times and places" without being asked directly "Hey, would you mind X in this situation?" would be weird. I find people who treat me differently based on circumstance disingenuous if it's not requested or pre-empted.

But I'm constantly being told I'm weird, so maybe you're the one who's right haha.
Sent by iAyeEye,Aug 26, 2019
Good thing no one can read our fb messages to each other smoothstalker12
Sent by IceBeast,Aug 26, 2019
Initiating  a FULL on tengaged style debate in my comments, making me and them look fucking crazy.
Sent by Rperduex11,Aug 27, 2019
LMAO word
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 27, 2019
I always shade MastaManipulator_11 on social media
Sent by Chic,Aug 27, 2019
He deserves it tho
Sent by Chic,Aug 27, 2019
Initiating  a FULL on tengaged style debate in my comments, making me and them look fucking crazy.

Sent by Darbe,Aug 27, 2019
Who is it we wanna bully them
Sent by FighterMan,Aug 27, 2019
Oh god sorry this happened to you, that’s bad! The few TGers I have are mostly old users that don’t log on anymore but similar things have happened to me. Once on an old status, TGers were actually putting ‘-15’ 😐 apart from @NoelSara who put +15 🤣

When I had a tg meet-up years ago, I had to delete someone that I still like from here, basically because he was posting my photos from FB in his Skype chat, who were taking the piss a bit. It’s hard knowing who to trust!

OH and once my mum actually asked me ‘why do people call you TP’... ugh imagine having to explain that story lmao this name is 12 years old really!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Aug 27, 2019
PrincessTeePee I’ve seen the -15 thing happen on Bix123’s timeline once but I think it’s less offensive bc everyone else is confused lmao, and it really is an inside joke.  An actual debate is open to interpretion

I think I have a strong feeling I know who the meetup person was lmao, just ridiculous. I can even understand sending the pics to you privately as an inside joke but why get others involved.

Bless your mum though haha, what explanation did you offer her?
Sent by Anas,Aug 27, 2019
anas it’s a shame this happened to you; i have several tg’s on social medias and never had this, so hopefully if you add anyone to them, think will be much more sane.
Sent by FlamingJojo,Aug 27, 2019
That’s why I don’t add aquamarine to anything
He’s legit psycho and obsesses over people adding him and revealing personal information

Definitely has the characteristics to be malicious with this information if he ever feels wronged by you. Not worth the risk to associate with someone like that. Totally understand where you’re coming from with this blog
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 27, 2019

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