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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is what you're going to be screaming later

skype: teganoed

Vitamin - Teegz! < 3 We've played many castings together and you're a great person to play with.. I love that we have eachothers backs, like when we suspect people are using autoclicker LOL you are very funny and we have a lot in common :) brits ftw! You're pretty too < 3 ily.

Ryguy - Tegan, you are such a sweet girl, and so lovely! I loved our last Castings, I hope we can play again some and beat Topher (hehehe)

BbDamian - Tegan!!!! I loved the game we played together it was fun :) We need to play another one sometime!!! Maybe even today actually ;o hope to talk to you more :)

Maxi1234 - Tegan, you're one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met on this site to date. I like our calls/convo and you're one of the few people here I'd actually could live with irl. I also like playing games with you. You're hilarious and a great friend. We should talk more, Ily to bits. xo

Johneh - You're a twat, you need to grow the fuck up. WTH is your problem! Get a life hun.
Nah jokes. ;)
For some reason, you think I hate you, when frankly I feckin' love you. Considering you abuse me everyday and call me horrible things, you'd think 'hating' you would be plausible! I suck at being soppy and you of all people know that, so this aint gonna be long, but seriously stop being a dick'ed and just remember that I love you, ok?
btw you're a fucking hilarious drunk, we need to party sometime. ;)
ily forever UR A SKET mwah

TBIbetch - Tegan, you're easily one of my best friends here.
You're smart, nice, and so fucking fun.
You have the greatest sense of humor too. I can joke about anything and I know It'll be okay.
I love you so much. Never change

BenjaminB - You are a great girl! I adore your personality and im so happy we got to talk, and i hope we continue to talk. Thanks for the awesome sign you made for me you are great. We met in a survivor when the noobs had an alliance and tried to take us out. They got you, but i got to merge, and u joined the opposing tribe and im sorry i couldnt meet you at the merge i was so close. Hope to play another with you again soon.

andy154 - TeganH is a right bird, thats all

Jouix - I like how adorable you are, I love playing games with you! I dislike that your name is Welsh for 'toy' but you're not Welsh :(

Molly - Awww Ily you're honestly awesome and so pretty. :3 I love how you are another girl on this site!! We need more of us! I also love the random pics you post in games there hilarious! Loves you girly you're amazing. :3

You are a total sweetie and I adore you ♥

You complete me
And thats no lie
You are my tuxedo
And im your bow tie

Your an amazing person and a better friend.. meeting you was enough for me in this game.. anything else I get out of it is an added bonus.. ily <3

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