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Blogs #jessem



i will never forget

3 yosterr, Feb 27, 2021

in 2016 when #JesseM almost beat me in a stars poll it was like 52 to 50% AND i had multis on my side and he was killing me in the pollbox comments. and also this was AFTER he was exposed


Worst stars moment

6 temponeptune, Feb 3, 2021

Is a tossup between
- Having to talk to and pretend to like #JesseM all game cuz I was in minor and needed his vote
- playing a stars with #kingmac... Idk where to begin with this one it was a nightmare
- admir natepresnell and darbe murdering me cuz they were jealous of me even though I was sheeping them
- Finalist in Stars 361 - 3rd place
Finalist in Stars 370 - 3rd place
Finalist in Stars 382 - 3rd place
Finalist in Stars 398 - 2nd place (Unnommed)
Finalist in stars 427 - 2nd place (Unnommed)
Finalist in stars 497 - 3rd place
Finalist in stars 542 - 2nd place
Finalist in stars 606 - 2nd place


Im kinda getting fed up

22 BB5lover, Jan 23, 2021

with princessteepee
"PrincessTeePeeSaved ariii"
sis defended #jessem for years while he used this website for a fucking PREYING ground to hunt minors at his big age.
now she's stanning NEW FOUND PREDATORS????? Like sis come on now


15-year-old Insanity

1 Insanity, Jan 19, 2021

Feels vindicated that #JesseM is FINALLY banned from this god forsaken website. This man would send sexually explicit messages to underage users and then delete them like a fucking creep. He would flirt with minors, talk about the sexual activities he would do with them, and occasionally talk about being in relationships with them. He has groomed multiple users on this site while they were underaged claiming he was just being friendly, and it amazes me how in 2021 there are STILL people that will defend him. This ban is a decade late, but at least justice has FINALLY been served. Case dismissed!



12 melindaMrskk, Mar 24, 2018

UNOMINATED Since 14th! I have literally slayed this game. Only 4 of my nominations never went through. People said I wouldn't make it past single digits yet here I am in the Final 3. I have been BGC9 Julie of this stars putting the bug in peoples ears and flipping it to make sure I stay off the block and it worked. I got the people who were after out 1 by 1. I had people hating of me #JesseM. I literally deserve this win since dandoe & koolness234 have won before and I had the better game over those two.
Please vote for me here!:
I made a video star because that's classic melindamrskk DUH. Please enjoy this video with me and my 3 cats! [One of them didn't want to show their face so.... Lil bitch.]




1 Dawg, Mar 26, 2014

I seriously NEED/WANT an avi like JesseM
I'm one of the biggest Dexter fans!



79 Lucinda, Feb 28, 2014

I will be 101% honest!
#JesseM I like you and you know that, i wish you won stars cuz you're really sweet!
#Bamold1999 Bammy! we usually talk but we arent really close so i guess we shall talk more haha i love you xxxxx
#Skyler1822 You're very nice and sweet and i love talking to you. I'm sorry we had that huge fight in past and i was really rude but you're amazing and forgave me :*
#neathery Idk you, sorry!
#Vitamin i clearly told you to + not to comment so u dont get any
#Maxi1234 You're cool but we never talk so this sucks. i still rememeber when i called u a genderfaker when i was one too so kind of gay of me hahahahahhaha xxxD
#Jenii_Valenta check Vitamin.
Lexxxy we had so many fights but we're cool now (Y)
Euro idk u!
connorfitz15 you're nice but idt we have ever talked lol
Brandonpinzu check vita
Donaam I don't know much about you but i usually + your blog because you're nice and we never had a problems. Also we did hold hands in hof and thats cute;)
Dav_o_79 I like you a lot but we never got close, idk if u actually like me but i hope u do lol
Admir I think you're a great guy and i wish we talked more. we usually always work togheter in games and i love u haha
Hugatree343 idk why u hate me but its ok i can hate u back
Utsumi I'm not sure if it was you but we have talked a few times in TNTC chat made by vita and you were nice
XoXu Idk much about u but id like to be friends
Gaiaphage I wish we worked togheter in stars since you're someone i would be friends with LOL
Vans Charlie. I love you and ur blogs, you're hilarious and thank you for beating nifa in stars
Dmann loves ya big dmann! youre pretty nice and i < 3 talking to u heheheehe
iScotty you used to be one of my best friends but we're friends again now! You're very nice to talk to and i luv ur desinos, mostly yankees jacket (inlove)
TheSexiestDude990 Stars buddy!!!!! loved our calls and love u!
XRyn0618 We used to talk more when we were newbies but i still like you and you supported my shopwhen i needed so big kiss to ya! :*
VannyNessa19 We don't know eachother but u can mail me anytime :) < 3
LittleMix I used to hate you because you faked my chatlog ages ago but we're fine now and ur always in my same hg. Sucks we never make it far haha
Dash idk you sorry!
Cfff I talked to you like once and you were nice!
Mrlincoln2u We used to get each other out from games, LOL! I'm fine with you now
Bix123 Miss you, we were so close in past =[ love ya
Tofutime John < 33 you're amazing and im glad i got to know you lately. loves talking to you bcuz you're such a good person :*
Alireza1373 GJ on spamming..


it's pretty sad

1 sihz, Oct 27, 2013

that obscurity and konohavillage1 are up together bc they deserved a chance over someone banned, but the fact they are willing to deal with such an annoyance like #JesseM for more days is even sadder


Stars Support!

2 Typhlosion37, Oct 27, 2013

#JesseM YOU'RE BACK < 3
Maxi1234 ( Sorry I missed you, I always forget someone )


Stars Support

1 axelhades, Oct 27, 2013

Missed doing this haha
Mail me for my support if you want I guess :/


Stars Support

0 GeorgeB, Oct 27, 2013

I don't like the others or I don't know them


This is funnier than hell

6 tdiloka, Oct 26, 2013

#JesseM is banned the second he joins stars



1 Saftronbtr999, Oct 26, 2013

#jessem isnt banned because of that reason hes banned because
#sweetie is his multi so he has a 1 day ban because of that


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