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My Old Account

1 gravy, May 18, 2015

was #treytrey97 .. :| someone is legit stealing my identity im crying


Who Was

2 Lemjam6, May 18, 2015

the noob to blog they were #treytrey97 a few days ago?


Big Brother - MVP & Battle of the Block..

13 McBenjamin, Aug 2, 2014

1. yswimmer96 [Noah]
2. HipposUnite [Christian]
3. RobbieRIOT [Robbie]
4. KrisStory [Kris]
5. Loopycoco1 [Henry]
6. #treytrey97 [William]
7. Seapoose [Dylan]
8. MrPokeGuy9 [Morgan]
9. Bryce12 [Bryce]
10. ninjohn [John]
11. hints [Antisha]
12. Casey5705 [Casey]
13. Lynette [Danica]
14. chibideidara [Edgar]
15. AliciaNever [Alicia]
16. TDO88 [Jeff]
Congratulations #Kris & #John! You are the first Heads of Households!
#Kris Nominations : #Danica & #William
#John Nominations : #Bryce & #Edgar
Battle of the Block Winners : #Bryce & #Edgar
#John is dethroned, #Kris remains the HoH
MVP : #Henry
MVP Nomination : #Christian
PoV Players : #Kris [As HoH] #Danica/#William/#Christian [As Nominees] #Alicia/#Noah [Random Draw]
Veto Winner : #Christian
PoV Holder's Decision : Uses Veto on himself.
MVP Replacement Nominee : #Dylan
Final Nominees : #Danica/#Dylan/#William
Vote to evict one of the nominees. The first [12] people who comment on who to evict will be casted as votes in the game as to match the number of houseguests voting. Good luck!


I'm blue

21 Kristin13, Jul 9, 2013

So pyn and  I will say why I love you:)
Alireza1373 idk you
Carsonl You're nice i guess
Useamint idk you
xcountryboyx Um you're nice and comment on my blogs:)
Canadiankid You're amazing and really really nice
Rasgrand You are the best bf ever
Saraj10 You're so sweet ily Sara
Stone my br buddy< 3 and my amor forever
markuskaus best friend forever so sweet
#treytrey97 I would say something about you but, I just can't bring my self to do that...
Kudos I love you. You are so nice, whether you hate me or not I still love you.
Danio you are one of my best friends on here and I love you to the moon and back< 3 You're amazing and I don't know what I would do with out you< 3 thanks for being my best friend.
Megan you always have cute avis< 3 and you are so nice:)
Brandonpinzu amazing, adorable and always has cute avatars and also one of my best friends< 3333
Shadowballer000 fbff! I love you so much and, you're so sweet and you mean everything to me:)
Patrick319 you are so nice:) I hope we become friends:)
Jenna2010 you're nice:)
Owee13 You're one of my best friends, and you're one of my best friends that have been here for me since I first started(: You're amazing and I love you:)

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