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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is TDO88

Skype: tdo_tengaged

Group Games-

1/16 - Survivor: Socorro Island by donosaurus_rex
1/20 - Tengaged OFFICIAL- Survivor: Caramoan by jharrin7887
1/16- BHD's Survivor Cambodia by BestHeroD
1/16 - The Real Housewives: Ultimate Challenge by Brogs17

2/26- Tengaged OFFICIAL - Survivor All Stars by jharrin7887
2/14 - High Tension IX by Verihaze
2/24- Survivor: Hawaii by Lifer107
2/18- Survivor by XavierR83
2/24 - NB Reality: The Inferno by nbkiller

3/24 - Hunger Games by samnala
3/18- Survivor: Borneo by donosaurus_rex
3/20- Survivor: Heroes vs Villains by smiley20
3/18- Survivor: Cameroon by Leli14
3/18- Survivor: Fans vs Favs by Themissinglink

4/20- Nick's Survivor: Blood vs Water by nick78911
5/18- Survivor: Phillipines by CK11
5/16- Survivor: Kornati by LiteCitrus
5/16 - Survivor: Africa by JBC8
5/16- Survivor: Amazon by Mattkwon2
5/18- Survivor: Tanazia by smiley20

8/16- Survivor: Aruba by Janelle_Pierzina
8/16- Survivor: Laos by Nostalgic
8/36 - Tengaged OFFICIAL Survivor: Phillipines by jharrin7887

9/17 - Big Brother: Summer of Secrets by Survivor8

10/26- BHDs Survivor Heroes vs Villains by BestHeroD

11/16- NB Reality Big Brother: Victory House by nbkiller
11/24 - LMS Season 2 by tuter32

12/24- NB Reality Survivor: Carribbean by nbkiller
12/16- Survivor: Jordan by Suitman13

13/16- TBA by TBA

16/18- Matt's Survivor 5: All Stars

Color Levels:
White- 9/24/12
Yellow- 10/7/12
Orange- 10/23/12
Light Green- 11/16/12
Dark Green- 12/8/12
Blue- 12/8/12
Purple- 12/21/12
Red- 12/31/12
Brown- 1/18/13
Black- 2/7/13

Goals on Tengaged:
(X) Enter a Fasting Game
(X) Enter a Castings Game
(X) Make Final Three in a Fasting Game
(X) Survive Castings without nomination
(X) Make Top Ten in a Castings Game
(X) Make Final Day in a Casting Game
(X) Win a Castings Game
(X) Win a Fasting Game
(X) Enter Frookies Game
(X) Make Jury in Frookies Game
(X) Make Top Five in a Fookies Game
(X) Make Final Day in a Frookies Game
(X) Win Frookies Game
(X) Enter Rookies Game
(X) Make Top Five in a Rookies Game
(X) Make Final Day in a Rookies Game
(X) Win Rookies Game
(X) Get my yellow color level
(X) Get my orange color level
(X) Get my light green color level
(X) Get my dark green color level
(X) Get my blue color level
(X) Get my purple color level
(X) Get my red color level
(X) Get my brown color level
(X) Get my black color level
(X) Get 20 Karma
(X) Get 50 Karma
(X) Get 100 Karma
(X) Get 200 Karma
(X) Get 300 Karma
(X) Get 400 Karma
(X) Get 500 Karma

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My Games 181 games played

13 Jan, 17
10 Jan, 17
9 Jan, 17
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7 Jan, 17
7 Jan, 17
18 Oct, 16

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  1. Someone please tag me in this!!
  2. I wish
  3. I would die if Candice pulls a topaz
  5. What's Andy gonna do?
  6. Imma bout to cry
  7. Ew Vytas was a heroin addict
  8. To buy the veto or save my money?
  9. Jesus take the wheel
  10. Skype
  11. I fucking hate chemistry
  12. All you ever did
  13. Imhoping for a GM spencer f2
  14. SHIT
  15. Omg so nervous
  16. OMG YES GM
  17. First day of school tommorow
  18. McRae won veto
  19. Why are people ruining
  20. Why is McCranda ranked higher on jokers?