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Pyn and i tell you how much i like you from 1..

16 ImGonnaWin, Jun 4, 2017

100% honesty ,  if i dont know you dont expect a high score . ill say a small reasoning
Steven999 - 9+ !!!! you have been always super nice to me and although we dont talk alot anymore ( i dont talk to anyone these days from here except the people i have on snapchat )  thanks for being a good friend :)
Captainzacsparrow - 9+!!! . i remember those skype days talking about our problems :) i also remember  when we had an arguement once xD . i hope youre okay ! we havent talked alot these days . hope youre doing well !!!
NotAfraid -  7 . I remember you and we probs played some games together aswell :) you are a kind soul and everyone loves you so !
Tommeh208 - 8 - i remember when we used to be friends with chelsey ( still talk to her ) and we met in a casting i think ! you are a sweetheart . throwback to when i thought your actual name was tommeh and not Tommy oop
NikoTime - 5- im sorry but i dont know you that well . your name isnt that familiar :( but looking through your friendlist on your first page you have some amazing people so i bet youre amazing aswell !
EliotWhi - 9 - THE ICON OF FROOKIES . we used to play alot of frookies together . we ususally flop but we emerged aswell as queens once in a while xD you are an amazing funny person and i love playing with you even though im barely playing these days !
Oliviaxoxo - 9 - DO YOU REMEMBER #TERRIVIA . you used to be frat president , a queen and we used to be a really tight group with lewis , calvin ,Tyler , Kent etc . if you talk to lewis or calvin please say i said hello cause i havent talked to them in a whole while :) !!!
Cornonthecob - 5 - im sorry but i dont really know you . youre new so ofc haha . BUT AT THAT GIF ON YOUR PROFILE LMAO ICON
Arris - 9+ - SORRY FOR FUCKING UP OR PHONE WHEN I SNAP 100 SNAPS AN HOUR HAHAH . sorry im sometimes an addictive snapper . you are one of the few people who i see' his face daily by snapchat :) you are amazing !
m7md26 - 8 - if you asked me a few years ago or like a year ( im shit with times ) i would give u a solid 9+ , when we used to talk alot and even play games , but now we rarely talk but i know you are a really nice person :) !!! if you ever need something feel free
Hints - 8 - i would give you higher but like i dont you personally , i just know you for being hints and also slaying every drag race game i do and thanks for joining and interacting every time :) that means alot . you seem pretty cool !
Seapoose - 6+ WE DEF USED TO PLAY ALOT OF FROOKIES TOGETHER . Giving u a 6 because we havent talked in a long while..


I ship

0 SmoothStalker12, Jul 10, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFEY!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the last time I wrote one of these; gosh you’re getting old!! This has possibly been the most eventful year for us yet with the trip to Africa and adopting all those babies, you’re such a good mother :$ :$ And while we’re on the topic of things you’re good at, I have to mention how kind, caring, considerate and unintentionally funny you are, as well as how good you are at listening, being encouraging and giving advice, oh aaand how good you are in bed, but lets keep quiet about that cause I don’t want Calvin to be getting jelly!! I really couldn’t ask for a better friend < 3 Make the most of your special day and I hope you enjoy all 27 of your summer holidays! Be sure to think of me while you’re sipping cocktails on a Portuguese beach while I’m walking around in the pouring rain!! Love you forever < 333  LewisC
Ollie ball- lots of love to you on your 22nd bday. I hope it's a great and exciting one. Thanks for your friendship these past few years and for always being there for me/everything you've done for me. Don't party too hard, steal any sheep or minions!!! love ya times infinity or affinity ;) You deserve the best! woeisme
Happy birthday Olivia! :D I'm so glad that you are back on tengaged, things are a lot more fun with you around! It's a little sad that the whales are playing the day before your birthday, because how amazing would it be if they won against Portugal the same day as you birthday! Anyways, I hope you have an amazing day! :) magge555550101
Happy Birthday Olivia!
The thing I like about most about you is how kind you are and just how genuine you are with people.  Sometimes that can be really hard to find in someone.  I think you are one of the sweetest people on the site and I know a lot people feel that way about too, friends or not.  If you told me to pick someone more kind or more caring then you it would be really hard for me to find or pick that person.  Thanks for being an awesome person not just to me but all your friends and I hope you enjoy your birthday!  ~ AxKxAxBatman
Happy birthday to my habbo girlfried i miss u ~ owlb0ned
Olivia I remember you were the one who took me in to the Affinity frat when it first happened and due to that I was able to make more new friends with other people in the frat as well.  You have always been there for all your friends when they needed you and we all are very appreciative of that.  I wish the best birthday ever, and hope it's a good one. ~ Boots22
Olivia!!  I love you so much! idk how you can be so positive and lively all the time! Your messages are soooo cute and innocent that i smile whenever i get a message from you. My favorite memory with you, (is ofcourse hard to pick because there are so many) is that unkown stars game we played and the way we both connected immediately..

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