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I honestly remember dreaming

0 iTy990, Nov 1, 2017

as a low level on #RasGrand about winning Stars and everybody on the site chanting my name. Crazy man. #2Times #KeepPounding


Stars! Stars! Stars!

0 iTy990, Jul 30, 2017

All you do is talk about stars!
1st**433** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-168173
1st**405** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-157791
2nd**417** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-162316
2nd**388** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-152171
3rd**394** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-153705
4th**454** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-173740
4th**423** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-164422
4th**362** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-144285
5th**348** http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-138012
and then I got 7th, 6th, and 7th on #RasGrand way back no lemjam.
I've been nominated for 16th twice ever out of 28 Stars.
Once was Stars 433 where I bounced back going unnommed until 5th.
Then for Stars 444 where I wasn't so fortunate and got 16th.
I then came into Stars 454 where I got my third Fourth.
Besides that I've gotten every placement except 15th.
That will probably be my next appearance though
*holds my breathe*


Stars Placements

1 iTy990, Jan 29, 2017

14th RasCity
13th RasCity
11th RasCity
10th RasCity
9th RasCity
8th RasCity
8th Danyyboy67
7th #RasGrand
7th #RasGrand
6th #RasGrand
6th Drpepsi
5th RasCity
4th RasCity
4th iTy990
3rd RasCity
2nd iTy990
2nd RasCity
1st iTy990


I got TV Star,

30 iTy990, Oct 16, 2016

7553 is the amount of karma I've collected through my primary accounts of:
Not to mention the karma I gained while my journey on Rizzo, aswell as many other accounts such as Legacy7, 2388, Last and really a whole bunch more.
I've basically accomplished more than I ever set out to accomplish on this website and I'm going to keep pushing forward.
I'm not saying this won't be my last account, but it won't be. Once you get to TV Star things get boring after a while and I'm always up for the challenge.
A. My 1 year anniversary on this account is December 24th
B. My 6 year anniversary on tengaged is December 25th
C. Virgie88 is my favorite person of all time
D. I love all my bro's and friends to death, and I seriously got your back more than I have my own.
E. Ideally I'd have things to list from A-Z but I'm boring asf.
F. So I'm gonna finish it off by tagging my niggas
G. Danyyboy67
H. Benp428
I. Eric_136
J. Carlo_Costly
K. Kingofclubs808
L. Galaxies
M. EyooMarcus
N. Peter69
O. joey65409
P. Badboyy2699
Q. Juliann
R. TheSexiestDude990
S. Shalissa
T. Maturo
U. alex861
V. Semajdude
W. King_Lance
X. Lionsden121
Y. Osiris
Z. #Intuition


Even though I was so close to finals

4 RasCity, Jul 18, 2015

I want to bring up the fact that me and MikeRORO has been my friend on this website since 2011/2012 when I was just an innocent little orange level on #RasGrand and he was in the prime of his popularity making finals left and right, and now we both made the final 5 in stars and I am so happy I stood a chance to Mike in a poll, It was a great game. I honestly do feel I ran this game up until the moment I got 5th.


#StratCity - Stars 348 - TWIN TWIST ~..

5 Strategic, Jul 17, 2015

Hi, Tengaged!
As you know, RasCity has been nominated for 5th in Stars 348.
What some of you may NOT know, is that Bryan and I have employed a HUGE twist throughout the entirety of this stars.
See RasCity's blog/vlog here! : http://www.tengaged.com/blog/RasCity/6553698/nominated-fifthvlog-secret-twist-reveal
We took the Twin Twist from BB17 and applied it to Stars 348, turning the entire game into a fun-filled drama fest for both Bryan and myself!
Prior to joining Stars, I was a black level and RasCity was a silver level. However, he had just joined a Crookies and he knew that if he won, he would be buying Gold and playing Stars.
Bryan and I joined Stars three years ago on our original accounts (#RasGrand and #Intuition). We both made Final 6, and I made Finals while being unnominated until 4th Place & got 3rd.
I told him how cool it would be if we were able to play Stars together again, and suddenly the idea came to me.
What would happen in a Stars where two people played as one?
*A Stars where two different brains had to compromise the alliances and enemies to make one logical decision each and every day change?
*A Stars where every conversation has the potential of accidentally making a mistake by saying something opposite of what the other person had told them?
*A Stars where NOBODY knew they were being tricked by two people because they couldn't physically see what we looked like behind our text.
We answered that question fairly well by going UNNOMINATED until 5th Place.
We convinced nearly everyone in the cast to trust both of us enough to let us slide by UNNOMINATED due to the fact that they believed anybody could beat us in a poll.
Until F6, NONE of them locked us in as a final set.
Bryan and I feel that we have played this Stars as logically and #Strategic-ally as possible and that we deserve not only to be saved in this poll, but to make it all the way to the end of this game.
If we survive this poll, we realize that we will may be renominated for 4th Place, but BRING IT ON! We are ready to take on this game, and we will continue to make vlogs for you guys until the end. If they want to put us up against the biggest popularity threats in the game, LET THEM. Because we are not going down without a fight! :D
Bryan and I are blood brothers inside and outside of Tengaged, and that applied to this Stars game!
Thanks for Reading/Watching & Please Support us in Stars 348!
Please Support #StratCity in Stars 348! - http://www.tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-138012


Science Experiment

3 RasCity, Jun 13, 2015

Does marijuana affect ones ability to play stars.
Before ever smoking marijuana, on #RasGrand
placements: 7th, 6th, 7th.
After becoming a mega pot head on RasCity



7 RasCity, Apr 20, 2015

What a horrible way to start off my favorite holiday of the year:(
After just two short, hard-fought days in the house, I stand before you facing Elimination. In spite of the fact I am nominated for 14th, I'm proud to say that I have taken risks rather than slid into the background. As my good friend(drug dealer) Walter White would say "I am the one who knocks".
Since the very first minute I saw this entire stars cast I knew the odds were not in my favor, as I immediately saw numerous people who I knew were going to make this week tough for me, and hard for me to trust. After 2 hours into the game, and everyone "hiding in the bushes" my optimistic self decided to take a little trip out into the corn. Of course little was accomplished day 1, as there was only 1 solidified nomset.
Coming off an entire 12 hours filled with sleep, boredom, and minimal game talk, I knew I couldn't take another day of similar activities, so I decided to seek out to those I trusted, and make an alliance, and I target those who I believed were the biggest threats to us, however very few people actually participated in stating an opinion of any sorts, besides nodding their head and agreeing.
I have spent the past 36 hours in this game struggling to attempt to people who evidently don't even care about the game.
I would just like to point out I've played
I played 3 stars on my first account #RasGrand"
I didn't get to play a stars on my second account #SuperCam
And finally, 2 years later... I get to enter the realm of Stars again. Unfortunately, I can't join as often as I'd like to, but hopefully #RasCity will take the gold soon and continue his venture into stars.
Make my 4/20 Better! All saves are appreciated! :D
Good luck, @SemajDude


Does anyone know

0 RasCity, Apr 17, 2015

if he has a new account


Does anyone know

3 RasCity, Apr 15, 2015

if he has a new account


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