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follow me on any social media platform

3 coreyants, Nov 25, 2021

@ coreyants (I know the name is super unique)
I recommend Twitter, Insta, or Snap.
or Discord me @ Corey #6018.
My stalker Chameleon777 found me on LinkedIn and AncestryDNA. The only positive was that Ancestry confirmed we were NOT related, thank God.


who wants to be friends!? :)

3 coreyants, Nov 23, 2021

please be 21+
add me on discord @ Corey #6018 if you'd like to chat
my hobbies include: all things Survivor/Big Brother, intersectional feminism, progressive politics, taking long walks on the beach, swimming, and theatre (just not musicals).


Want a nice loving chat

1 coreyants, Oct 25, 2021

Sluts 4 Jesus has folks from all walks of life. We have mothers: Druhhbby2 and Tryphena. We have KPOP stans: Hash and chibideidara. We have the Frookies fanatic and King DaddyDev and even a Latter Day Saint Chameleon777. Let's not forget our flight attendant xoxokaci1, the sassy swiftie itsalexia, and our receptionist Moxii too 馃挌馃挌
If interested in joining, add me on discord: Corey #6018


18+ Discord Sever (Sluts 4 Jesus)

4 coreyants, Oct 21, 2021

add me Corey#6018 to be added
and you will see iconic people like druhhbby2 and tryphena


Anyone want to join Sluts 4 Jesus!?

5 coreyants, Oct 12, 2021

It's my discord server. Please be 18+ (preferably 21+)
You will see some great TG users such as Druhhbby2, Moxii, Tryphena, DaddyDev, Hash, chibideidara, and more!
add me on discord @ Corey #6018



1 coreyants, Oct 6, 2021

On discord:
ABOUT WARFARE ELITE: 7 classes | Each class holds a set of unique powers that fit different gameplay. Pick the class that you feel suits your gameplay the best. When the game begins, each player will be forced to attack another player. Use your class's powers to your advantage and align with people who's powers may be of benefit to you. The last person standing will be the winner of Warfare Elite S1.
For every kill you get in the game, you will get $5 USD. The winner will receive an additional $100 USD and runner up $50 USD. So depending on the amount of kills and if you win, you could get up to like $150.
add me on Discord Corey #6018


Looking to join a new Discord server?

3 coreyants, Sep 27, 2021

Come join Sluts 4 Jesus
We have been around since 2017 via Skype
18+ only (most of us are 25+ I'd say)
Topics of discussion include: reality TV, pop culture, politics, hook ups, etc
add me @ Corey #6018


Sluts 4 Jesus is back on Discord

1 coreyants, Sep 18, 2021

add me Corey #6018 to get added. 21+ preferably


wanna make new friends

0 coreyants, Jul 24, 2021

add me on discord @ Corey #6018

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