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A challenging game, I am here along with the help of your support. In minority, I worked with the few who would work with me, being flexible for maximum safety whilst eliminating threats. Please vote for me. Good luck guys!


My first stars and my first finals. It has been a strug to get this far. I played to the best of my ability, and I am proud of what I was able to accomplish. I hope you as tengagers reward my hard work and dedication by voting for me. GL Zurks and Scott :)


Unnominated until 4th. Less nominations than both my fellow finalists. I know I am the underdog, the longshot, the unlikely winner. However, I have played the better overall game. I would be honored to be the winner of Stars 216. Good luck Zurka and Thomas


  1. AustinRules6969Grats Michele Obama The President and you have made the usa proud with all your wins:D
  2. VoLcOmVaNshi
  3. HipposUnitei love thomas
  4. Sweet_susanT H A M Y S
  5. GentlemanGGrats Michele Obama The President and you have made the usa proud with all your wins:D
  6. top20fan33Yesss she won
  7. Jordannnnit has been such a strug<333queenmichelle<3
  8. GentlemanGKINGB244!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. GapToothedBitchcool
  11. GentlemanGGrats Michele Obama The President and you have made the usa proud with all your wins:D
  12. dannyjr0587Perfect placing IMO :)
  13. dannyjr0587Congrats :)
  14. doolswow grats MichelleObama :D
  15. Elbrow:[
  16. TheThomasTOM YES gj aristotle and zurks
  17. temponeptunewait... so who won?
  18. Survivorfan1111yay michelle :D
  20. MeowcatWow, shocked at these results tbh. Grats MO!!! well done for making finals zurka and aristotle
  21. FlorinaTHOMAS <33
  22. MrPokeguy9Well done Michelle and I hope my sign helped lol
  23. etaco75wtf i wanted wwemrpeeps to win
  24. AlexRyderWell damn.
  25. obscurityzachup is smiling from heaven at these results
  26. TheGoodManwtf i wanted wwemrpeeps to win
  27. InsanityZurks was robbed sorry
  28. Lucas1993So excited for Michelle <3
  29. Blitszimsyay michelle knew it since day 1<3333
  30. theraditzofthegroupcongratz mantaray7 @_@
  31. owee13zurks shout out to the ruthies!!!!!111111
  32. iPartyGirlwtf, i wanted arist to win
  33. etaco75wwemrpeepsWtf
  34. obscuritywwemrpeepsWtf
  35. wwemrpeepsWtf
  36. etaco75Congrats Thomas
  37. konohavillage1I'm actually really shocked @ Zurks getting third, <3333 you and Michelle though, good job on finals.
  38. ILoveSleepyay thomas
  39. Cromatiquegrats Michelle!!
  40. xCelestexLoved this final!! Grats Michelle
  41. EEstrada17Grats Michelle!! :) Zurks :(
  42. LucindaGrats Michelle. Zurks :( <3
  43. mahoganyF L O T U S
  44. tyboy618aaronstevens clearly wasnt robbed. if he lost a poll to SKYE10, he was NOT ROBBED
  45. kimmal8Zurka :{ i love you, you did your best! Grats michelle and aristotle!
  46. IgotnothinYES MRS OBAMA
  47. KittyTheEmolgaomg grats thomas<3
  48. LittleMixaaronstevens was robbed
  49. sjsoccer88aaronstevens was robbed
  50. owee13grats michelle! zurka you deserved better!!!! but congrats to all 3 of you =]
  52. obscurityaaronstevens was robbed
  53. TheSexiestDude990lolwut
  54. strawberry_ninjamic
  55. mahoganyTHOMASSSSS
  57. 5651OmarYAY MICHELLE!!! :D
  58. Brandonatoromg the drama
  59. TheGoodMan#TeamPotataco
  60. superkevin79YES THOMAS
  61. Survivor_Tylercongratz michelle, i mean its not your fault you win so congratz :) But to the idiots who voted for her because you really feel she played the better game, get a brain.
  62. Boots22gratz Michelle :)
  63. joe1110aristotle was obvsly robbed tbh but yay for another win of obama xx
  64. Kristin13OMG YES
  65. TheGoodManMichelle Queen
  66. Nick24678Shocking tbh
  67. semajdudeGRATZ MICHELLE nice try zurks u were robbed
  68. sjsoccer88Just how I wanted the vote to happen! Grats you 3 :) Great job michelle in your first stars and great job aristotle on finals again. And grats zurka on 3rd but this wasn't your best game by far. You'll get em next time
  69. jenzieWOW GRATS OBAMA!!
  70. mahoganyTHOMAS OH MY GOD
  71. Jallina15ew
  72. YaxhaLMFAO YES
  73. Khiannapulls up the the scene in my suv............. yay thomas!!!!!!!!!!!
  74. teamjaczk
  75. black0ut247Prediction: 1st- Zurks 38.4% 2nd- Aristotle - 31.6% 3rd- MichelleObama - 30.0%
  76. JUM40BUM40Congrats Michelle!
  78. Stering_butterTHOMAS<3333333
  79. Phenomanimalomg that was close....grats thomas <3 scott, you did super well ily <333 zurka grats on 3rd <3 :)
  80. disneygeekcongrats michelle
  81. Survivor_TylerAristotle sorry your getting robbed man, you deserved to win gl
  82. dannyjr0587Obama*
  83. owee13Gl to you all :') nervous for you zurka :P be proud no matter what!
  84. dannyjr0587Voted for obana
  85. TheSexiestDude990JASON WAS ROBBED
  86. Survivor_TylerOk, lets not be stupid about this. Sure they all deserve to be in the finals but only one deserves to win, and heather if your going to hold it personally againest me, and say i dont deserve it, Then your argument will be invalid because you just be bias.
  87. black0ut247Aristotle going up is a tradgedy, he didn't know he was nominated because he spent his day reading to ST. Mary's school for the blind. His non-stop giving and giving really lets me see that he deserves to win this game. Thank you again for your good deeds AND taking that bullet for Regan in 81. < 3
  88. heatherbearthey all deserve to win. there is no right or wrong way to play stars. it isnt only a "strategy" game. it is, after all, based on a POPULARITY fueled reality game. if you ever happen to get to a stars finals, tyler, i'll be sure to remind you that you dont deserve it.
  89. MikeROROMichelle :)
  90. jessebruengerVoting zurks
  91. Survivor_TylerIm only bashing because i saw comments said michelle deserved to win, and thats complete bullshit! Even without kadens comment you can tell by the comments through out the game that michelle was just another nobody who got lucky
  92. Meloettahaving an opinion on who played the best game is one thing, and i respect that because aristotle indeed played an outstanding game, but bashing somebody else's is another. and you don't need to bring up what kaden said, because you started your arguement long before that.
  93. autobahnwhere did al the retards who are commenting in the pollbox come from?
  94. Survivor_TylerWell tbh, its pretty obvious Ari played better and kaden just said all " he" did was flip. He as a shitty ass speech. Im just saying if you legit think that he deserves to win you in fact are the idiot.
  95. NostalgicAristotle for Stars!
  96. mastropolaWho gives a fuck who played the best? They all got to finals they all deserve it. *Simple Shit*
  97. Meloettaconsidering you know michelles life story of how he played his game, hes OPEN about his gender, has a VLOG on the top blogs, yet you don't know his damn gender just proves you know nothing about how he played, really.
  98. TheAceVoting aristole
  99. Survivor_TylerThe fact that you excpect me to know, who really is a guy or girl and if i dont that makes me an idiot. That means you have no life
  100. jenniibabyxsurvivor, the fact that you just called michelle a "she" proves that you are in fact an idiot.

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