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50 days 10 hours ago
cheers to that girly *sips Absolut Cocktail*
50 days 8 hours ago
"Ill drink to that!"
*drinks cocktail*
50 days 8 hours ago
CF: I’ve started of this season really well actually managing to get myself 2 highs! Well I mean look at me...I’m gorgeous of course I got 2 highs. But ultimately I’m just trying to do this for the greatest, the best Haus on Tengaged the Haus of Oppulenz!! I especially want to do my 3 drag daughters proud and bring back the crown. I need to I need to I need to get up in this gig girl!
50 days 6 hours ago
Episode 3:
Mini Challenge - Create a Signature Cocktail using Absolut Vodka
Mini Challenge Winner - Candy Cain
Maxi Challenge - In teams, LipSync Performance With a Country Twist
Candy’s Team - Chanel, Alotta, Ria, Ruby, Harriet, Carrie
Zsa Zsa’s Team - Markieshia, Pana, Claudia, Roxanne, Baylor, Bubbles
Maxi Winner - Markieshia
High - Chanel & Alotta
Low - Pana Doll
Bottom 2 - Bubbles The Campy Queen & Carrie Dismal
Lip Sync Song - “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper
Eliminated - Bubbles The Drag Queen
50 days 6 hours ago
CF: I've definetly stepped it up from the first week but I don't wanna be stuck on high placements. In a world with Sharon Needles I do *not* wanna be Pandora Boxx
50 days 6 hours ago
Congrats Markieshia!!

CF: I am SO happy I was in the top three this week. Coming off of a win, I was a bit nervous, but I’m just glad I was able to show another side of myself.
50 days 6 hours ago
*sips on drink*

Okay, I have to say this now, am I the only one thinking the judging was bullshit? I was one of the best and I land safe, I mean really?
50 days 5 hours ago
Congrats markieshia , carrie how did it feel being in the bottom 2 hun

*sips drink*
50 days 5 hours ago
Girl Baylor you are completely right like Markeisha would NOT have gotten that win if it wasn’t for my leadership like I was an amazing leader and deserved that win. My choreography was on point bitch.

*Zsa Zsa Tea storms off*

CF: I am SO MAD but I’m still here and next week is my time to shine and these girls better be ware.
50 days 5 hours ago
*candy walks over to Zsa Zsa* I know you worked hard on your choreography and I know it’s frustrating , but I’m sure there will be a challenge that you will absolutely smash

*gives Zsa Zsa a hug*
50 days 5 hours ago
*Harriet removes her wig and sits on the coach*
Well this is... awkward...

CF: *looks at the camera and blinks three times*
50 days 2 hours ago
Oh my God, being in the bottom was scary... I'm just glad I'm still here, I have more to prove.

CF: My choreography was a bit shaky in rehearsal, I'll admit that. But I wasn't bottom 2 bad, i have to prove I should be here.
50 days 1 hour ago
I wish someone would of made a Berry Acaį joke 😂
50 days 1 hour ago
I’m gonna OFFICIALLY MAKE SOME CHANGES to the season.

1) Miss Congeniality is gonna stay the same as originally planned. The queens eligible will go into a poll for 1/2 days for the queens to vote and also spam if they wish. The highest % wins MC.

2) Lipstick messages. After every episode the queen eliminated can make a final goodbye to the queens if they’d like.

3) If a queen wins a Mini challenge and needs to pick teams I’ll mail the queen and they can decide, which may impact the episode. ALTHOUGH I’ve decided not to break an episode up due to the fact that I don’t want a long drawn out season. This is supposed to be a week long at the LONGEST. If a queen does not mail back in time they miss out.

3B) If there is a Team/Pair’s challenge but NO Mini challenge, no queen gets to allocate teams/pairs and it’s completely

4) There will be Polls for certain twists coming in the season.

5) Although I won’t be getting everyone’s looks off the internet, I’ll add a runway part to the episodes from now on with “best and worst runways of the episode”, this doesn’t affect the queens PPE Scores overall, more just to add a little extra for more interactiveness.

5B) Even with me not having any photos of the runway, if you’d like to, you yourself can find an image as your runway or create your own. There will be a runway category each episode. Queens with higher Fashion/Makeup/Design skills are more likely to be in the top of the runways for the episode.

Episodes will take a little longer to make but hopefully they are more enjoyable for me and you all.
49 days 19 hours ago

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