Survivor: Kolby vs. Bennett [Day 21]

Congratulations to Dono, the winner of Kolby's Survivor: Thailand!
Congratulations to purplebb4, the winner of Bennett's Survivor: New Forest!

Over the years, two series have run incongruent with each other. Sharing a total of 38 of the same castaways, similar challenges, and each of the hosts have both found their success in each other's games. Now, those two series are going to battle it out to see which Survivor series holds the best of the best.

This is The Congo. Riding in two nomadic safari trucks are twenty castaways, each of whom have made their mark on their respective series. Ten originate from Kolby's Survivor, and ten hail from Bennett's Survivor. They are here to test not only their physical bodies, but also to partake in a battle of wits in order to crown themselves as the Sole Survivor.

Here in the center of Africa, water is the most precious thing in the world. With a harsh climate and territorial wildlife, these All-Stars will also have to remember to survive and thrive here where humanity reached its inception.

Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast their way to the end? And who will be crowned the winner of Survivor: Kolby vs. Bennett?

39 Days, 2 Survivor Series, 20 All-Stars, 1 Survivor!

[Azande] [4/12] [Red Buffs| ]
- Philip (Philip13)
- Will (hellomynameis347)

20th - Tim/lionsden121 [Moru|6-4|Day 2]
19th - Brian/FireX [Nkuma|10-0|Day 3]
18th - Andrew/DallasAndrew [Moru|8-1|Day 4]
17th - Timmy/timtimeytim [Moru|8-0|Day 5]
16th - Max/Novamax243 [Nkuma|6-2-1|Day 6]
15th - Ethan/Brittney [Moru|4-2-1|Day 7]
--- Tribe Swap ---
14th - Sam/SammySosaTV [Nkuma|4-3|Day 8]
13th - Mike "Iz"/Maicolx3 [Nkuma-Moru|5-2|Day 9]
--- Merge ---
12th - Dana/TotsTrashy [Moru|6-6(6-4)|Day 12]
11th - Sagar/obscurity [Moru|6-4-1|Day 13]
10th - Robby/Robbyjak [Nkuma-Moru|6-4|Day 14]
09th - Dan/dwipeouts [Nkuma|4-3-2|Day 16]
08th - Leo/yinzer149 [Moru-Nkuma|4-3-1|Day 17]
07th - Josh/Joshbb17 [Moru|6-1|Day 18]
06th - Dono/donosaurus_rex [Nkuma|4-2|Day 19]
05th - Brady/CoachWade [Moru-Nkuma|3-2|Day 20]
04th - Demi/demikol [Nkuma|3-1|Day 20]
03rd - Luke/IceBear [Nkuma-Moru|1-0|Day 20]

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