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Hello and welcome to Kolby's (ThePug's) Survivor series' Viewers Lounge!

Chokh Di. Nearly 8,000 years ago, people of The Khmer Empire, broke off from the already weakened state they were in forming The Kingdom of Sukhothai. Now known as Thailand, where 18 new castaways to the Kolby's Survivor Series will embark on a vigorous journey for the title of Sole Survivor.

Contestants come to seek their fortune in the country which holds the largest gold Buddha in the world hoping to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast.

39 Days, 18 Castaways, 1 Survivor!

Sole Survivors:
• Matt (survivornerd) [Japan]
• Demi (Demikol) [Kenya]
• Bennett (Coolnarwhal88) [Belize]
• Renny (Renny10) [Kuwait]
• Brad (Nostalgic) [Estonia]
• Demi (Demikol) [Greece - All Stars]
• Fred (ferdinandz) [Haiti]
• Mike "Iz" [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Dono (donosaurus_rex) [Thailand]

Player of the Season:
• Luis  (_Adidias_) [Japan]
• Matt (Mattarous) [Kenya]
• Josh  (JoshBB17) [Belize]
• Jay (JMez2612) [Kuwait]
• Zach (Swadles) [Estonia]
• Jay (Jmez2612) [Greece - All Stars]
• Akshay (galore) [Haiti]
• Brady (CoachWade) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Ryan (Born2Pizza) [Thailand]

Hero of the Season:
• Demi  (Demikol) [Japan]
• Aiden (Gamerden13) [Kenya]
• Corinne  (CorinneKaplan4460) [Belize]
• Devin (DevinB1) [Kuwait]
• Zach (Swadles) [Estonia]
• Aiden (Gamerden13) [Greece - All Stars]
• Max (Novamax243) [Haiti]
• Pika (Pikaplayer) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Dono (donosaurus_rex) [Thailand]

Villain of the Season:
• Matt (Survivornerd) [Japan]
• Eve (Falconbait26) [Kenya]
• Josh (JoshBB17) [Belize]
• Renny (Renny10) [Kuwait]
• Zac (Vegasboy94) [Estonia]
• Demi (Demikol) [Greece - All Stars]
• Fred (ferdinandz) [Haiti]
• Robby (RobbyJak) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Andrew (DallasAndrew) [Thailand]

Most Entertaining Player of The Season:
• Joshua (Lionnudes) [Japan]
• Demi (Demikol) [Kenya]
• Corinne (CorinneKaplan4460) [Belize]
• Hufus (Hufus) [Kuwait]
• Will (WANJ) [Estonia]
• Jay (Jmez2612) [Greece - All Stars]
• Dan (dwipeouts) [Haiti]
• Luke (IceBear) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Brian (FireX) [Thailand]

Best Episode:
• 'I Don't Know Whether To Shit Or Go Blind' [Japan]
• 'Raccoon In The Pantry' [Kenya]
• 'Enjoy Ponderosa' [Belize]
• 'Like A Tiger I Will Pounce' [Kuwait]
• 'Pitstop At Ponderosa' [Estonia]
• 'Mother of Exiles' [Greece - All Stars]
• 'The Mouse Just Got Trapped' [Haiti]
• 'Dead-Man Walking' [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• 'Weasel Among Mice' [Thailand]

Untapped Potential:
• Drew (Bulldozer24) [Japan]
• Clair (Haycsclair) [Kenya]
• Bubba (Duffybutt11) [Belize]
• Alan (AlanB1) [Kuwait]
• Deeanna (deeannamorgan) [Estonia]
• Luis (_Adidas_) [Greece - All Stars]
• Tico (ticofernandez) [Haiti]
• Marto (Cole225) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Azri (subfriend) [Thailand]

• Demi (Demikol) [Kenya]
• Corinne (CorinneKaplan4460) [Belize]
• Hufus (Hufus) & Jay (JMez2612) [Kuwait]
• Brad (Nostalgic) & Deeanna (deeannamorgan) [Estonia]
• Joshua (Lionnudes) [Greece - All Stars]
• Dan (dwipeouts) & Chandler (Chandlerp1996)
• Luke (IceBear) & Robby (RobbyJak) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Erik (YoundAndReckless) [Thailand]

Season Rankings:
1) Kuwait
2) Kenya
3) Mexico - Fans vs Failures
4) Thailand
5) Greece - All Stars
6) Estonia
7) Haiti
8) Japan
9) Belize

Survivor Group --> http://bit.ly/1QEb2VG
Wikia --> http://bit.ly/1XvagQC

~ Leaking Viewers Lounge inside information will entitle a ban from the VL and all future Seasons of Kolby's Survivor.

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[VL] Kolby's Survivor - Thailand

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