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Bennett's Viewers' Lounge

For my series.

This is sort of a Viewer's Lounge? It's more of a confessional graveyard. All of the details from past seasons are just stored here for people to read through if they ever feel the desire to.

Of course, I welcome live discussion though.

Cool Brother:
Survivor Series Wiki:

01. Yangudi Rassa
02. Tikal
03. Madidi - Rookies vs. Returnees
04. Yakushima - All-Stars
05. Wadi Rum - Valley of the Moon
06. Santa Catarina
07. The Skeleton Coast
08. Khao Sok
09. Islands of Society
10. New Forest
11. Pic Macaya
12. Dhofar

DanielzSnooz [Islands of Society]
DallasAndrew [Pic Macaya]
obscurity [Santa Catarina]
tunertin [Dhofar]
Jxhn [Yangudi Rassa]
lionsden121 [Khao Sok]
Dinosauro27 [Wadi Rum - Valley of the Moon]
Joshbb17 [Yakushima - All-Stars]
MakeMeBelieve242 [The Skeleton Coast]
jakehou97 [Tikal]
Stary [Madidi - Rookies vs. Returnees]
purplebb4 [New Forest]

TheRealSlimShady [Santa Catarina]
kekgeek [Yangudi Rassa]
Joshbb17 [Khao Sok]
timtimeytim [Wadi Rum - Valley of the Moon]
ThePug [Yakushima - All-Stars]
krrais [The Skeleton Coast]
Brittney [Tikal]
CoachWade [Madidi - Rookies vs. Returnees]
SammySosaTV [New Forest]

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Bennett's Viewers' Lounge

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