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A new RP created by Tizian.


In a dystopian future,

        “It was all normal. Wake up, kiss your lover good morning, go to work, come home, eat dinner, and kiss your lover goodnight. Then, like in all of those old flicks, something went very wrong. A virus, for our times. The virus was… truly unstoppable. The virus hacks into your genes, causing quite awful, disfiguring mutations. We call them Mutts, short for Mutants. When people get infected with the virus, they mutate into larger, more muscular and lose memory of their old selves. They tend to surprise you and try to smash you to death with their immense strength. No known way how to fully avoid them, besides staying quiet and weirdly enough, sunny days.
...Nobody is sure where this all started, or really how it spreads. It showed up one day on the news in Sydney, London, Buenos Aires, then the rest of the world. The mutts were everywhere...  war ravaged the lands in search of a cure. Apparently, the cure has been rumored to be on every landmass on Earth, waiting for someone to get it and end the apocalypse. The Chinese had something, then the Russians, which then quickly switched over to countries like Peru, Egypt, Switzerland, Canada, and Sweden spreading news that they found something. At least… that is what “Nebraska” said to me over a radio I found.
        “Nebraska” never told me his name when we first introduced ourselves to each other. He told me is one of the researchers working on the virus. He said he is residing in a big ship on the Atlantic, apparently  the research ship thought that they found something… I didn’t believe it for a second. After, he said they were heading somewhere but I couldn't hear the rest of his transmission because of static, assuming he lost connection or whatever. That was two years ago, and to this day no signal.
        It has been 13 years since total collapse. Currently, I am residing in a colony in Portland, Maine with my father. All of the governments around the world basically collapsed a few years ago around when “Nebraska” stopped talking to me. What is left of any sort of power is the remaining military, however they don’t do a great job because of how corrupt they are. I wouldn’t say they do anything besides shoot civilians and supply us with bare rations for heavy coin.
        I hate it here. I want to leave, but we have nothing to do besides wait for the next military truck to arrive the next morning. Nobody explores outside the fortified colony besides the search parties looking for supplies, but maybe it is time for a change. It’s not like I was needed anyways, I’m just another person needing a can of food according to some people in the colony. Fellow survivors called most of us useless. I say they’re wrong. I also say there will be a time where all of this virus shit will go away. My father says time will tell, and I can only agree with him and then some. I’m tired of this routine cycle of misery. It’s time to venture out and live a little. It’s the only idea keeping me above water at this point, and I cannot deny it any longer. Maybe this’ll be something I’ll do more often, writing in this journal. We’ll see. Goodbye for now.

- Liezel del Rosario "


•:• Characters •:•

• Liezel del Rosario (19) [Tizian] •
• Angus Palmer (26) [Tizian] •
• Salvador “Sal” Berhand (22) [Bigdizzleyomama] •
• Alexandra "Lexa" Cavallería (21) [Katherinee_] •
• Tyson Cain (40) [IceBear] •
• Pierce Trident (25) [Rain848] •
• Molly Drake (31) [Mildsalsa] •
• June Summers (34) [Chicklet] •
• Tommy Valentino (35) [Hudspith] •
• Anita Levitt (41) [KingGeek] •
• Maicon Rheeves (23) [CoolKat] •
• Anastasia "Ana" Kuznetsova (25) [Kaylee21] •
• Matt Phillips (25) [Hazbez94] •
• Jayla Arquette (25) [Maya10] •
• Aaliyah Dela Cruz (37) [Turkeylover] •
• That Girl (26) [Finnick] •
• Claire Parks (37) [Smallchild99] •
• Charles Rose (36) [Coolbrandonman] •
• Mandela House (7) [Ajathekween] •
• Ryder (30) [Scarelet] •
• Jackie Connolly (39) [Tommy123] •

•:• Side Characters •:•

• Gabriel del Rosario (46) •
• Marisol Minh (65) •
• Maureen Minh (74) •
• David Whitmer (37) •
• Bev Russell (43) •
• Janet Taylor (28) •
• James Stockard (32) •
• Shanna Erikkson (29) •

•:• Deceased •:•
• Tommy Connolly (10) [Tommy123] [Mutant & Killed by Jackie] •
• Andrea Forn (29) [SeaViper] [Bled Out] •

•:• Episodes •:•
• Episode 1: A New Day (DATE: ???)
• Episode 2: TBA (DATE: ???)
• Episode 3: TBA (DATE: ???)
• Episode 4: TBA (DATE: ???)


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