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Night World: The Final Season

Trio RP™

RP Co-Hosted by Mildsalsa, Crocadilly, and Chicklet

[Mature Content]

        Welcome Back to Parkers Canyon, home of the Parkers Canyon Ravens! The High School Basketball team has won state two years in a row and is the pride and joy of the small California town.  However, Parkers Canyon is also home to an underground community of supernatural creatures called the “Night World.” Vampires, witches and werewolves make up the majority of the supernatural scene.

        The Night World relies on ancient pacts to keep order in Parkers Canyon. Long ago, the witches placed a spell on the town so that vampires could walk in the daylight. This act went hand in hand with an agreement between the supernatural community and the Slayers in Parkers Canyon: No humans were to be hunted or hurt in any form by a supernatural creature; vampires and werewolves are required to hunt outside of the town’s borders. However, their most fundamental rule is: No humans can know about the Night World.

It’s Summertime in Parkers Canyon and a line is about to be drawn in the sand. With the witch killings and prom shootings still lingering in everyone’s mind, the students of PCHS are pulled into a struggle for power when new arrivals and old friends begin altering the status quo. The Night World Assembly have decided to close ranks to restore peace in Parkers Canyon, enforcing the original rules and keeping a closer eye on their children. Everyone is trying to establish some normalcy, but Madame Lynette arrives in Parkers Canyon, gaining allies, enemies, and momentum towards her ultimate goal: revenge.

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After Show:

Season 1: Completed
1. "Witchful Thinking" - Series Premiere - Monday MAY 29, 2017 - Tuesday MAY 30, 2017
2. "Werewolves Can't Jump" - Monday JUNE 5, 2017 - Tuesday JUNE 6, 2017
3. "Bigfoot or Something Like It" - Thursday JUNE 8, 2017 - Friday JUNE 9, 2017
4. "Thank God I'm Dead Already" - Monday JUNE 19, 2017 - Tuesday JUNE 20, 2017
5. "Grave Expectations" - Sunday JULY 2, 2017 - Monday JULY 3, 2017

Season 2: Completed
1. "Never Bring a Stake to a Gun Fight" - Season Premiere - Monday AUGUST 14, 2017 - Tuesday AUGUST 15, 2017
2. "Love & Sex & Magic" - Monday AUGUST 21, 2017 - Tuesday AUGUST 22, 2017
3. "I Am the Thunderman" - Thursday AUGUST 31, 2017 - Friday SEPTEMBER 1, 2017
4. "I Saw Goody Osburn with the Devil!" - Thursday OCTOBER 12, 2017 - Friday OCTOBER 13, 2017
5. "Finale Part 1: The Sun Also Rises" - Monday DECEMBER 18, 2017
6. "Finale Part 2: The Butterfly Effect" - Tuesday DECEMBER 19, 2017

The Final Season: Summer 2019
1. "TBA"
2. "TBA"
3. "TBA"
4. "TBA"
--- mid season break ---
5. "TBA"
6. "TBA"
7. "TBA"
8. "TBA"

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