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2064 days 23 hours ago
-Final 3 enter-

We'll now bring in the members of the Jury
-Jury enters-
Ari, Jeremy, Link, Brenden, Bilbo, Jack, Matt, and Scott voted out at the last Tribal Council

Welcome to your Final Tribal Council. Kiara, Tico. & Lulu, the three of you have done what 15 others could not, which is make it to this point. But now, the power shifts to the Jury. 8 people you all had a hand in voting out, whether it was directly or indirectly, now must decide your fate.

You each may post an opening statement. The Jury may ask questions/make comments.

JURORS - Remember that you are voting for a winner. I cannot stress this fact enough. Feel free to ask questions and make comments to help you make your decision. When you know who you want to vote for, mail me your vote.

I shouldn't have to say this but please don't use this space to attack people. That is totally unnecessary.

Votes are due @ 7:00 PM EDT on Sunday (September 30th).
If you want to include an explanation as to why you vote for the person you do, go ahead.

LIVE Reunion will take place on Sunday @ 8:00 PM EST (September 30th), where the votes will be read and a winner will be crowned!

A few awards will also be given! :)


Jury Vote Ties:

- Eight Jurors (Non-Dealdock 1) - In the case of a 4-4-0 vote, the third place finisher will cast the deciding vote.

- Eight Jurors (Non-Deadlock 2) - In the case of a 3-3-2 vote, the third place finisher AND the two jurors who voted for them will re-vote.

2064 days 23 hours ago
Good luck guys.
I want to commend all of you for taking me out at f4.

Great move!  I had your asses beat in the end because of my social game. 
Cheers to all of you!  You all deserved it and ily all.
good luck
2064 days 23 hours ago
*shows parchment to the camera *

Honesty is apparently not the best policy.
2064 days 23 hours ago
Hello Jury it has been a very long time since I've done this I'll try not to ramble too much. I work 7am-4pm and will answer any questions you may have for me after then before then I just wanted to give a hopefully quick summary of my game.

Pre swap.
Originally on brawn not much happened I trusted Matt and Me and Jeremy made a f2 called primetime right off the bat. We lost one challenge and Jack S was only one not to complete challenge so he was an easy vote. Like an idiot I said that in my tribal question then seen all 6 of us guessed for immunity and got paranoid and voted Christian to make sure I wouldn't be idoled out. Jeremy was the only other person I told I was doing this to solidify our trust and f2.

After Swap.
Me and Kiara applied to this game together  she is my best friend on this site and I was nervous being just 5 people if that was known we would be screwed. We moved each other to our 2nd page of friends and hoped no one look at our gift pages lol. Originally I tried to work with Israel like Scott suggested. Scott also mailed me for a f2 at the beginning of the game we didn't have a cool name like me and jeremy though lol. Israel then went and leaked everything I said to Kiara so I then knew instead he had to leave and luckily bilbo really wanted him out.  Then next vote J2 wanted to vote Kiara which I couldn't let happen so he was picked off. Kiara wanted him out over bilbo anyway though.
2064 days 22 hours ago
Merge this is when the game really begins. Coming into merge I trusted Matt Jeremy Kiara and Scott 100% and knew with them plus Kiaras connection to the other beautys I could make it to the end of the game.

The first vote Jeremy and Scott actually wanted to do Matt but as I said I knew I could trust him so I suggest Ari as I knew I had to split the brains up and figured she was the most likely to have people flip. Luckily Matt and Bilbo also wanted her out so it wasn't to hard to change Scott and Jeremy's minds.

The 2nd vote is when my game really started to change. I trusted Jeremy 100% and him getting rocked out really sucked. I wasn't sure who voted matt and who wasted votes on lulu and Kiara and honestly I'm still not 100% but this was first and only vote that didn't go my way.

The 3rd vote
Brenden came to me to work together saying he trusted Jeremy. Which kind of annoyed me because Jeremy told me he lied to him about voting link the last round and I blamed him for getting my boy rocked out. Then to top it off he said they were voting Kiara which I couldn't allow to happen but was happy this meant our obvious f2 was flying under the radar. I didn't want to make it obvious so I asked why would they pick Kiara and not a bigger threat like bilbo or scott. They then switched it to Scott which I also wasn't down with because I trusted him so unfortunately Link had to go because Matt had told me he was working with lulu and bilbo and I wanted to split that up.

4th vote
This vote Brenden fought really hard to split up the beauties but unfortunately I wasn't worried about the 4 of them because I knew kiara and Scott would choose me over Bilbo and Kiara. So I voted him out as we didn't really have any trust together. I wasn't expecting bilbo to go rogue and try to Idol out matt but wasn't to concerned since Brenden still left and this made bilbo an easy target for the next vote to take him out before Matt or Jackson but unfortunately he had to quit anyway.

5th Vote This vote Scott came up with the plan to split the vote 2-2 in case jackson or Matt had an idol. I assumed Jackson didnt have an idol so I didn't tell matt the whole plan because I knew he would freak out but just suggested he vote jackson.

6th vote. This vote really sucked I knew  Matt and Scott had really good chances to win the game so me and Kiara started talking about taking lulu to the end. I really like Matt though and didn't want to vote him. Then Scott came to me saying him and Lulu were voting me which made me feel better about voting matt out at least. Then when Matt actually voted lulu I felt guilty but was thrilled that I made it to the f4 with 0 votes against me.

Final Vote. I was still debating on if I should stay loyal to scott or not then seeing that Matt and lulu didn't vote me like he said I was starting to distrust him. He then told me him and lulu were voting Kiara which then sealed his fate. I went to lulu and said how Scott was clearly the favorite to win this game he looked like the leader of the beautys and was voted best social and strategic game.
2064 days 22 hours ago
In summary I really hope you guys will vote for me I was playing hard since the very beginning and made it to the end with 0 votes against. I know at times it may have looked like I was sheeping beauty but I hope the brains can understand I trusted Kiara and Scott would protect me and had no connection to any of them so I was really doing what was best for myself and my true F2 Kiara. I look forward to answering any questions you guys have for me tomorrow gl Kiara and Lulu.
2064 days 22 hours ago
Jury it’s nice to have you here! Sorry I’m not writing no long ass OPENING statement like Tico so ask me lots of questions I will answer! I thought I wouldn’t make it here tbh in the beginning I was very busy with work. And I definitely forgot I applied for this so if it wasn’t for Tico I may not have even played this season. With that being said me and Tico was a f2 since writing our applications so the fact that we both made it to this point makes me happy!

Quick summary
I was on the beauty tribe I instantly clicked with Bilbo and Lulu. I was quickly involved in a alliance with pretty much the whole tribe minus two people. Irasel and the first beauty to go home forget name rn lol. When it was a tribe swap I was super nervous that people knew about Tico and I. I was so paranoid that we be outed and spilt immediately. But then it didn’t happen...and then votes was becoming easy and we were safe and made merge. I hate to brag but my social game is really what helped make me f3. I’m not a comp beast( even though I did win 2 individual immunity.......).   There was many times I played dumb and did what I called innocently making votes. In which case I would suggest a name or say something about a person but make you believe it was all your idea. Tico and I already spoke out a hit list of when to go for people.
A moment that I was shocked in the game was the challenge with the questions. I thought for sure people would assume I was floating when I saw myself winning the most likely to win and being social player I then realized these players were smarter than I realized....but still not smart enough to see my f2 :p

Ask away guys and I would go in depth in any votes if u like :)
2064 days 22 hours ago
How unpleasant to find out the 2 of the finalists were premade all this time and were having each others back all this time making our chances really slim to do anything against it. I don't think that we didn't find out that u were premade must make u feel like you played very well, because it's kinda unfair for the rest of the cast, as for myself I joined without knowing even 1 person before the game and expected that this count for the rest aswell. I was solid that i'm not voting Lulu because he is a social disaster, but after this statement I will think more about it. Anyway good luck, if I came with some question, will ask u.
2064 days 22 hours ago
Lol tbh Ari there was I think 15 people who was in this game starting with.... so I don’t see that as very slim chance lol! Also if you want to all be bitter and vote Lulu because you unfortunately are mad that our f2 premade got you out. So be it :)
2064 days 22 hours ago
Ari I'm sorry you feel that way I don't see 2 people in a game of 18 as a huge advantage there were plenty of chances for people to seperate us before and after merge. Also I'm sure we weren't the only 2 people who were friends before the game as scott and jackson were frat mates. I am def proud of the fact that we kept it a secret and made it here together the  only time it was truly an advantage was f4 when worst case was a tie but kiara didn't get voted then anyway
2064 days 21 hours ago
Well guess what, it is. You were in different tribes and making alliances with different people, just on the merge to have ur both tribes together to vote us brains out and then just to pick the ppl who want to make a move against any of u, cuz u both collected info and had ppl in ur side who believed that ur tribe and 'original' alliances will be in first place.
2064 days 21 hours ago
While I'm not saying u did not played hard for this, ur advantage over the rest is pretty visible.
2064 days 21 hours ago
Fair enough having someone I trusted 100% was def an advantage i just think saying it made it unfair for everyone else is a bit of an exaggeration as we also had to pull other votes and people had plenty of chances to take one of us out. Also me scott and jeremy had a f3 after swap that would have kept brawn and beauty connected anyway and you brains went after Matt instead of one of the 4 beautys until it was to late. I just hope you don't completely ruke out voting me or kiara over it as you said lulu social game was non existent and he didn't do much to deserve to win imo.
2064 days 21 hours ago
I don't wanna hear belly aching about premades.

Two people in a cast of 18 is easy to take down.  We all failed.

Kudos to tico and kiara.
2064 days 20 hours ago
Tico and kiara why should I give you my vote after showing you nothing but loyalty only to find out you had no trust in me at all
2064 days 20 hours ago
Congratulations on f3 all of you. I for one, think the "premade" is irrelevant and it plays no factor in my vote.

I do have a few comments (and might make some follow up comments) and questions.

Myself, as well as some other members of the jury, feel somewhat dissatisfied with the final 3. However, I will focus solely on my experience here.

In a way, I felt each of you disrespected me during the game.
Tico - You flat out lied to me about voting Scott after I told you I was cool with you and Matt voting Link. In fact, you and Matt were the ones that asked us to vote Scott over Kiara.
Kiara - You randomly decided to talk to me and then randomly stopped. I assume it's because you knew you didn't need my vote.
Lulu - You randomly asked me what we were doing and I questioned why you were asking me when you just lied to my ally about your vote. Then you were simply rude as fuck.

However, I am going to still vote based on who I genuinely thought played the best game. I have a winner in mind already, but am open to changing that.

Tico - I think you played a good strategic game, but dirty when I don't think you needed to be. I think Kiara played a fairly honest game (though reaching out to me was annoying as fuck since you just blew me off after). Why should I vote for you over her and Lulu? If you mention never receiving a vote, you lose my vote because I don't think that matters.

Kiara - I think you played a fairly honest game and stuck to your roots. However, you completely blew me off when you thought you didn't need my vote which is super rude. Why should I vote for you over him and Lulu?

Lulu - I think you are the Will Sims II of the season. Useless, rude and dragged to the end for an easy 3rd place finish. Give me a reason to begin considering you as someone I should consider voting for.

QUESTION FOR ALL 3 OF YOU - You all made it clear you wanted the brains out. There was discussion of us all voting together to decide the winner, since nobody gave us a chance in the game. I don't want to speak for the other brains right now, so again I'll focus on my experience. Why us? And why should we give a vote to win to someone that didn't give us a chance?

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