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2063 days 2 hours ago
Well I thank the final 3 for attempting to justify and explain your game.  I have made my decision, I am voting for the person that has performed best at this tribal council.  One person's performance hasn't changed my opinion of them; one person's performance has caused my opinion of them to really drop, and it seems they don't actually want to win this game at all; and one person's performance has caused my opinion of them to improve, they have actually given semi thoughtful answers.

That means there is really only one choice, and I hope that the rest of the jury join me in not rewarding the two people who were dragged to the end as goats.
2063 days ago
There were not 2 people dragged to the end me or kiara would both be deserving winners and if I lose to her I would completely understand. I will not understand why anyone would vote for lulu though after not even attempting in ftc.

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