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292 days 18 hours ago
Okay for this next episode I can only probably give you one option for this weekend. Starting tomorrow would probably be a bit short notice for a lot of you, but I have full-day rehearsals starting next week.

So I'm hoping that everyone is good to do this episode this weekend? Friday to Sunday. For me, the Sunday for you will be on the Monday and I'll be at a rehersal so I'm praying and hoping that I can finish the episode off earlier than usual before I head off (which is about 4 PM, roughly).

So just comment below if this works for you and if not, I'll probably have to push it to the following weekend which would probably be a bit easier. Just let me know and sorry for being so quiet! My life got really hectic these last couple weeks with exams, school leadership programs, house days, and all that fun stuff.

Proposed Date:

1. Friday 6th of December to Sunday 8th of December @ 5 PM EST
292 days 18 hours ago
It should be fine for me i can make it work
292 days 18 hours ago
i might be able to be there, but jordan and i's DR will be going on so we might be a bit preoccupied.
292 days 17 hours ago
i can try but i probably wont be super active bc juggling rps + i have an exam on the 7th that im gonna have to study for at some point :s
292 days 17 hours ago
I'll be a little late Friday but other than that I should be good :)
292 days 17 hours ago
Oof It’s tough but I can do it
292 days 16 hours ago
that works for me
292 days 16 hours ago
This works
292 days 16 hours ago
this weekend aint it for me, I have a christmas party friday, work 12-8 saturday, and I am busy with on sunday evening. oop.
292 days 16 hours ago
Ill make it
292 days 14 hours ago
Sounds great!
292 days 3 hours ago
Pushing it until next weekend would probably work better with me, but I could try to make this weekend work too! :)
291 days 16 hours ago
Hey guys, looks like the episode is going to be clashing with a couple of RPs this weekend and it may be a struggle for others. I don't want to rush this RP, I truly do. After episode three, I may have a temporary break until next year only because I know it's closing in on that time when everyone is going away, as am I.

Trash, I know. I planned on trying to get it all out before Christmas but I didn't realise that I was going to be THIS busy coming up to it. I'm so sorry about that, but I also want to be able to deliver a good RP and not rush it.

(Don't worry, I'm not gonna take too long of a hiatus that I don't return! I've loved this RP too much to throw it away like that.)

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