A supernatural slasher hosted by RyanAndrews. No one is safe! You have been warned.

Evil is just around the corner...

The story begins in the little farming town of Red Canyon, New Mexico, where the crops are barely green and everybody knows everybody. The town is so far out in the desert the children of the town have to be homeschooled (but most of them would rather be out in the fields) and the residents haven't seen an increase in population in twenty years. Just short of the town is a large canyon, that is good to admire from a view, but is otherwise forbidden to ever venture in. So go on in, if you dare.

But the towns routine lives are about to be disturbed by something dark and sinister, that goes deeper and deeper into the history of the town. And a murder plot that'll bring even the darkest harvest seasons to their knees.

Main Cast:
Tucker Mayer - RyanAndrews
Benjamin "Ben" Tully - RyanAndrews
Rooney Mayer - RyanAndrews
Poppy O'Neill - Symmetry888
Harmony Frost - Maya10
Dallas Rhodes - Piddu
Karissa Kole - turkeylover
Lorelei March - Mitsuki
Delaney Miller - Demgirl6
Phoebe Reed - happiwildflower64
Griffin Palovich - Logie56
Marcia "Mari" Daly - Ajathekween
Georgia Cline - Rain848
Orlando Del Pozo - bigdizzleyomama
Charlotte Irwin - KingGeek
Colt McGrady - Coolbrandonman
Kai Hibbard - hazbez94
Eddie Montas - Finnick
Marcy Marie Metropolis - Tizian

Mr Tully
Kelly Kole
Kaleb Kole

Ep.1: Mrs Tully (heart failure) Pg. 157
Ep.2: Prick (car crash) Pg. 21
Ep.2: Pandora Mayer (unknown cause of death) Pg. 117
Ep.2: Cameron Tyler (throat ripped out) Pg. 147
Ep.3: Rodrigue "Roddy" Martinez (unknown cause of death) Pg. 23
Ep.3: Oliver Serrano (shot in the head by Georgia) Pg. 77
Ep.3: Will Rochester (shot by Georgia) Pg. 81
Ep.3: Elaijah "Elai" Ruckarck (head bashed in by Georgia) Pg. 83
Ep.3: Serena Kopola (shot by Georgia) Pg. 83
Ep.3: Uncle Roy (shot) Pg. 140

101: Jumping the Gun (COMPLETED)
102: Fish Out of Water (COMPLETED)
103: Sitting Ducks (COMPLETED)
104: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Featured Players 18 playing

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Coyote Episode 3: "Sitting Ducks"
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Episode 3 Date
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Coyote Episode 2: "Fish Out of Water"
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Episode 2 Date
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Coyote Episode 1: "Jumping the Gun"
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