America's Next Top Model (Cycle 2)

15 beautiful models will have the chance to win the title of America's Next Top Model.

1 - Send in picture within the 24 hour deadline. Missing the deadline canl result in immediate elimination.
2 - Each week, I will give you a theme. The picture you send in must follow the theme. Failure to do so will greatly hurt your chances at staying.
3 - At some point in the game, there may be 1(or maybe even more, pending on how many quitters/ejections we have) buy-back competition. So all eliminated models should probably stay in the group.
4 - The winner of this cycle will get to be a judge on the 2nd cycle(if they would like to). Runner-up gets to guest judge in C_Shizz96's ANTM Cycle 2 for a minimum of 1 week.

~ Cycle 2 ~
Jourdan Miller | JourdanBabyXoXo
Allison Harvard | turkeylover
Gigi Hadid | coolKat
Genevieve Morton | s73100
Alek Wek | Maicolx3
Beyonce Knowles | carlyjordan14
Rihanna | Darriusdabest
Laura James | C_Shizz96
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | NovaScotiaChic
Sean O'Pry | imprincearthur
Logan McNeil | Dolphinz811
15th - Barbie Blank | SummerRae101
14th - Nastasia Scott | CharlotteArnold
13th - Lily Collins | aj1111
12th - Anchal Joseph | boozes

Judges -
HaydenNicole C1 (13 Episodes) C2 (Eps 1 - present)
Zed55 C1 (12 Episodes) C2 (Eps 1 - present)
ninjohn C1 (1 Episode) C2 (Eps 1 - present)
Blondelle C1(contestant) C2 (Eps 1 - present)
TR1364 (12 Episodes) C2 (TBD)
KidCool404 C1 (2 Episodes) C2 (TBD)

C1 - Cara Delevigne(Blondelle)

Season 2 Wiki:

Season 2 Intro:

Featured Players 7 playing

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America's Next Top Model (Cycle 2) - Week 4 [Panel]
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