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America's Next Top Model (Cycle 2) - Week 5 [Theme Reveal]

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1764 days ago
Okay sorry, y'all I've been SO busy it's unbelievable. I hope y'all are still here ahah.

For this week's theme, we want you to take us to the zoo. We want to see your inner animal!

So, I want you to comment along with your photo the animal you are depicting. To make things clear, I don't want a shot of you with an animal, I want an animal-esque shot of you. You can take this literally or metaphorically.

You have 48 hours since I've been gone for so long. :)
1764 days ago
My eye like a snake's eye gazing into your soul before eating you, and my scarf as my snake skin.

I'm a slithery snake. *hiss*
1763 days 8 hours ago
I am king of the Jungle also known as the lion.
I am hiding and ready to go after my prey.  Sorry for the agazine looking ad on it.
1761 days 17 hours ago
Snakes btw
1760 days 9 hours ago

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