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America's Next Top Model (Cycle 2) - Week 4 [Panel]

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1769 days 22 hours ago
Okay sorry for the long wait, y'all. Things will be moving at a much faster rate now.

Let's get this panel started ASAP!
1769 days 22 hours ago
Alek -
Hayden: Alek, I love this. You are the most consistent person in this competition. I am SO happy you’ve shown us this soft side of you. I think I’m the only judge who hasn’t given you a 10 yet but that may change...
Zed:  This was good! I got spring and I got the color white so I think you sucsessfully did your duty as a team member. One thing you really need to work on is your face is so non-expressive and I get that it works in some photos but thats all we've seen from you.
Cara: You are a personal favorite of mine and I love to see you shine throughout this competition. From the flowers to the makeup, I would only change your hand on your hip to your hand being at your side so that we can see your arm.

Allison -
Hayden: Allison, YES, YES, YES! You’re back!!!! I can definitely see this on magazines as a widespread shot. You are BACK! You proved we made the right decision last week.
Zed: MUCH BETTER! The quality was kinda lacking for me. I think you got lost with theme as well but still better then last week.
Cara: Easy 100. Prime photo. Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Well Done.

Anchal -
Hayden: Anchal, what actually is this? No offence but this is awful. Crappy theme and crappy photo. Like actually what even is this?
Zed: This was pretty dismal photo to begin with, its very unflattering, the quality is low, your face is deadpan just not good. On top of which you didnt go with the theme at all and stuck out like a sore thumb.
Cara: First of all I couldn't even see the water at first because of its effect. Second of all this is a photo from THE SHOW. Thats unacceptable, its the absolute closest you can get to cheating in this competition and its frowned upon to me. I've already said this as well.

Beyonce -
Hayden: Beyonce, this picture as a whole was your best so far. But when you zoom in on your face, you look almost obese. You gotta learn your angles. But, the rest of this photo was actually really nice!
Zed: QUEEN BEY IS BACK!! I loved this! If looks could kill we'd all be dead! So very fierce and you just killed it this week.
Cara: Now THIS is Queen Bee. Love it, All of it, Frame it, Want it.

Genevieve -
Hayden: Genevieve, you’re getting so boring and this competition isn’t even 1/3rd done. This shot alone is basic but the fact that the rest of your portfolio is basically the same makes this even more basic. Not impressed.
Zed: This for me was your best! I feel like I've seen this from you but at the same time you took all of our advice and finally came through this week. It still does need work but you are getting there.
Cara: a little too sports illustrated for me this week. I mean we get it, you have great boobs but I feel like we have yet to see any versatility from you in forever. A decent shot, but I need growth from you.
1769 days 22 hours ago
Gigi -
Hayden: Gigi, like Genevieve I feel like I’ve seen this before. You can’t be too repetitive in this competition. With that being said, I still really think you look adorable in this shot and I love the emotion you’re giving. Just mix things up for the weeks to come, though.
Zed: Alright I like this! You look stunning and your the only one actually in water. This was a really good week for you I think. Nice Job!
Cara:  Last week I said quote, "Nude beach photoshoots, especially sports illustrated are way too obvious and safe. For a high profile model you need to have a little more creativity." and your response to that is to give me another? I'm not sure if you are challenging me or if you are simply trying to get evicted because regardless of sending another Sports Illustrated picture, it's even worse than the last one. I'd count my days if I were you.

Jourdan -
Hayden: YES girl! You needed this shot. I had a weird feeling you were going to slip but you made a comeback. Like I actually love this. Could it have been slightly more high-fashion? Yes. But I don’t really care because this shot was amazingggg.
Zed: Better then last week for sure but I failed to see the them you were going for with this. also the other's photos had a darkish feel to them this felt very bright and happy.
Cara: Please see Anchal's comment.

Laura -
Hayden: Laura, I love this shot. It’s really beautiful. As a group, I don’t think this fits with the other shots but I think you have the strongest picture. But you need to work with others better.
Zed: So this was very nice. I think it being in black and white made it stick out from the group a little but youve been good so far and your keeping it up.
Cara: A LOVELY shot, that is too small. As you all know, had you payed attention to Nastasia, I do not tolerate small photos in this competition and this will be the last time I repeat myself. But because your photo was bigger than hers you have some slack.

Logan -
Hayden: Logan, this picture was SO bad. The rest of your group nailed their shots and this was just awful. What do you think this competition is? A dating profile picture competition? This just wasn’t anywhere near what we’re looking for.
Zed: This was just so basic for me. Like you just kinda did the theme but gave us such a "bleh" photo not bad but not good just fine.
Cara:Oh how sad this shot makes me. I feel like this is the exaggerated corny catalogs of my nightmares. I mean you are selling the shirt well, but you aren't selling Fall at all and I'm disappointed because you are better than this.

Rihanna - 
Hayden: Rihanna, wow. Just wow. This is probably the best shot I have EVER seen in this shows history. I swear to God if you aren’t best photo this week I’ll be really upset because I truly think this is a piece of art that needs to be framed somewhere.
Zed: This was fierce! We havent seen a good character piece from you yet so this was great! My only thing is so along with the seasons theme I saw an overlapping theme of the color white in your group and its kinda but your dark colors throw off the rest of the collection.
Cara: I personally think this is immensely intense. Your eyes are piercing and cold like Winter and I think you nailed this shoot. The wolves, the fur, the hands, all great. Well done.
1769 days 22 hours ago
Rosie - 
Hayden: Rosie, I like this. A lot actually. But I’m not wowed by this. Alek and Rihanna really outshone you and Logan so it makes you almost unmemorable. BUT let me say, as an individual I think this is a great shot.
Zed:  This was a strong photo. I'll be honest it reminds me ALOT of last week and I get it you had your best week by far but I also want to see diversity but still nice job.
Cara: While I do like the idea of being in a swimsuit for a summer shoot, this particular picture doesn't incorporate yourself into the shot at all. All I see is a body thats awkwardly posing, I want to see more of your beautiful face if you stick around.

Sean -
Hayden: Sean, I think this is your strongest and most model-like shot yet. You have really distinguished yourself from Logan. HOWEVER, with this being said out of everyone in your group, I feel like your shot didn’t fit and was the weakest. Something about it made me feel like this was a video game cover or something. But not bad this week.
Zed: YESS SEAN! I loved this and think you NAILED IT This week your best by far! Great Job.
Cara: It is way too hot in here with that photo, this group mostly wowed me the most, especially you.
1769 days 22 hours ago
12 beautiful/handsome models stand before me yet I only have 11 photos in my hands. These photos represent the models still in the running to become America's Next Top Model. The first photo is the person with the highest combined judges totals and is therefore immune at the next photoshoot but still must participate.

First 4 people I call will move/stay in the Elite house. Next 3 are in the Potential house. Last 4 will be in the Doubtful house.
1769 days 22 hours ago
The best and worst group will be decided by me. The best group will gain a point to their total score while the worst group will lose one.
1769 days 22 hours ago
Best group is...Group 1! (Rihanna, Alek, Rosie, and Logan)
You guys had trouble deciding as a group but you communicated and thought of a great theme with some great photos!

Worst group is...Group 2! (Genevieve, Gigi, Laura, and Anchal)
You had a terrible theme with some terrible photos. Not impressed.
1769 days 22 hours ago
First photo goes to...
1769 days 22 hours ago
Rihanna! Congratulations, you are the first person to get more than 1 best photo! You earned it!
1769 days 22 hours ago
Second photo goes to...
1769 days 22 hours ago
1769 days 22 hours ago
Third photo goes to...
1769 days 22 hours ago
Beyonce! About time.
1769 days 22 hours ago
Fourth photo goes to...
1769 days 22 hours ago

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