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2094 days 17 hours ago
4th: Sean/Caliboy (2-2/2-0) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups/Terakhir) (Day 48)
- Definitely (along with Russ), the most surprising relationship I had in this game.  I hadn't played Survivor with you in a long time, and I remember us never really seeing eye-to-eye.  Ultimately, we probably had some of the more chill conversations of the game after you saved my ass.  Also, you have to respect your move to mix things up at the F7 and put me into trouble a round earlier than I was going to be, and in doing so buying a lot of time to make moves and nearly make the finals.
2071 days 16 hours ago
aw just checking the comments out, I really appreciate you guys wishing me better that means alot =] <3

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