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If you want, PYN...

19thSep 19, 2018 by xMountain22x
and I'll tell you if I've heard/seen of you before, and if I do know you, I'll give a quick opinion/how I know you haha.

BengalBoy I've seen you around, but I haven't seen much of you. But overall, since you haven't sparked much drama (that I've seen) and remained relatively neutral, and you seem like a cool guy :)

Brayden_ Well, I've seen you a lot, but nothing's stuck out to me, y'know. You just seem like you blog a lot, and have a chill personality, so thanks for being you I guess. Never seen you in any games or group games, so I don't have much on you either.

CopperTribe First of all, I've seen you in many group games (including a current one I'm in) but sadly, I haven't talked to you much in any of them. You seem like a really sweet guy and I'd probably say more things about you, but I sadly don't know much. Well, have a good day man :)

Bandnerd Firstly, yes, I did help you reach your goal on 400+ for your sunset background. Secondly, you actually seem really sweet. None of your blogs seem hateful (that I've seen for the most-part) and you seem really nice. Hope to see you in a group game sooner or later :)

Birks4444 *gasp* nah, in all seriousness, you really seem like a chill guy. Just I can't get over that *gasp* though lmao. You seem like a good guy, and I hope to maybe talk to you soon in future group games or what not.

Philip13 Not much to say as I haven't seen you much, but idk much about you. I do see some of your blogs a lot, and you seem pretty nice. Kudos to you for that

TheSexiestDude990 oh man, Julian. I've seen you around a lot, and you seem to be a pretty active user on tengaged, which is pretty cool. Not a lot to say though, but GL in any future games you play!

AshlynArehart Ashlyn! Firstly, you were an awesome host on Ashlyn's BB, and hope you well wishes for any other games you play. Secondly, you seem really dedicated to your group games, and kudos to you for when I'm pretty sure you said you were a working mother of three (I may of mixed up blogs, but I'm pretty sure it was you haha) Anyways, have a great day ash!

Absol ugh, Absol. Cutthroat Survivor Rasdhu was a blast, and you were a well deserving winner. All that aside, you seem to be really genuine, and a good strategical player :-)

M_davis1998 I haven't seen you a lot, but you seem pretty nice from what I've seen :)


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