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  1. I'm still alive lol
  2. No one hurts my corey and gets away with it :(
  3. Thanks everyone
  4. I really need to check in here more
  5. OMG
  6. So now
  7. stfu Shelli
  8. In response to
  9. The reason why I still <3 Australia
  10. Corey don't leave
  11. Hi everyone
  12. Ok i'm logging out now
  14. SMH
  15. If I was to join Stars
  16. does anyone play regular crookies anymore?
  17. Stars Support
  18. Does anyone play ORGs
  19. Yes I suicided
  20. How can an xp circle result in less health than..
  21. I finally joined Hunger :D
  22. I didn't even get to save Corey in Stars
  23. Does anyone know who
  24. Sorry but "Pandora's Box" is bullshit.
  25. My computer might be fixed
  26. My computer is being weird
  27. Betters rejoice
  28. Nytrell's charity is still safe :)
  29. OMG
  30. Why do so many of you like Brittany so much?
  31. My kitty passed away :(
  32. Please vote :)
  33. Please Help Out my friend :)
  34. So I just watched Corey's vlog
  35. Coreyants gets my stars support
  36. I don't get why
  37. OMG, That was quick
  38. Should I?
  39. LMFAO
  40. @Zakisaboss,

Why do so many of you like Brittany so much?

Jul 20, 2014 by supergoten
I don't watch feeds so don't chew me out but...

why the hell is Brittany so popular?

why are all of you guys just jumping on the bandwagon with her, idgi.


She isn't afraid of the guys.. or anyone for that matter
Sent by DaveLooney,Jul 20, 2014
She will flip the house and make the season less boring.
Sent by _Aria,Jul 20, 2014
I like her because she tricked devil Devin into keeping her
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Jul 20, 2014
i like her heather because she isn't in the main group and she is one of the few women who will go after the guys
Sent by coreyants,Jul 21, 2014

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