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  1. I'm still alive lol
  2. No one hurts my corey and gets away with it :(
  3. Thanks everyone
  4. I really need to check in here more
  5. OMG
  6. So now
  7. stfu Shelli
  8. In response to
  9. The reason why I still <3 Australia
  10. Corey don't leave
  11. Hi everyone
  12. Ok i'm logging out now
  14. SMH
  15. If I was to join Stars
  16. does anyone play regular crookies anymore?
  17. Stars Support
  18. Does anyone play ORGs
  19. Yes I suicided
  20. How can an xp circle result in less health than..
  21. I finally joined Hunger :D
  22. I didn't even get to save Corey in Stars
  23. Does anyone know who
  24. Sorry but "Pandora's Box" is bullshit.
  25. My computer might be fixed
  26. My computer is being weird
  27. Betters rejoice
  28. Nytrell's charity is still safe :)
  29. OMG
  30. Why do so many of you like Brittany so much?
  31. My kitty passed away :(
  32. Please vote :)
  33. Please Help Out my friend :)
  34. So I just watched Corey's vlog
  35. Coreyants gets my stars support
  36. I don't get why
  37. OMG, That was quick
  38. Should I?
  39. LMFAO
  40. @Zakisaboss,

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I'm still alive lol Feb 9, 2017
I haven't been on here in forever :OOOOOOO

It's been a year since i've played a game. wow.
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No one hurts my corey and gets away with it :( May 22, 2016
OK so i haven't been on here much lately but i come on to see that coreyants is leaving tengaged because of a bunch of crap that just seems really freaking ungrateful and hurtful :(

It really sucks that Corey felt the need to leave because of all of this, with Alaskan going around spreading a bunch of rumors and lies that aren't even true. Corey went out of the way to see you and do all these nice things for you spending all this money and you know not everyone just has the money to go blow on things like that. It sounds like you've very unaware of the world and you look down on people that don't have as much money as you. It sounds like your mom was very judgemental talking about him like that too after he was nice to her as well :( Corey even bought weed for you?? LOL Does your mother know about that part, i doubt it.....

ugh it just bothers me that corey actually had feelings for someone that treated him like such shit... don't people realize these are real people that you're messing with :(

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Thanks everyone Mar 21, 2016
for the birthday wishes, sorry i wasn't here to see them sooner!! and thanks for the gifts too!

i love you all coreyants seana86 clueliz tommyboy614 kimmal8 thumper91 XxLoveWakizaxX < 3
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I really need to check in here more Feb 25, 2016
I hadn't logged in for like 3 days and i just saw that coreyants got 10th in stars.... stupid glitch.... you and koin were robbed :'(
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OMG Jan 31, 2016
i haven't played a game on here since September...

i need to log in here more often. -_-
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So now Sep 3, 2015
Vanessa/Steve/whoever stays tonights' only hope is a 3/5 odds on winning hoh, that's ok odds but not the greatest...

stupid moves people.
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