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May 4, 2015 by supergoten
Shonaynay 's blog

People on both sides need to realize that police brutality is NOT a race issue, it's a problem of them thinking they're above the law.

I can cite many many examples of white people killed by the police unfairly. I'm not saying that cops can't be racist, but it's a much bigger problem than just white cops being racist. After all 3 of the cops involved in the Freddie Gray case are black.

In this case, the woman killed by police was shot for "running over the police car" when the officer was standing in front of the car. The car was found to be in reverse. Her crime was that she was found buying drugs. Illegal, yes, but not punishable by the death penalty.

What about this man? The cop's version is that he "pointed a gun at them". He had not called the police for assistance, the police had no legal right to be on the property without a search warrant. As they were the ones breaking and entering, he was jusified in being able to carry a weapon in his own property.

The real reason why there aren't protests when white people are killed by police? The media doesn't want you to know it's going on. After all, you have race riots, it keeps the people divided, which is exactly what they want. If people woke up and realized that the police are severely abusing their power with EVERYONE then they might actually have the ability to change things in this country.

I'm not trying to downplay the deaths of black men (or women) at all, in fact there was a very sad example right here in my own part of the state (not my town though). The man's only crime was looking at BB guns in a Walmart store. They say that they ordered him to put down the weapon. But they opened fire less than a second after they made the "order" from what you can tell in the video. My brother and I have done this many times. But do I feel safer because I'm white? Not really. NO one should trust these thug types of cops.

I'm also not saying ALL cops are violent, but hey, if they were so good, they'd do something to clean up the corruption in their own departments instead of sweeping it under the rug.

coreyants MintCokeify Carlisle


Yesssss thank you somebody finally speaks sense !! Police brutality is the issue that needs to be evaluated & dealt with it isn't a race issue.
Sent by Carlisle,May 4, 2015
The issue is not strictly racial, however many of the cases may spawn from racial influence. However that doesn't mean all do, and the fact that it wasnt taken equally as seriously is not giid
Sent by temponeptune,May 4, 2015
Also I just had a look at those links that's really sad. :( the female (almost) my age unarmed & gunned down shocked me a lot... Scary stuff!!
Sent by Carlisle,May 4, 2015
Well thanks for putting it better than anyone else could! I agree! :)
Sent by Shonaynay,May 4, 2015
I really wish people would stop saying that it has NOTHING to do with race because some cases do.
Maybe not all of them but some do, and when you constantly see stuff like this happen even after Trayvon Martin was so public it's really annoying. Like what else do you think us black people (I'm black!) could assume is going on after we constantly see blacks getting killed by white cops.

Ugh idk I just hate this whole subject but I think temponeptune's comment summarized my stance.
Sent by RiDsTeR,May 4, 2015
Oh I agree ridster, there are racial aspects of it too. I'm not saying racism doesn't exist, or anything that naive lol

It's just that all kinds of police brutality things happen every day and people don't realize it.
Sent by supergoten,May 4, 2015
supergoten I know I wasn't saying you I was talk about others who constantly say it has nothing to do racism.

Sent by RiDsTeR,May 4, 2015
Heather, I love how you take control of a situation on tengaged and lay down the facts! The only thing I have to add are to remember that not all cops are corrupt and some truly are trying to do good for the community and protect civilians by risking their lives. Also some of the police departments are getting rid of corrupt officers so not all departments are sweeping the illegal acts under the rug.
Sent by TaySwifCarrUnd33,May 4, 2015
your right too tayswifcarrund33, there's plenty of good cops out there who are doing their job and we should all respect them. :)
Sent by supergoten,May 5, 2015

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