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my god, what trolls...

Aug 25, 2012 by streeter
[3:12:48 PM] Cheznahuf: omg hi sarah
[3:12:53 PM] ~ Zurks~: Hey homie :*
[3:12:55 PM] Sarahnva: heyyy i'm bored. :)
[3:12:56 PM] Steven/ Insanity: Hey Sarah mah homie
[3:12:59 PM] Steven/Insanity: DAMNIT ZURKA
[3:13:02 PM] Steven/Insanity: SHE'S MAH HOMIE
[3:13:03 PM] ~Zurks~: LOL
[3:13:04 PM] Steven/Insanity: NOT URS
[3:13:06 PM] Sarah IRL: wats up?
[3:13:07 PM] ~Zurks~: Sit down
[3:13:12 PM] Chez: sarah
[3:13:15 PM] Chez: take off your top
[3:13:22 PM] streeter: bunch of weirdos
[3:13:22 PM] Sarah IRL: wait
[3:13:24 PM] Sarah IRL: sit down
[3:13:26 PM] Sarah IRL: or take off my top?
[3:13:29 PM] Sarah IRL: what to do???
[3:13:30 PM] Chez: both
[3:13:34 PM] ~Zurks~: I want to go to the hotel and have a bath :(
[3:13:35 PM] Sarah IRL: this is getting serious
[3:13:39 PM] ~Zurks~: You!
[3:13:49 PM] Chez: I'm going to teach you how to do a self breast exam.
[3:13:49 PM] ~Zurks~: Oh take the top off
[3:13:53 PM] ~Zurks~: Send me a pic
[3:13:54 PM] Chez: Breast health is very important.
[3:14:00 PM] Sarah IRL: didn't we talk about this before, chez?
[3:14:00 PM] ~Zurks~: The sit down was for insanity
[3:14:04 PM] Sarah IRL: i said only after you do a prostate exam.
[3:14:05 PM] James: this is the trolliest conversation ever
[3:14:10 PM] Chez: you have to do it several times a year sarah
[3:14:14 PM] ~Zurks~: Yeah I keep telling my mum to check hers
[3:14:15 PM] Sarah IRL: you too!
[3:14:23 PM] ~Zurks~: Aren't you supposed to do it monthly?
[3:14:28 PM] Sarah IRL: prostate exams?
[3:14:36 PM] Sarah IRL: idk, should you chez?
[3:14:39 PM] James: god no
[3:14:40 PM] ~Zurks~: No breast ones
[3:14:43 PM] Sarah IRL: LOL
[3:14:52 PM] ~Zurks~: I'd assume it's the same for prostate
[3:14:52 PM] Sarah IRL: how come girls don't have prostates?
[3:14:55 PM] Sarah IRL: what do prostates do?
[3:15:03 PM] Chez: prostate exams are like yearly i think when you get to 40-50 years old
[3:15:07 PM] ~Zurks~: I think we lack the equipment :(
[3:15:08 PM] Chez: i could be wrong
[3:15:11 PM] ~Zurks~: Oh
[3:15:20 PM] ~Zurks~: Shouldn't you check more regularly?
[3:15:31 PM] ~Zurks~: Like familiarise yourself with that part?
[3:15:36 PM] Sarah IRL: ikr.
[3:15:43 PM] Sarah IRL: it's never too early to be cautious.
[3:15:46 PM] ~Zurks~: Because then if something goes wrong you might feel a change
[3:15:47 PM] Chez: the doctor does that
[3:15:48 PM] Sarah IRL: or
[3:15:50 PM] ~Zurks~: I agree with Sarah
[3:15:54 PM] Chez: you can't really self-prostate exam
[3:15:55 PM] Chez: LOL
[3:15:59 PM] ~Zurks~: She checks my prostate
[3:16:06 PM] Sarah IRL: mmhm
[3:16:07 PM] Sarah IRL: last night
[3:16:23 PM] Sarah IRL: zurks has a beautiful healthy prostate
[3:16:23 PM] ~Zurks~: In actually really not sure what prostate is :(
[3:16:28 PM] Sarah IRL: me either LOL
[3:16:31 PM] ~Zurks~: Oh yay!!!
[3:16:34 PM] ~Zurks~: LOL
[3:16:39 PM] Sarah IRL: but if you had one, i'm sure it would be pretty.


zurks' prostate is HOT.
Sent by sarahnva,Aug 25, 2012
Sent by Insanity,Aug 25, 2012
Sent by lemonface,Aug 25, 2012
dear god
Sent by cheznahuf,Aug 25, 2012
:| fucking weirdos lol jk(or am i? :S)
Sent by DCSooner,Aug 25, 2012
Shut up, dcsooner. You don't know what a prostate is either.
Sent by sarahnva,Aug 25, 2012
Sent by tommarkoliver,Aug 25, 2012
of course I know what it is...y'all just mad y'all don't have one which is really really strange LOL
Sent by DCSooner,Aug 25, 2012

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