Big Brother and online Hunger games.


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hey jamesy poo :*
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thats crazy :P
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ohai street, nice blog ^_^
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You are right people only want to see it when it's against ppl they don't like but the truth is it's nothing new..."Reality" TV is far from actual reality...It's about ratings and producers have always tried to influence right down to dating shows etc...I just wish lately they wouldn't make it SO obvious...Again though Grodner's right hand is a former producer for WWE I guess that explains it all to me lmao...
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i didnt know that nexuscain, whats his name?
Sent by streeter,Aug 24, 2012
interesting, there's definitely elements of rigging in it and it kind of takes away the fun of it for me since not all the events are the natural progression.
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Chris Roach
Christopher DeJoseph
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OH YEA Streeter so u see it lmao
Sent by NexusCain,Aug 24, 2012
The rigging has put me off Big brother unfortunately
Sent by Cosgrove,Aug 24, 2012
I didn't read all of this tbh, but any sort of rigging or any type of advantage given to any player by production is in clear violation with the ethics of reality television, and the FCC would shit themselves if they knew the type of stuff that went on in Big Brother.

luckily for Grodner the FCC can't be bothered with some show that only airs every summer and only targets one specific group of people
Sent by funnylookinkid,Aug 24, 2012
the endurance pov was the same comp hoh week 1 THAT RACHEL WON
Sent by joe1110,Aug 24, 2012
joe1110 ikr lol. i love how they even used the same competition, not just a general endurance comp.

personally i think its wrong to rig any show, whether it helps ratings or not
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who said you could have a top blog streeter :o
Sent by heatherbear,Aug 24, 2012
Great blog. I still don't think rigging is acceptable though.
Sent by Etienne,Aug 24, 2012
Great blog ^^. I do wish they wouldn't make it so very obvious and they could die down on it a bit.
Sent by Iceyblue52,Aug 24, 2012
< 3
Sent by _Aria,Aug 24, 2012
Its still bullshit. i mean, how would u like if you got fucked because u played to well and got rigged out.
Sent by black0ut247,Aug 24, 2012
I do understand that they do need to add drama to the game, but keeping one person in the game this long makes it obnoxious. Now frank will win hoh, and then some how some way he will get a secret power in pandoras box. It's bs.

I see that maybe the first eviction keeping frank oppose to Kara was good for ratings, but after saving him time and time again it makes it ridiculous. It's making me hate the show. They could have had the eviction and then reset the game. Shane had power that week and big brother ruined it, even if he could win hoh again.

I do think for ratings the duo twist was amazing, since it was pandoras box it wasnt fully rigged.

I think the secret powers are very unfair. The powers shouldn't give someone the opportunity to rename the renom, its completely unfair to the hoh, esspecially if they cant be in the next hoh comp.
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Wow you must really have no life. Watching the feeds since season 6? haha
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albiesweetheart LMFAO.
Sent by jharrin7887,Aug 24, 2012
excellent blog....agree 100%, but the fact that they rig and don't let things run their course irks me, so I'm not a huge fan of BB as a result.
Sent by cheznahuf,Aug 24, 2012
I agree completely.  Allison Grodner is just so much fun to poke fun at, though.
Sent by andychuck08,Aug 24, 2012
there has been only 2 endurance pov comps TBH
the rachel and jordan one which was obv rigged and BB8 3rd or 2nd veto, when Dick, Jen, Kail, etc had to stand on a log with a glass on the top of their hats and watch the other houseguest trying to make them laugh but im sure that was not rigged :X
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Personally, id rather watch a boring season than a rigged one
Sent by woeisme,Aug 24, 2012
very well put together
rigging's going to happen unfortunately.  when it doesn't, people call the show stupid (glass house)
Sent by realitynerd,Aug 24, 2012
I read the whole blog, and it is EXCELLENT. One of your examples, the one with rachel and jordan, is always a common example I use to exhibit how big brother rigs it. Also, notice how in that pov competition that rachel won to save both her and jordan was EXTREMELY similiar to the first HoH competition that rachel won, hence why BB did it.

but the one brendon won in BB12 was probably rigged for him to win it too.

Also, I saw a couple youtube videos about how the contestants would admit to the manipulation the DR would do to them to get them to vote a certain way. Chima admitted to this. Jen from BB8 told Dick that the DR was also trying to get her to vote a certain way. But i do understand why the producers would do it.
Sent by Akora,Aug 24, 2012
Shanes hoh win was rigged
When porsche won the pov that sent jeff out, it was meant for jeff to win
Franks pov last night
Having the eviction cancelled when Frank got out
+ others
Sent by TylerK,Aug 24, 2012
people need to realize its not a game show, its a reality show so they can rig it all they want.
Sent by Dalagninja,Aug 24, 2012
it has been confirmed on the live feeds, that after every pov draw, they they empty the bags in front of the players (after the draw) to prove everyone one had a fair chance.

but i remember brit saying that they usu only put one player choice in the bag, but this time they did 2 (which was rigged!)
Sent by Piddu,Aug 24, 2012
You're absolutely right, but again, that really doesn't justify it. I have pretty much come to terms with the fact that BB isn't exactly fair, but I still love it, just for, as you said, the drama. But I know that it is NOT a fair fight at all, and that's okay.

That's why I have Survivor. I mean, yes, some of the seasons fall a little flat, and sometimes the winner of Survivor was a coattail rider and not the deserving winner, but that's because the game was fair and none of the fan favorites/underdogs were given preference. With Big Brother, all that is thrown out the window, which I'm fine with, I just wish more people would stop trying to fucking compare Big Brother to Survivor. They're not even in the same fucking league. Watch Big Brother for the drama but strategy-wise, it really pales in comparison to Survivor.
Sent by obscurity,Aug 24, 2012
italian bb is the most rigged show ever lol
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What about the rigged  guinea pig question in big brother 9 that got sharon evicted? streeter
Sent by RightToCensor,Aug 24, 2012
I can't take this seriously until it talks about the BULLSHIT season 9 hamster question with Sharon.
Sent by ianfitz0012,Aug 24, 2012
ianfitz0012 and righttocensor, of course that is another perfect example.  i was just writing all of this off the top of my head and didn't think about that one.  i'd add it in, but if i were going to include every single example of producer rigging, i'd never be finished writing.
Sent by streeter,Aug 24, 2012
streeter I knew you wouldn't disappoint me < 3
Sent by ianfitz0012,Aug 24, 2012
wow nice lol but check this out yull laugh yur ass off hehe
Sent by Brad13535,Aug 25, 2012
yeah i know they said Frank palmed the players choice but this mix will calm you down
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