Big Brother and online Hunger games.

can someone play devils advocate for me?

Jan 28, 2011 by streeter
can anyone make an argument that betting on milestone and charity games is some form of cheating?


hi james
Sent by EmmaLynn,Jan 28, 2011
Get over it. No big deal, really.
Sent by Zurks,Jan 29, 2011
Stfu u big fuckng whiny baby.  I'm entitled to WHATEVET opinion I choose to have and u bringing it here shows your fucking maturity level.  I thought u were better than that.  Clearly I was wrong.
Sent by DawnM,Jan 29, 2011
fuck off dawn.  did i bring your name up?  i just wanted to see if anyone has an argument that would make me see what you could possibly be thinking.  because it still makes not a bit of sense to me.
Sent by streeter,Jan 29, 2011
No you fuck off u classless piece of mean spirited shit.  You know EXAVTLY why u made this blog and so do I.  You suck.  What do you THINK everyone's going to say?  Asshole...

No matter how u spin it its abusing the system.
Sent by DawnM,Jan 29, 2011
PS u owe me 200 bucks and five years for running everyone off my forum with ur bullshit remarks.  I accept cash or certified checks.

Dumb fuck.
Sent by DawnM,Jan 29, 2011
DawnM is a major cunt.  Ignore her
Sent by MrVictor,Jan 29, 2011
MrVictor is a major cunt. Ignore him
Sent by Zurks,Jan 30, 2011

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