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Jul 26, 2019 by splozojames50
image1. What has been your best group game experience and why?

Probably suitman13 Survivor All Winners. It was a storyline YEARS in the making. my FIRST suitman season was Friends vs Faves where Timster #recruited me as his friend. we tried to swap onto each others tribes via a thing where you had a choice but then someone double swapped timster with their choice so we were split up and he flopped and got blindsided premerge. I came back in suitman vs bingo and won in extremely lulzy fashion after being afk until final 8. Then timster came back and got SECOND. I had to play all winners 1 without him and it was boring! THEN the LAST POSSIBLE CHANCE timster plays again and WINS in a super dramatic fashion!

In the game me and timster were in #cohoots the entire time and for some reason nobody really viewed/cared about us as a TIGHT duo. premerge timster was being messy bc he was left out of the majority alliance that i was in and constantly cluing him in on then we got swapped and continued on. the 2nd swap was when things got INTENSE. i backstabbed my old alliance for timster kelly0412 obscurity and we formed the QUATRO. this is by FAR my favorite alliance i have ever been involved with in any game i have ever been in we were CACKLING at everyone every round and every round we overstayed out welcome was soooo hilarious considering how obvious and obnoxious we were at tribals spamming stupid gifs.

My favorite instances of us overstaying our welcomes were when they tried splitting the vote on timster, when christian_ played an idol on me but suitman forgot to announce it and we all sat there for 30 minutes waiting for the uneventful idol play, at final 5 when christian was gonna vote me out and me and timster berated him for like an hour mafia style with every possible reason to convince him to vote with us. in the end i lost to timster by ONE vote to conclude my favorite INTER SEASON storyline i have ever been involved with in a group game. the game was just EPIC from start to finish and usually in survivors im bottomfeeding and overstaying my welcome with a bunch of ppl that im pretending to not hate but in this game i had FUN from start to finish.

2. What has been your worst group game experience and why?

there was this one EXTREMELY ratchet survivor series i played as a noob hosted by this person (he had the word "cub" in his username but idk what it was exactly). I signed up for a season and after 3 or 4 rounds the host went afk and the game was cancelled... but for some reason he went ahead and RANDOM.ORG'd the results. According to those results I won the season and he added that to his official placements as an official season. He then CONTINUED hosting seasons with my season being perfectly canon to the point where he then hosted allstars. He called me up as an ALLSTAR being a previous winner. I thought this was extremely lolzy so I was like okay sure. Needless to say allstars got shut down even quicker than my original season and it was just an overall hilarious nonsensical experience.

3. What are some of the best alliance names you have been a part of?

Survivor Ragnarok: The Whoreganization
RSF Coaches my team was called "The Glittery Tittery Abortions"
In multiple other alliances Ive named then GTA2 or GTA3 in memoriam of the glittery tittery abortions
the BEST alliance EVER was the QUATRO with me/kelly0412/timster/obscurity
me being a timster stan: T-Trooper

4. What is a series you wish you could return to that you haven't yet?

probably rsf im just a sucker for his games but tengaged has pretty much run its course, ill prolly play a suitman season eventually but im a bit too busy to play them live nowadays ;_;

5. What are some group games you would love to play but haven't yet?

cant rlly think of any im DYING to play alol i dont rlly play group games anymore


LOL tea
Sent by Christian_,Jul 26, 2019
The Genius was robbed of a mention and the people DESERVE more detail and links on how messy the Quatro was. Bullies 💓
Sent by Timster,Jul 26, 2019
Thanks for participating in my tag! I will add ya to the directory in the morning!
Sent by noobsmoke13,Jul 26, 2019

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