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  8. Has your gayness ever been TESTED?
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  39. Hosting Free Agents now
  40. This might make me a fake tar fan

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Is there any moment from a show vote Oct 15, 2019
imageor something that is just SUPER random but you think of it OFTEN?

For me about 80% of the time when I see a bike irl I think of Lizzie Mcguire when Gordo competed in the 1 on 1 slow bike race. As a kid i had no idea what was going on and thought he won because he finished first lol
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Rob: to have such an impact on people's lives Oct 9, 2019
... thats awesome!

Also Rob staring at vince crying: ... :L
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hylands... Oct 7, 2019
imagelets go
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wow @ survivor's LAME ass version Oct 3, 2019
imageof the beauty and the geek challenge (also less prominentluy featured in reality tv gem SANTAS IN THE BARN) where they had to paint the naked woman but secretly listen to what they have to say

thats one of my favorite reality tv challenges EVER but damn they really made it obvious and sucked the suspense out of it
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The biggest survivor blindside EVER Oct 3, 2019
imageis when jackie pointed out how many store locations the shoe vendor had in the apprentice uk 14 and sold 40,000 units of The OutOut by Fleekiez
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People are NOT reaching with Sep 26, 2019
imagethe racism on big brother. Jack had an irrational psychotic hatred for kemi which at the very LEAST was partially fueled by racism. He constantly made gorilla jokes and had to be reprimanded by the diary room every other day so that it didnt escalate to an aaryn level.

literally 3/4 of the people sent to segregation were the dark skinned people and ALL the dark skinned people were the first 3 out.

yes the racism might not be all as blatant as jack but reality tv in general highlights those more subtle influences and when in big brother when the cast is largely white mactor-esque people with a few token others thrown plus the availability of live feeds that "other-ism" is MUCH more apparent sometimes to a shocking extent.
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