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Me as a reality tv producer Jan 19, 2018
"Each team had to choose out of a large group of hookers and club dancers only fifteen girls. whichever team had the least number of hookers in their fifteen choices won. The losing team sent three players back to reality."
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route info task appreciation blog Jan 18, 2018
for the first time in what seems like fovever, TARUS had a route info task that took longer than .5 seconds to complete!

Plus the head to head in leg 2 was also a 3rd task in the leg (which is the main redeeming factor for the twist imo). Honestly my biggest issue with it in leg two was how it was a task where you 100% knew the loser when you saw the task but now that the next head to head looks to be serving bb hoh tossup comp teas im hoping it will deliver the drama.
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L M A O @ my last blog Jan 18, 2018
imagelooking 2 champions down on the patch notes reiterates my point jesus christ

"Vayne is at a pretty decent place for most players: she has clearly defined weaknesses - her weak laning phase"

*5 seconds later*

"Primarily, we’re shifting some of Vayne’s power back into her laning phase, at the expense of some of her late-game crit scaling."
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League is so annoying Jan 18, 2018
i hate how every champion nowadays has to have a little bit of everything all in the name of ~counterplay~. Like WHAT was wrong with janna being a defensive champion? what is wrong with a champion having defined strengths and weaknesses? why does janna need to deal damage what in the hell?

the new "trading" and "meaningful choices" buzzwords they stuck in the patchnotes are serving survivor "bigmewvz" and "evolving the game" teas smh
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Best amazing race episode Jan 18, 2018
in a LONG time holy shit @ how epic that roadblock was. One of the best tasks in recent memory like it was the perfect combination of attention to detail, navigation, and physicality.

Not to mention the cast is DELIVERING

-Brittany asking everyone if they speak spanish leading to the recruitment of her Spanish-speaking fern < 3333
-Bumbling oaf Cedric somehow in first at the roadblock and falling to last LOL (everything he does i find so hilarious)
-CPN-lite Jessica
-Evan serving Mirna language skills with her Arabic

The tasks, the navigation, the amazing use of the location, the cast and even a sprinkle of drama this leg truly had a bit of everything

eww @ the head to head returning next week but at least it looks like a task where there will be suspense and not a task where you know who goes home the moment it was revealed #RIPGoatYoga
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jesus christ @ the challenge Jan 17, 2018
imageis it so hard to include 1 full round of the game in an episode holy shit
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