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its kinda interesting Sep 14, 2020
imageto compare and contrast how "BIG MOVES" are praised/valued/actually rewarded on survivor and big brother nowadays. both shows highly overvalue big moves and having some kind of "resume" yet time and again social bonds rule supreme yet nobody wants to say so and will label juries as bitter as a coverup before admitting it. (with the producers having a vested interest in doing so in order to have more exciting tv)

yet with big brother recently its weird because i feel like they want to have their cake and eat it too. ppl will yap and yap over bitter juries and big moves yet every (recent-ish) season all we get are these big mob alliances where the pecking order hardly ever gets strayed from and the biggest question is who will be the person to win hoh and do what everyone wants.

the bb producers are fine with this because it makes the show easier to edit (i think a producer on 18 posted online that they HATED 18 because it actually had power shifts and was hard to edit) so they will turn a non-move into some tv digestible storyline where they just gather a couple hours of footage in one day to get the tv storyline ready and then when they snap their fingers and the game is back on track ie the tyler situation last week

makes you wonder if survivor is as fake as current bb season (or at least if certain moments were manipulated more than we think)

idk im rambling idk if this is coherent or not (its just another excuse to trash bb obviously) but imma post the blog n e ways
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are there any phrases/lingo Sep 14, 2020
imageyou use in work/on the internet/quotes that you then bring into different spheres?

as a restaurant worker i LOVE to unironically say "heard" to people in regular conversation (during a workday if a cook says something on the line its super loud so the expo person will yell HEARD super loud and vice versa so it makes no sense to use it outside of that scenario)

ive also said "behind" to people a couple times in public instead of "pardon me" or "excuse me" a couple times this one was NOT intentional

rtv quotes im a bit more hesitant about because the straight general publique will just look at you like 0_0 but "woo tequila" is a go to and "make it through the dehhh" has come into the rotation (can you name both references???)
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when was the last time Sep 14, 2020
imagewe had a twist that wasnt just a lame excuse for cbs to have a comp on the sunday ep? its kind of comical at this point for a show whose motto is “expect the unexpected” how predictable their twists that “shake up the game like never before!!!1!” are

ofc im saying this the one week where the lame twists actually did (somewhat) shake up the game but stil!!
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I just ruined someone's family at work? Sep 14, 2020
imageSo today at work (as a server) I get a table. The system my restaurant has uses like printed tickets whenever we get a table and it has like allergies and preferences inputted into the system over numerous visits so if u have a regular you can see some info on them and anticipate their needs.

I look at the ticket for this table. it specifically reads "wife has SEVERE dairy allergy"

i look at the table its a man woman and two kids... the "husband" is the landlord of the building

so i get their drinks in and then take their order. the woman orders biscuits which have a shitton of dairy and butter so i go "oh im aware you have a dairy allergy..." and im about to explain it to which she responds "no i dont"

THIS is where if i was more suave i could have turned everything around but i WASNT. I go "oh rlly you arent" like im genuinely confused and i made the mistake of MENTIONING the ticket system and they asked how it works and i went INTO DETAIL about it. in hindsight it sounds like im trying to bury the quote unquote husband but it wasnt intentional.

the husband then goes "...yeah ... that was someone else i came with"

the quote unquote wife "can you remove that information from the system"

THATS when i realized i fucked up but the damage was already done

so yea they prolly had some interesting convos once they got home once the kids were out of earshot =]
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The BB13 redux is upon us! Sep 12, 2020
image-Dani making a move against the majority without the pull in the house to come out on top is happening AS WE SPEAK
-Kevin about to be evicted and be the lawon of the season
-Davonne is going to win the next hoh and become Dani's Kalia and it will officially be the whole house vs davonne/danni.
-If Ian wins a comp and makes a move he becomes the porsche to complete the trinity!
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Honestly if Davonne wins the next hoh Sep 12, 2020
imageand becomes Daniele's new Kalia... i might have to stan
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